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  1. It is funny you mention Chaos and Nightwing. Both have been removed.
  2. The backseat of Tennessee Tornado...the floater air down that tunnel is great!
  3. Being one of the employees who worked at the Boulder Dash ERT, I can say that we had almost as much fun as you guys did! Thanks for that memorable night, your enthusiasm and excitement was unprecedented!
  4. My lack luster experience on Expedition Everest happened the day I saw you at Magic Kingdom. This thread has talked about the yeti and the bird on a stick, but no one mentioned the lack of audio in many locations as well as the lack of steam in the station. I do not not know if those issues have been around for a while or if they are new, or even just a one day thing. The ride is not that old, but almost every thematic element of the ride seemed to be having some issue when i rode.
  5. When I was at Animal Kingdom on January 2nd, there seemed to be quite a few issues with Everest. For one, we got stalled at the first direction change for about 30 seconds, this happening to every train. There was also no steam effect in the station nor sounds in most areas of the ride. The only place with sound running was in the yeti projection direction change and the first direction change. Is there any chance they have taken the original yeti out recently, because from the glimpse i caught of it, it didn't look white and it was VERY small. It was my first time riding, but other people who had ridden before said that the yeti looked small-er. I for one had more fun watching the video posting in this thread than riding the ride it self. I found it to be quite lame actually. I think i can attribute that to...pretty much no effects working.
  6. Did you know that the S&S Turbo Drop at Lake Compounce was originally part of a double tower at Visionland? (Now Alabama Adventures)
  7. Did you know that in 1990, during a live performance, by Milli Vanilli, recorded by MTV at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut, the recording of the song "Girl You Know It's True" jammed and began to skip, repeating the partial line "Girl, you know it's-" over and over. This lead to their overall demise. EDIT: Edited to be more descriptive.
  8. What ever happened to the King Kong that was supposed to be installed in 2008? Am I misinformed and it is actually 2009?!
  9. According to RCDB, the coaster with have a capacity of 900 pph. http://www.rcdb.com/id4312.htm
  10. A POV of a ride like Mystery Mine can not really capture the experience; it is not something anyone can capture. The whole immersive feeling of the mine and the story is one you can only get from riding it...so get out to Dollywood right now!
  11. They could have it be called, "SIX: The Ride" The coaster would match the stock price of their company over the years quite well. When you hit the brakes, they could have a big marker that says the current stock price since it is so low. (.25 cents) Instead of a gift shop at the end, they could have an E-Trade tent to buy stock and E-Trade as a corporate sponsor with announcements playing on the speakers during the ride!
  12. Does anyone know the reason why the stairs at Dueling Dragons were blocked off? Did it ever not have the ropes?
  13. Haunt in the front yard? Yes... Front view Side view Enter
  14. It is to bad you didn't ride Dantes Inferno. Its a pretty neat little dark ride.
  15. If you look at the below picture, you can see a row of air storage tanks on the bottom right under the track. Each of those tanks matches up to one break in that section, so that in the event of a power failure, the breaks will close.
  16. Where you the one riding Boulder Dash during the ERT while wearing the Boulder Dash hoodie?!
  17. Boulder Dash should not be as low as number 5 in the wooden coaster category. My $0.02
  18. They were holding where they were...because thats where the handles are...
  19. A better version of Joker's Jinx can be ridden at Kings Dominion. Roar is mediocre at best, and the SROS at SFA is a joke... I spent about 3 hours tops at the park to ride the coasters and that was it. I see no reason for me to ever return there. The park is run down, the ride placement makes no sense...Batwing?!...I would highly suggest NOT going to SFA.
  20. I find it interesting that you said Mystery Mine always breaks down. In my three visits in the last year, it never broke down when I was waiting in line / riding.
  21. Intamin rides come down nice and safely...yes...just with some people missing evey so often.
  22. Just a random "fun fact" The Compounce Mountain Sky Ride climbs 750 vertical feet and is the steepest grade chairlift in the United States.
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