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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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I think I know but im not sure. In the simulation videos at the bottom of each drop there is a white section on the floor and after you pass them your rocketed up the next hill so I guess its like those maglev trains over in japan. My theory would be the magnets on the track are say facing the north pole, while the magnets on the raft and the opposite.


The only reason I think it is like that because try to put a magnet together like that. It will reply each other. Not really sure though but I believe thats how it works.

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Numerical hints from Paula via Twitter:


You want hints? Let's see ... 1/3, 2.1, 5.5, 8. I predict those four numbers will all be part of your story.


My guesses:


1/3 - Number of Proslide LIM Rockets in America

2.1 - (Million) Cost of other additions/improvements

5.5 - (Million) Cost of main addition

8 - Number of rafts/boats on the new ride.

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My understanding is that it would indeed make 6 rockets in america, but only 3 of those (if the addition is a rocket) are powered by LIMs.


But I am hardly an authority on the subject. Got my info from a quick scan of the Proslide wiki article, which is only semi-reliable at best.


We'll know everything in an hour!

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It's Started! Via HW Twitter:


The record-breaker? Our gnu ride is the longest in the world. The World's Longest Water Coaster! By 1/3 mile, we mean 1,710 feet.


Oh, wait! Forgot to tell you the name of our gnu ride. A swift, sleek safari animal: Wildebeest. Try to tame Wildebeest next season!


The "lifthill" is a conveyor. No "slide tower" of stairs! First drop is nearly 4 stories at a 45-degree angle. Top speed = 36'/sec


We mean "new," of course ... the gnu ride will cover 2.1 acres and will be located north of Bahari


Anyone want to go out on a limb?" was a clue. Okay, actually it was a pun. Puns make me happy. Our gnu ride uses "LIM" technology.


So now you know it's a gnu ride for Splashin' Safari. An earlier clue was the fraction "1/3." Our gnu ride is 1/3 mile long.
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Type: HydroMagnetic Rocket

Height: 64 feet

Length: 1/3 mile (1,710 feet)

Highest Drop: 38 feet at 45-degree angle

Drops: 7 drops, totaling 178 feet

Linear Induction Motors: 8

Top Speed: 36 feet/second

Average Speed: 20 feet/second

Tunnels: 3 (2 underground)

Ride Time: 2 minutes, 30 seconds

World Record: World’s Longest Water Coaster

Rafts: Four-person toboggan-style with seatbacks

Theme: Wildebeest is a swift-moving safari animal

Designer: ProSlide Technology Inc., Ontario, Canada.


Can you tame the Wildebeest? He’s a fast-moving rascal! Wildebeest is the World’s Longest Water Coaster, opening in May at Splashin' Safari. When we say Wildebeest is long, we really mean it. Wildebeest is one-third of a mile long and it will thrill riders for two-and-a-half splashing minutes of hills, drops, twists and turns.


Located to the north of Bahari wave pool, Wildebeest will begin with a conveyor ride up the water coaster’s lifthill. Following the four-story drop at a 45-degree angle, linear induction motors (LIMs) will propel the four-person rafts up seven additional hills, through three tunnels (two of them underground) and around a helix. Wildebeest will cover more than two acres; its top speed will hit 36 feet per second. Wildebeest’s tallest elevation is 64 feet higher than its lowest drop; the conveyor-style lifthill replaces any slide-tower stairs, making the water coaster accessible to riders who might have difficulty walking up stairs.




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