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  1. This ride moves much faster than the, "looper" and has varying heights. You can see some video from the ride in its prototype stage here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChanceRides#p/u/11/PCbd7WUXmYs I wonder if it is still called, "Downforce" or if the name has actually changed to, "Unicoaster."
  2. My Top 10: 1. Boulder Dash 2. The Voyage 3. Thunderhead 4. Cornball Express (New!) 5. My Favorite Steel 6. Legend 7. Shivering Timbers (New!) 8. The Beast 9. Phoenix 10. El Toro Bottom 5: Villain Wolverine Wildcat (New!) Mean Streak Twisted Twins: Lola Twisted Twins: Stella (It seems that the wooden coasters I do not like get torn down or are SBNO. Get your rides in on Mean Steak and Wolverine Wildcat while you still can!)
  3. You could change the title of this topic to "Brandy Makes a Cake" and turn it into an ongoing report about the different cakes you make!
  4. Relationship between Lagoon's and Kennywood's management? Thats the first I have heard of such a thing...
  5. In terms of the camera, it comes down to the picture: Pictures 1 and 3 were taken with a DSLR Photo 2 was taken with my phone Photos 4, 5, and 6 were taken with my Point and Shoot.
  6. I am as excited for this "TR" as I am for an Amusement Park one! haha Hope you didn't get your camera dirty with those purple hands!
  7. 183 Views and only 20 votes? Come on people of TPR, I know you are better than that!
  8. I went two years ago with my family. It was a wonderful event, one that I hope to make a tradition with my family some day.
  9. Picture 5 is actually equal quality as the others, the resizing seems to have effected it in a weird way though.
  10. Tennessee Tornado and Boulder Dash's lift hill / first swooping turn.
  11. The class is more about capturing the shot, framing it correctly, etc. The only post processing I did was to remove certain colors from some of the shots, everything else is untouched.
  12. I have to choose a "final photo" for my Digital Photography class. The criteria are as follows. (Please vote for the BEST ONE, not just the "amusement park one") Balance / unbalance Framing Light Color Communication Aesthetic power. He weights heavily on the aesthetic power and communication categories. Also, if you have any suggestions in terms of how I can crop a photo to make the frame better etc, they would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Photo 6 Photo 5 Photo 4 Photo 3 Photo 2 Photo 1
  13. When I took a ride, I noticed an odd bump in the train after the corkscrews. The trains could not track it correctly and would actually jump a bit. I went to go check it out and saw that! You can't tell to well in the picture but the tubular section the trains run on actually has a large enough change in the curvature that there is an actual bend.
  14. "Progress" doesn't have to mean vertical construction. Just putting that out there.
  15. I think the park itself has quite a ways to go before it gets to "top-event" quality, but I honestly think that the actual walk through is almost there. The temple section, which was brand new this year, had so much detail. I have never been to HHN, but I don't see how you can have any more detail than that portion had!
  16. They are trying very hard to make the graveyard of the best walkthroughs in the country, but it seems like the enthusiast community has yet to discover how great it really is! What was your favorite part?
  17. I am glad you enjoyed The Haunted Graveyard. It really is an amazing walk through that I don't think enough people know about! It is so elaborate and just gets better and better every year. Here is a nice shot from the entrance to the new Mayan Temple for this year to give those who have never been an idea. Mayan Temple: New for 2009 at the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce
  18. I highly enjoyed Demon Drop at Cedar Point. The 1st generation free falls build up the anticipation of the drop much better than what is currently on the market, and it makes some scary sounds too!
  19. I meant it in the sense of, my ride experience on Goliath was downright lame, especially compared to the other B&M Mega's I have ridden. (The only two I have not ridden are Hollywood Dream and Silver Star)
  20. I guess I may never understand what people see in Goliath at SFOG. I like its baby brother in Montreal even more than it!
  21. If you are planning on it buy tickets NOW! They will sell out quickly, if they haven't already!
  22. I have decided to stop reading this PTR. Almost everything you say is negative. Why go to amusement parks if your so miserable at all of them...
  23. It is located in Bristol Connecticut. Here is an overview from about 2 years ago; they have added quite a few more houses since then and it also has sections you can't see since they are in the woods. It takes 45-60 min to walk through. (And that is continuous, unlike headless horseman where you go from hayride to line to house to line etc.) The Haunted Graveyard
  24. I went last weekend. It was a good time, but not as good as when I went two years ago in 2007. The best parts for me this year where those two air filled chambers you had to walk through. I am more excited for The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce this year though, since I have heard some major changes have been made!
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