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  1. I am not saying that there are not parks out there who should be performing better maintenance. What I am commenting on is the umbrella statement that was made. For example, one of CCI's previous coasters needed extensive work (re-profiling) on the entire first drop after the first season due to the design. The same coaster also needed the entire turn-around re-profiled due to the excessive wear after just four years of operation. The park was working as fast as they could to keep up with the track work, but the design was not done with longevity in mind. One may blame it on the PTC trains, but CCI was designing the coaster to use these trains and should have incorporated that into the process. Mistakes allow a company to learn and to build better rides, but to talk as if it is always the customer, and never them, is not good business.
  2. When the question was asked about why wooden coasters at many parks leave their prime quickly, i find it amusing that he blamed it all directly on the parks. If their previous company (CCI) messed up, which they did with some rides, I feel like they should admit it and go on to say that they have learned from their mistakes and have since resolved the issues they encountered. Why would a park want to do business with GG when their outlook is...it’s the customers fault?
  3. SROS used to be my number one steel coaster. The "Bizzaro" change over has ruined the ride for me. The ride ops staple you in to the point where they are leaning and using leverage to push the restraint down, the new trains make the airtime uncomfortable, and the speakers are loud and ruin the openness of the train. Also, I have seen ZERO improvement in efficiency / turn over time since the lo_cker policy has been implemented on this particular ride.
  4. Goliath looks like more fun in the pov posted than I had when actually riding it...
  5. I couldn't believe it when i saw it. If you look closely, there is also a change in the curvature on the the closest rail that you feel while on the ride.
  6. Corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure Corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure
  7. Aqua Leisure looks to be more of a contracting company for projects. They don't actually manufacture or "own the rights" to any of the products they install.
  8. In this years Golden Ticket Awards, Boulder Dash will come in #2 for the wooden coaster poll. Voyage will JUST BARELY beat out Boulder Dash to retain the number 1 spot.
  9. I could see Kings Island's Nickelodeon branding remain. It is enormous in size and is one of the top kids areas I have ever seen.
  10. Specification sheet says: Vehicles: Four passenger open design trains with overhead lap bars but no over-the-shoulder harnesses I guess the "current" Intamin design would fit this description?!
  11. There is a metal plate sewed into the bottom of the raft. The newer rockets use Linear Induction Motors on the uphill sections. Edit: Here is the link of Force Engineering, the company that Proslide works with for their rocket LIM system. http://www.force.co.uk/
  12. I do not think that is a fair statement to make. It could have easily been a maintenance issue or just a simple random complication. Amusement park rides are not an exact science, breakdowns happen all the time on rides by EVERY manufacturer.
  13. Do they have any restrictions on adults riding the kiddie coaster?
  14. I went to Busch Gardens last night, 8/1/09 and had some amazing night rides on Big Bad Wolf. It was nice seeing how small kids can be and still ride Big Bad Wolf. It is unfortunate that most of them will come back next year and not be able to ride any of the "big" coasters.
  15. Note: The Potato Patch French Fries at Lake Compounce are the same ones you would find at Kennywood and Idlewild.
  16. Boulder Dash: In the back seat. Being pulled around the drop, flying by rocks and trees, and the high speed laterals...I miss Boulder! First drop overview! Approaching the first drop!
  17. I would have to disagree about Zoomerang being one of the roughest boomerangs. I thought it was quite the opposite, on multiple occasions.
  18. Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce & Vortex at Canadas Wonderland
  19. I rode Viper in the last car, middle seat today (6/13/09) . It was my favorite coaster in the park! On another note, Yankee Clipper was open.
  20. Wooden Out & Back- Boulder Dash Wooden Twister- Thunderhead Mine Train- Adventure Express Wild Mouse- Wild Mouse (Idlewild) Bobsled- Avalanche (KD) Stand Up- Georgia Scorcher Floorless- Dominator Flying- Fire Hawk Suspended- Vortex (CW) Inverted/SLC- Montu Non Looper Mega Coaster- Bizzaro (SFNE) or Nitro Hypercoaster- Magnum Strata Coaster- Top Thrill Dragster Boomerang- Zoomerang (Lake Compounce) LIM- Volcano Arrow Multi Looper- Tennessee Tornado
  21. I rode Bizzaro on Friday 5/22/09 and was not impressed. The B&M roar makes it almost impossible to hear the sound/talking while the ride is moving, and the volume of the chant / music from the brakes to the station is almost deafening. The GP getting off the ride seemed unimpressed.
  22. It is always about the Control Panel Operator (Tom) isn't it! Never about the, clearly more important floor operator (Ben / me) !
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