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  1. The only problem i see with your deduction is that vekoma brakes use an airbag system to open (fill up with air), and a "spring" system to close the brakes. (Bent metal forced open when the airbags inflate)
  2. That stop in the station doesnt look much more violent than any E-Stop on a fast coaster or even a standard boomerang.
  3. On the Patriot's Plunge slides at dorney ^^ (red and white), many people fly off their tubes once they hit the water.
  4. If the Wildcat at Hershey is better than it was, then i don't know how anyone could have possibly ridden it before. When i rode it this season, the ride was horrible. It was very rough and the lap bar came down so tight that i could hardly breathe; i had no urge to ride again.
  5. All i am certain of is that the chain on Superman that has recently had issues again is not the recommended chain by Intamin. (Not sure if it MADE by intamin or just recommended)
  6. This is what happens when Six Flags goes the cheap route and decides not to purchase the Intamin chain but rather a cheap version.
  7. The strongest stomach feeling is not on any roller coaster or any large drop tower but it is actually on the small Moser drop towers. For those of you that have been on one of these, you know what i'm talking about...I have never felt a stronger stomach than I have on this ride.
  8. Any one want to tell us what the "eleven investors" have/will recieve?
  9. Medusa and V2 are not really attempted to be themed coasters though. Tony Hawks Big Spin is themed to skateboarding, which does not fit with the parks "new" image. Had Medusa been called "Thomas' train coaster" and was themed to Thomas the Tank Engine, I would agree with your argument, but since V2 and Medusa have no "theme" persay, I still believe it was a poor selection.
  10. The only problem i see with this is the theme. Discovery Kingdom just received the major revamp with animal theming etc, this doesn't really fit in. Tony Hawk...and Whales? Tony Hawk...and Birds? Tony Hawk...and Elephants? Catch my drift My $0.02
  11. Goliath from SFOG, yes. Though the B&M hyper at La Ronde would be something i could see being installed.
  12. Thunder River Rapids at Lake Compounce was on the Discovery Channel back in the day for "best water rides".
  13. ^Oh no! He said something bad about your home park...the world is coming to an end! Maybe he went to the park and it was dirty, maybe the last time he visited was last year when they had a list of, "Rides closed for the rest of the season," as well as a, "rides closed for the day." Just because someone says something bad about a park doesn't mean you have to get all offended and rant (It was quite funny to read, i must say). Its a forum where people discuss their opinions etc, but you got into a little hissy fit about it, calm down and act your age... ...oh wait...you were...sorry! Reference: Sign from 2006 season
  14. The addition of four coasters by Six Flags in one year sealed the deal.
  15. Tell me, what spinning coasters have you been on that you feel you can make that judgement? Spinning coasters attract families, and that is what SF is currently looking for, families in their parks.
  16. And yet you make one of those, "stupid idiotic posts," that you were just complaining about...
  17. They were able to turn a park around like Lake Compounce, a small park with very few rides and not much else. Gueaga Lake was a garbage heap of new rides and attractions, way to much for a park like Kennywood to handle. Actually, no amusement park company could handle it in the state it was in without putting a large amount of money into it, hence why the ride side is now closing.
  18. For someone (hersheyparkfan3) who acts like he knows a lot about Hershey Park, his "website" sure isn't showing it. According to him, Sooperdooperlooper was an Intamin coaster. Also a quote from his website... He doesn't know much more than any of us.
  19. Here's what would have happened if Geauga Lake wasn't taken over by Cedar Fair...Kennywood would have taken over the park and actually took the time and effort to improve upon the rides side before moving onto bigger and better things like a new waterpark. They would have done a lot more than a few paint jobs on a select few rides, an addition of new games and picnic pavilions. Hell, it's been four years now and I could easily have seen KWP investing in new rides as well. So quite frankly, the park would have been a lot better off not being purchased by Cedar Fair. Because quite frankly, it would have been taken over by a much smaller company that ensures that ALL of its park receive equal attention year in and year out. Do you have any proof that this would have happened. I honestly can not see Kennywood making such a foolish purchase. The park was a wreck. Kennywood goes after small parks like Lake Compounce and Story Land that can handle slow but steady growth. Gueaga Lake was so large that slow and steady growth was not much of an option.
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