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  1. I would think the capacity would be higher than Wildebeest. Shorter length and basically two slides instead of one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. THIS....LOOKS....AWESOME!! HW did a great job managing or even under promising on this one. When they said not on the same level as thunderbird, I was expecting something much much smaller. This however, is a very very very nice surprise. HW made a Facebook post now calling themselves the water coaster capital of the world.... I think that Italy certainly fits! This thing looks flat out FUN. They already have the two best at we coasters in the world... could this be #3? As for the plans somewhere above that we’re suspected to replace the pilgrims plunge area... I still have a gut feeling
  3. THIS sounds like something they would do. I’m buying what your selling and could totally see a ride like that in HW. I don’t think it is by any means a small addition like a new slide complex or anything like that. This will be a more major, anchor ride I think. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Are we still gonna get some hints along the way between now and announcement day? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah, I know that, but I just goofed when typing it out, mixing it up with another PPlunge! I never cared for the name Giraffica, so I guess it'll always be Pilgrim's Plunge to me. I never cared for Giraffica either. Always Pilgrims Plunge in my heart. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Interesting thoughts on the walk on the wild side things.. and I could certainly see that as a possibility. That whole area over there is just flat out weird. However that was never called Perilous Plunge.. It started as Pilgrims Plunge then change to Giraffica when they decided to add it to the water park. It seems like they are hellbent on making that area over there part of Splashin Safari, but I don’t really understand why. It’s so so so far away from the rest of Splashin’ Safari it just makes no sense at all. Thats a long long walk of absolutely nothing in the hot sun when you want to
  7. My only reluctance to say this will be for the water park is that in the photo I pasted above they say “Take a WALK on the WILD SIDE” caps for my emphasis. I lean towards a water park ride... but I’m not completely sold yet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. So I’m a top fan on their Facebook page and they shared a special pic with the announcement date with everyone who was a top fan. There may be clues hidden in the picture so I’m adding it here. It almost screams an African zoo type deal to me honestly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I’ll write about my experiences as the park today, tomorrow.. but this announcement has me excited! The name will be some kind of cat. Those are claw marks and they said the “cat” is out of the bag. I love when they do these teasers. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Have not posted here in ages but figured now is a good time! HW is my home park. A few years ago I suffered a stroke, however I was invited to go to the Thunderbird VIP media day (doctor approved). And had a blast. Unfortunately I have been unable to attend the park since mostly due to financial issues. However this morning I’m getting to go! This will be my first time I get to experience the WHOLE park and not just coasters since my stroke. (Doctor approved, he just said I’ll spend the next couple days recovering... but it’s worth it!). Holiday World has always been my happy place. I’ve
  11. Honestly I thought the park's layout was really weird and the entire Thanksgiving section seemed like an afterthought that feels unfinished and desperately needs some trees. I'm also completely baffled by the placement of Hyena falls and the abandoned water ride is a huge eyesore. It didn't take away from my enjoyment of the place but when I think about parks that put a lot of thought into the placement of things, I don't think Holiday World. Well the truth is, The whole Thanksgiving section is not that old at all.. especially compared to the rest of the themed areas. Thanksgiving o
  12. I've said since the first season they put in Gobbler Getaway that it is a highly under appreciated right. The thing is just down right fun and yet relaxing at the same time. It's in a perfect place in the park so it's great to hop on it after The Voyage to tame the adrenaline a bit and allow you to sit down and cool off while still have a blast... yet it is also a sort of "gateway" to the nearby Thunderbird as well. HW really nails these things in many ways. You can tell they put so much thought into all of this including ride placement within the park. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Oh wow... that's really interesting Raven Maven! Thanks for sharing!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. To whoever said they didn't plan on going to Splashin Safari on the first visit to the park ever: You will be INCREDIBLY sorry. There is not a water park in the world that has the level of water rides they do in Splashin Safari. You AT LEAST need to do Wildebeest, Mammoth, and maybe even a couple of the other pro slides. Splashin Safari is not even close to any other water mark. It's INCREDIBLY CLEAN! Which is a huge contrast alone to any other water park I've ever been in. The two water coasters rival (if not beat) a lot of other dry coasters at other parks. Splashin Safari has a way of chan
