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  1. Also curious if anyone noticed that the story on the website of the gravy company tells the continuation of the story from gobblers getaway. Same family. Pizza instead of Turkey on Thanksgiving. I think we might have a gobblers getaway tie in…. Or a clue of maybe a new dark ride element on this new coaster?
  2. Came here with memories of the “66 days” they did with Thunderbird. Can’t believe I was still able to log in! Paula was always such a blast! Anyone else think that maybe this new coaster is custom and has a water element? I even thought about a transportation ride too. Just s small transport from boulder canyon to the old pilgrims plunge location would significantly reduce the hike from that area of the park where splashing safari meets holiday world down to the heart of Thanksgiving which is kind of that Pilgrim's plunge location, and also near another entrance to Splashin Safari. This would tie in the Boulder Canyon/ Raging Rapids replacement. Excited for tomorrow!
  3. I would think the capacity would be higher than Wildebeest. Shorter length and basically two slides instead of one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. THIS....LOOKS....AWESOME!! HW did a great job managing or even under promising on this one. When they said not on the same level as thunderbird, I was expecting something much much smaller. This however, is a very very very nice surprise. HW made a Facebook post now calling themselves the water coaster capital of the world.... I think that Italy certainly fits! This thing looks flat out FUN. They already have the two best at we coasters in the world... could this be #3? As for the plans somewhere above that we’re suspected to replace the pilgrims plunge area... I still have a gut feeling those are real plans.... just not for this year. HW knows at least a couple years before hand what is coming next and they CERTAINLY plan out way in advanced for that. Those plans just fit that area WAY too perfectly to not be real. As for how the park was running for me on my recent visit I mentioned above - operations were FANTASTIC. The Voyage was running way way wayyyyyy better than the last time I rode it back in Thunderbirds launch year. It felt like it did the first year it opened. I was very impressed with The Voyage. I’m also crazy surprised Thunderbird hasn’t gotten way way way more accolades thus far. That has to be one of the “funnest” overall coasters I’ve been on (either wooden or steel)...and they have those operations running like the fine tuned machine it is. The ride ops really really know what they are doing there. The park itself was in EXCELLENT condition. I didn’t see one piece of trash on the ground the entire day... and I was there from open to close. The new Santa’s Merry Marketplace is AMAZING. I like how roomy it is compared to the old space. And while it’s all new, fresh, and clean, it still managed to throw back to the original in a very pleasing way to those of us that call this our home park and have been visiting since birth practically. The new way of ordering and serving food in there is VERY quick and efficient. Plymouth Cafe has been my go to favorite place to eat in the park since it was built... however Santa’s Merry Marketplace absolutely ties it now. Lots of variety in foods to choose from and it just been a very nice, roomy, and air conditioned place to hang out, coupled with its location at the top of those hills in Christmas and a very large variety of food choices, make it a clear stand out. The place just looks and feels remarkable. All the ride ops were very fun and friendly. They all used the little scripts when dispatching the rides... but it was always done in a very real way... not like they were memorizing some script. Very very genuine delivery. And of course they were all very happy to chit chat it up as well. Also if you read my post from weeks ago, I was concerned about now being a bigger guy. I had no issues on any rides at all. I never felt subconscious about my weight gain at any point riding any ride at all. I went on a Wednesday... on purpose... because I know how busy the park can get on the weekends.. so I can’t comment on waiting in lines really. The longest wait I had was for the Wildebeest... and I had to wait maybe 30 min. Max for that ride. That still seems to be the most popular ride in the entire park (both water and dry sides, which also makes this new addition make a lot of sense). None of the rides... read: ZERO we’re down. For those of you complaining about recent issues at the park... they have no control over boil orders. When there is a boil order any park is going to struggle a bit. I find it amazing that HW was able to still hold to their promise of unlimited free drinks during this time. Yes it might have been a longer wait, yes it might have caused hiccups in places, BUT YOU ARE STILL GETTING IT FOR FREE even though the time and resources required to provide such a service greatly increased during the boil order. As to the crowds and capping entry numbers. One word - NO. I’ve been on their busiest days of the year. Yes lines can get long.... however if you just follow the tips on their website the park becomes very manageable even during its busiest days. They are constantly adding capacity in various ways ( not just in adding rides). Heck I remember before the re did the Splashin Safari entry plaza and added the new lockers... that area became a nightmare on busy days... those days are no longer. As the park continues the grow they continue to expand capacity and make operations more efficient every year. Build advisories, ride breakdowns, and rough days can’t be changed or controlled.... they just happen no matter what. The park focuses rightly on what they CAN control, not what they can’t. HW + SS is STILL and ALWAYS will be #1 for family fun for me, but I actually see their operations IMPROVING drastically from year to year rather on staying stagnant or decreasing. Give them some credit, they deserve it for sure! