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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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It would be a nice addition to the park for people wishing to get away from the tame rides they park offers


Tame rides? Have you ridden Voyage?


Ok thats 1 ride out of all the other rides there. Scrambler - tame. Raven is pretty tame to me same for legend. the only other non-tame would be liberty launch

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I agree with EnglndPatriots6,


I find Legend a "meh" ride as well. Laterals don't excite me in general and the PTC's make those laterals uncomfortable. Raven and Voyage are superior ride, as are many other rides at different parks.

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If you guys think the Raven and Legend are tame that just goes to show you how jaded coaster enthusiasts can be. I have NEVER heard anyone from the GP make those statements about those coasters and we never will. Those coasters are more thrilling than the majority of wooden coasters in the US BY FAR!

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