  15. This right here^^ I know it's been said many times but I cannot stress enough how important it is to do Splashin Safari AS SOON AS IT OPENS and head very quickly straight to the Mammoth and Wildebeest first. Then hit up the major slides like Zinga, Bakuli, ect. Doing it any other way will cause you to have a bad time... ESPECIALLY on the weekends. The water park is extremely clean, efficient, and well run when it's super busy, but you WILL be waiting in long long lines for those water coasters and the major slides. If that does happen to you though, don't leave the line for the water coasters,
  16. Paula - I've listened to all three and I'm a HUGE fan! Very good format and every listen I was laughing right with you guys. I really makes everything you guys do have just that much more of the "human" factor to it. BTW, LOVE the game at the end, but I think you should maybe add another round, lol. Seemed kinda short on the last episode. I wouldn't worry about hitting one hour... you guys have so much to say and its so fun to listen to that the 45 min episodes really go by very very quickly! It leaves me wanting just a little bit more. Of course that could be a good thing... to keep people li
  17. Ok just finished listening! AWESOME podcast!! The energy and happiness and fun really show through. I was laughing and smiling right there with you guys! Really enjoyed hearing what each person was currently working on, and the game at the end was a hoot! I'd keep a game in there somewhere for sure! Maybe theme the game to the closest Holiday coming up as a suggestion? Awesome awesome show though. I'll be listening to every single one no doubt! Also, I know you were going for a shorter length, but I actually think the hour long length is PERFECT!
  18. Ack!!!! Just now getting to listen to podcast but I got mentioned in the beginning! So honor and awesome to be mentioned in the first ever Holiday World podcast!!!! And yes Paula FTW= FOR THE WIN lol nothing bad or vulgar I promise!!!! This is SOOO awesome! You guys made my day!
  19. So, I couldn't stand them not having any ratings or reviews yet on the podcast section of iTunes so I went ahead and rated/reviewed them as I know already it will be awesome! Can't believe I was the first to rate/review! I guess since they haven't actually RELEASED a podcast yet, lol. Geez I'm such a HW fanboy its ridiculous. Sorry for geeking out like a little school girl about this. But just a reminder to those of you who will end up enjoying the podcast to rate and review for them!
  20. Oh wow I'd LOVE for them to put those dispatch messages from all their coasters on there. That's a good idea!
  21. Here is a screenshot of the sounds available! They have the bell chime from The Legend!!! Heck yes!!!!!!! Several versions of the Thunderbird theme as well! You can also go ahead and subscribe to the podcast today! This is freakin AWESOME! THANK YOU Holiday World!!!!! It's like Christmas in February!!!
  22. Holiday World just posted on their Facebook that the first podcast will be released TOMORROW!!!! Yay! Also they have ringtones and stuff now at www.holidayworld.com/holisounds !!!!
  23. Slackers all: Matt, Lauren and Leah. Plus me as wrangler. None of us truly has time to spare, but we really want to do this. We'll bring in others from our staff and occasionally industry partners, too. Ha, there is no way ever you could convince me the 4 of you are slackers at anything, lol, but nice try Paula! Anyway, this REALLY excites me! Any idea when we might see the first podcast arrive?
  24. Everytime I see those girls talking I see and hear so much of their dad in them. I got to meet them at the Thunderbird media preview and they have his energy, heart, vision, and intelligence. So yea I too like when they are featured in videos and holiblog posts. I'm sure we will get to hear from them in the upcoming podcast too. And hopefully Matt as well. It's weird because he isn't technically a member of the Koch family, but meeting and interacting with him, you would never know the difference. They have a perfect storm of leadership, which is why this podcast excited me because it will be
  25. I'm hoping for various interviews from various department heads in the podcast. I wouldn't expect a weekly podcast, because they do have secrets to keep, but I could easily see monthly podcasts having plenty of content. Think the Holiblog only with more information directed straight at fans/enthusiasts rather than the general public. The one thing I'm not sure about is who the heck on their staff has enough time for producing a podcast! I mean all the likely people are already extremely busy people.
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