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. THIS sounds like something they would do. I’m buying what your selling and could totally see a ride like that in HW. I don’t think it is by any means a small addition like a new slide complex or anything like that. This will be a more major, anchor ride I think. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Are we still gonna get some hints along the way between now and announcement day? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah, I know that, but I just goofed when typing it out, mixing it up with another PPlunge! I never cared for the name Giraffica, so I guess it'll always be Pilgrim's Plunge to me. I never cared for Giraffica either. Always Pilgrims Plunge in my heart. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Interesting thoughts on the walk on the wild side things.. and I could certainly see that as a possibility. That whole area over there is just flat out weird. However that was never called Perilous Plunge.. It started as Pilgrims Plunge then change to Giraffica when they decided to add it to the water park. It seems like they are hellbent on making that area over there part of Splashin Safari, but I don’t really understand why. It’s so so so far away from the rest of Splashin’ Safari it just makes no sense at all. Thats a long long walk of absolutely nothing in the hot sun when you want to be getting wet. If they really wanted to make that a viable additional area to the water park, they have to figure out a way to make the path from the main water park area to this newer area more interactive somehow with water attractions, theming and or shops or just something. The disconnect between the two is just too great. Of course I’m SURE HW has planned this all out to some degree on how to use that area over there and their grand plans are probably amazing. It’s just that how it stands right now I just can’t see that area over there being a part of the water park. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. My only reluctance to say this will be for the water park is that in the photo I pasted above they say “Take a WALK on the WILD SIDE” caps for my emphasis. I lean towards a water park ride... but I’m not completely sold yet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. So I’m a top fan on their Facebook page and they shared a special pic with the announcement date with everyone who was a top fan. There may be clues hidden in the picture so I’m adding it here. It almost screams an African zoo type deal to me honestly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I’ll write about my experiences as the park today, tomorrow.. but this announcement has me excited! The name will be some kind of cat. Those are claw marks and they said the “cat” is out of the bag. I love when they do these teasers. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Have not posted here in ages but figured now is a good time! HW is my home park. A few years ago I suffered a stroke, however I was invited to go to the Thunderbird VIP media day (doctor approved). And had a blast. Unfortunately I have been unable to attend the park since mostly due to financial issues. However this morning I’m getting to go! This will be my first time I get to experience the WHOLE park and not just coasters since my stroke. (Doctor approved, he just said I’ll spend the next couple days recovering... but it’s worth it!). Holiday World has always been my happy place. I’ve been to Disney World and for me it’s very... blah.. compared to Holiday World. Anyway I have gained some weight since I was last able to visit so I had some questions... for the bigger folks... were you able to ride the coasters? My two MUST RIDES are Thunderbird and The Voyage. Also, since I wasn’t always this size, I’m self conscious about removing my shirt in the water park... but the water Park is a MUST for me (#1 in the country!) .. how taboo or weird would it be to keep a shirt on in the water park? That would make me feel more comfortable I think but I’m afraid of getting stares either way. I guess just looking for some advice from any bigger folks here and some encouragement possibly. I’m so so so so excited to finally be going back to my personal “happiest place on Earth! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Honestly I thought the park's layout was really weird and the entire Thanksgiving section seemed like an afterthought that feels unfinished and desperately needs some trees. I'm also completely baffled by the placement of Hyena falls and the abandoned water ride is a huge eyesore. It didn't take away from my enjoyment of the place but when I think about parks that put a lot of thought into the placement of things, I don't think Holiday World. Well the truth is, The whole Thanksgiving section is not that old at all.. especially compared to the rest of the themed areas. Thanksgiving opened in 2006 with The Voyage. It's a themed area that they aren't finished with at all. The Hyena Falls placement was weird, I grant you that, but that was also during that short time when the big question was who owns the park and who is running it. I guarantee you they have plans for the old Pilgrims Plunge area... and they probably also have plans that will make the Hyena falls placement make a lot more sense for them in the future. Trust that they DO have a master plan and in the end it all makes sense. They just tend to think ahead a bit longer into the future than what some parks seem to do.
  14. I've said since the first season they put in Gobbler Getaway that it is a highly under appreciated right. The thing is just down right fun and yet relaxing at the same time. It's in a perfect place in the park so it's great to hop on it after The Voyage to tame the adrenaline a bit and allow you to sit down and cool off while still have a blast... yet it is also a sort of "gateway" to the nearby Thunderbird as well. HW really nails these things in many ways. You can tell they put so much thought into all of this including ride placement within the park. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Oh wow... that's really interesting Raven Maven! Thanks for sharing!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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