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  1. That's the 2018 HitP Map (not that the 2019 map will be significantly different from the 2018 map)
  2. Should be noted that that $79.99 price for the All Access Full day ticket is only for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through December. Monday through Thursday in that time period are listed at $59.99 for the All Access Full Day ticket ($49.99 for the General Access Mon through Thur). For comparison, The VOID VR experience just opened a new location near Washington DC. The price for the Avengers: Damage Control VR experience at the VOID in DC is $39.99. The $59.99 price for Mon-Thur access to Nick Universe doesn't seem so bad when making that comparison (though IMHO, both prices seem too high)
  3. This will complement an already great collection of coasters nicely and I definitely like the name and overall concept/theme of the coaster. It has been a good year so far for new coasters with interesting names... Orion, Pantheon, Candymonium...
  4. SEAS seems to be on a spending spree! A pretty good amount of investment across their five main parks in 2019, seems to be coasters (relatively big coasters) for all five of the SW and BG parks for 2020, and rumors/rumblings of additional coasters for (at least) BGW and SWSD for 2021.
  5. I've heard that the date was recently changed to 08292019 (same day all the other SF parks are announcing). Action Comics No. 252 is the comic book where Supergirl is introduced. Some think this could be a clone of the Supergirl ride (Zamperla Endeavour) that they just added to SFStL.
  6. A bit surprised there is no (obvious) Jurassic Worlds section. I wonder if that is evidence that IOA's Jurassic Park section will indeed be transformed into Jurassic World not unlike what they did in Hollywood (there was once talk that IOA would retain Jurassic Park and the new park would have Jurassic World). Nonetheless, I eagerly await the painfully slow release of new information on this project over the next few years! They should have plenty of remaining material for exciting media releases as this project progresses!
  7. In what regards? I can tell you that it is a pre-fabricated restroom (built off-site, then trucked in and just sat on a slab) so in that regards it may seem different from other restrooms. Don't quote me on this, but I believe they actually had to put a septic tank back there for the restroom because extending the sewar lines would have been too costly (swear lines were not already back there and I didn't see any work that indicated that they were extended back that way prior to the construction of the restroom).
  8. The boring locations create a rectangle ~80 ft wide by ~120 ft long. Zamperla lists the dimensions of their Giant Discoveries at 82' wide and 122' long. The boring locations would align (essentially) perfectly with where the footers could/would eventually go to have an attraction where the pendulum swings out towards the midway. Seems a pretty high probability of a Zamperla Giant Discovery coming to SFA...
  9. Fantastic to hear, especially considering they still have four months until (grand) opening. I wonder if that opens the door to the possibility of soft openings/AP previews before Aug 29th... (something I keep hearing won't happen prior to the listed opening date for DL)... nonetheless, looks fantastic!
  10. Are the images/footage provided from Disneyland or DHS? I realize that (in the long range) it doesn't really matter as they will both be more or less identical, but if they are from DHS, I had no idea they were this far along already.
  11. Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, but painting a coaster by hand (with rollers and brushes) is actually the typical way of painting a coaster. Baynum Painting is pretty reputable when it comes to painting amusement park rides and if you go onto their blog you'll see plenty of images of people painting the rides exactly the same way they are doing it at SFA (not sure if Baynum is doing the painting for Firebird or not, but Baynum did repaint the ride when it originally opened as Apocalypse).
  12. The attached image shows the land that Six Flags America owns (the areas within the yellow lines). According to Six Flags' filings with the SEC, SFA owns 515 acres with 300 remaining developable acres. With regards to total acres, SFA has the second most total acres of all Six Flags parks behind SFGAdv (2200 acres) and ahead of Great Escape (345 acres). With regards to remaining developable acres, SFA and SFGAdv (456 developable acres) are the only two Six Flags owned properties with >50 remaining developable acres (again, all according to Six Flags' SEC filings). With regards to usage
  13. Same error for me... just signed up as well. Chrome and IE. *UPDATE* Seems to be working now...
  14. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. Maverick, SkyRush, Phoenix 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? Seven... Knoebels, Hershey, Dutch Wonderland, Kennywood, Six Flags America, Dollywood, Busch Gardens Williamsburg 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Dollywood 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Favorite thing I experienced for the first time in 2018? Lightning Rod; Favorite thing that I experienced for the first time that debuted in 2018? Not a whole lot of options there based on the
  15. Not just free parking, free VIP parking. Additionally, you can get a length of stay pass WITH TimeSaver for just $100 per ticket... then again, the Gold Pass gets you 20% off your cabin stay and depending on when you go, you might not need TImeSaver, so you really have to weigh the options...
  16. Would make a good location for something that is really visually pleasing to watch... my money would be on a Zamperla Giant Discovery, but an ABC Tourbillon could be possible as well.
  17. 99% sure there will be a new paint job, but it likely won't come until the spring. Baynum Painting did the original paint job for the ride when they brought it in from SFGAm and I'm guessing they will do the repaint for this transformation. Baynum keeps a pretty active blog and FB page which will likely have pics of the work in progress (as SFA is usually pretty slow with posting any construction/improvement photos).
  18. Was Lightning Rod running? I was not at the park on Friday, but I was there Saturday and Sunday and Lightning Rod was open both days. By the time I got to it Saturday evening, it was only running one train, but the posted wait time was only 20 minutes. Sunday was excellent (crowd wise). Most everything was a walk on and I only waited maybe two or three trains mid-day for a ride on Lightning Rod (still one train op on Sunday).
  19. Apparently, as of a few moments ago Lightning Rod has reopened! Watching some live feeds from across the interweb showing people riding!
  20. ^The one thing I give the current front entrance is that I feel it is very visually pleasing... the architecture, the winding path, the large trees, the landscaping... though one can really only appreciate that if you are getting there in the middle of the day or otherwise at a time when there are minimal people in that area. If you get there at opening, it's just a crowded mess that causes frustration from people constantly pushing forward on the downhill slope to the entrance, strollers and wheel chairs trying to cut across the mob to get to the poorly designated single entrance where those
  21. And to be fair, wasn't there ALREADY a full-service restaurant, snack locations, and a shop in their current entrance plaza area? All of that.. yes.. and all before you actually entered the park. As the park has grown, those shops and whatnot have become more or less an afterthought when entering and leaving the park. Most are way too small to spark any interest in going into them. The main Hershey "store" that they had just inside the main gate was/is pretty tiny as well. It will be nice for them to finally have a main retail store and restaurant "worthy" of the attendance the park get
  22. That front entrance area seems like it's going to be a mess for the next 1.5 years... I guess nothing worse than what they went through at DCA, but still... it'll be interesting to see how far down you have to go down the original entrance path until you get to an area that will be untouched by this expansion... Since they talked about a new Kettle Corn place and they are moving the Carousel, I have to imagine that all the way up to the Carousel Plaza will in some form be modified/upgraded...
  23. ^If your intent is to get on the rides and you don't mind getting on the rides during the day (as opposed to night rides), go on Saturday and get there early afternoon. The park is generally pretty quiet before dusk during Fright Fest and you could knock out most of the rides before the Fright Fest activities really start to ramp up. After dark, especially Superman tends to get pretty decent lines during Fright Fest and with both Apocalypse and Batwing now closed, it will likely only make matters worse. If you are going for the Fright Fest stuff, Sunday is probably your best bet (if that is ev
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