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  1. It did run today as I got a ride in. It must not have been open for long though. They are now saying it is closed for the rest of the day.
  2. Having spent as long as I did in line, they were not asking if it was okay for people to join. Having visited the park several times, this was the first time having an issue with the single rider line. It appeared to be specific to the employee versus the process. In terms of the flywheel, I could see the Cummins trucks hooked up in what looked like a temporary way. I could also hear them making noise versus the building. The exhaust on the truck was open and going.
  3. I was at Holiday World yesterday, overall a pretty good day! Voyage was running well. My first ride stopped in the block brake as expected, my second one ran right through (unexpectedly) and resulted in an even better ride! Thunderbird is excellent(which I didn't think winged riders could be)! The area reminded me a lot of Dollywood (impressive) and the ride was forceful but smooth. The ops team was spot on with dispatches hitting the cycle time almost everytime! I was surprised to see that thunderbird was running off the Cummins diesel generators all day. I guess having a plan B worked in their favor! I struggled to see the "thanksgiving" theme in the new area, seemed to be a bit of southern / western, but not a holiday. I wonder if this is a direction the park may take in the future? Unfortunately: Voyage opened almost an hour late Mammoth opened almost 4 hours late and broke down causing an evac and an extra 20-30min wait. The boat grouper on mammoth apparently did not seem to understand the concept of a single rider line. Time and time again, boats were dispatched with empty seats and obviously below the weight limit. The single rider line was not close to full and took 20 min more than the normal line (which was an hour 15 min wait). When they rotated though to the next employee, the line moved very quickly.
  4. When did they remove the last car on the voyage trains? I imagine it was due to the car being a rough ride?
  5. I rode Boulder Dash last night for the first time in over 2.5 years and had some of the best rides I can remember. Really hauled through the woods!
  6. Do you have to eat anything this year in trapped? I am going to Knotts haunt for the first time this year and that's a deal breaker!
  7. Damn you. Now I have to go listen to the Euro Mir soundtrack!
  8. I think La Ronde may be trying to beat out Fuji-Q for worst operations
  9. I went on Saturday as well. It has a ways to go to be comparable to Smokey Mountain Christmas at Dollywood but it was fun! I was a bit let down by the shows but Miracles in Italy had the best vocal performance by far.
  10. Sit in the front or back of any car (except the front seat). If your feeling lucky...sit in the back row.
  11. I find it interesting that people are so optimistic about Palace. It makes sense though, I was the same way back when they bought Kennywood entertainment. I guess I am jaded by their actions at Lake Compounce.
  12. The large tube is the Mega Tube. I believe the "flume in flume" is different than the mega tube (though possibly related).
  13. Is the flume-in-flume technology literally a slide that goes through the big side?
  14. The layout, not at all. In fact, the design of the ride will be exactly the same (trains not known yet, but I have to imagine they would be same as well). The only thing different about it could possibly be the mechanics, changes in which are badly needed. How can you say this with such confidence?
  15. They have taken a very special place and gave it a very corporate feel in some aspects. Many of the issues are behind the scenes; employees were valued more under Kennywood. Palace is CHEAP, sacrificing the guest experience if they have to. Also, the retracking of Boulder Dash was done under Kennywood's watch. 2008 saw little to no changes since they were just coming on board. Palace had little interaction in 2008 from my experience; it was more about the integration of systems and policies. Some of the people that made Lake Compounce such an amazing place were let go or left on their own due to palaces HEAVY oversight of every dollar spent. I do want to note that Lake Compounce is still one of my favorite amusement parks in the US, I just hope Palace realizes what they are doing before it is too late.
  16. What makes you say that? Seeing what they have done at Lake Compounce.
  17. This is very sad news. Palace does not know how to operate amusement parks; they should stick to their waterparks.
  18. What! The Magma ride was AMAZING! This video shows more of the ride, BUT it still does it no justice!
  19. The Wildcat at Lake Compounce had the pleasure of being rebuilt in 1986 by Charlie Dinn and Curtis D. Summers. Let's just say, it has not aged well despite the parks best efforts. I am pretty sure they ruined every coaster they touched; new or rebuild. Damn you Dinn!!!
  20. What has Chance been up to? Do they have any new versions of "Brain Surge" ? Have they sold any more of them? What new concepts are they showing off? I would also love to see what S&S displays this year. It seems like they present something pretty new / crazy every expo. It might also be interesting to hear about where they see the future of their launch coaster going. The China launched coasters are very different than their previous models, do they have plans for a family / powder keg launch coaster in the works? How much farther will they push their El Loco concept. What other layouts / elements are they presenting?
  21. I love this portion of your TR. Brings back some great memories: The horrible pizza (in Italy). The "oh Sh!t" moments of Magma 2! The "free for all" mob to get on the kids coaster. U-571, the most ridiculous things at the park! How the topspin guy told me I would not get wet. He then spun the disk (which actually randomly selected the ride program) and we got, "Monsoon." Wish we had time to see the water park as well!
  22. I know this is off topic, but I think this is my favorite post on TPR.
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