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  1. I believe the park has 3. I only assume that because of the 3rd bay they have.
  2. The dry parks future looks very bright also. keep in mind there is plenty of land behind T2 they could buy, and the northwest section is there also. That is plenty of land to secure the dry park. Here is some pictures from my website SFKK Online of the state of Chang after Monday morning. Yes these are from Monday morning. Credit to elvisboogens from the site for the pictures. 1 train already on a truck. The other trailer didnt have a license plate on it. Which is odd. The monster responsible for all of this. A closer look. Up close look at the second train. Another train on a truck. Where's the third? Overview of the backlot Lumber?
  3. I still say MHF and TT are going bye bye, but MHF is more likely to stay.
  4. I think I know but im not sure. In the simulation videos at the bottom of each drop there is a white section on the floor and after you pass them your rocketed up the next hill so I guess its like those maglev trains over in japan. My theory would be the magnets on the track are say facing the north pole, while the magnets on the raft and the opposite. The only reason I think it is like that because try to put a magnet together like that. It will reply each other. Not really sure though but I believe thats how it works.
  5. I was going to post that from screamscape but I figured you all saw it already. Also another hint was dropped towards proslide rockets. This is their latest facebook status: My dear son Tom (who works at JPL in Cali) just helped me create a layman's/laywoman's explanation of the new ride's technology. #HW JPL stands for Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  6. Lol best splash ever. They released a few more hints. The cost of the new project is 5.5 million and will occupy 2.1 acres. Also a minor hint I guess is that will says he has a hard time spelling it so idk.
  7. The main amphitheater wasnt enclosed until later int he 90's I believe. Not sure about the other one though
  8. That explains it then lol. Skinny people dont fit the seats really well so they get the rough action T2 can give out but i must be perfect as i barely move in the seat. Though most of the roughness is caused because of the old prototype trains it uses. If you notice the top 2 wheels touch while the bottom one doesnt but when the car goes through the inversions the bottom wheel hits the rail and I think thats what causes alot of the roughness. But im not a expert in that stuff so idk.
  9. What day did you go? On average the longest wait is around 10 minutes. And thats on a 1 train operation to. Also why do they need to fill the Wheel full if they're isn't anyone in line? They never have anyway. I still dont see how there was any long wait. And btw if you mind me asking, how much do you weigh? Ive noticed that people who weigh more have a better experience on T2. my friends a stick basically(150) and he complained of roughness, im 225 and I was perfectly fine with it. Only beef I got with it, is getting my balls smashed in the kidney bean.
  10. Thank god someone is making a decent Recreation of SFKK. Looks great btw. My website might be able to help you, but idk.
  11. Seriously though, Firehawk is completely safe. I'm almost confident it was a pre-existing health condition the person wasnt aware of.
  12. I believe there must have been a heart condition or something, sorta like the boy who died on mission space at WDW. I completely love Firehawk Hard to imagine a guy just died on a ride you recently rode. ^ there is nothing wrong with vekoma.
  13. ^ Dollywood has that also. I think its called firetower falls. I think the park needs a tantrum tho those look like they're really fun.
  14. What flats? Sorry im 16 i dont ride kiddie rides. there was around 12-15 flats and they were all just about old and outdated, stuff ive ridden over a billion times at county fairs. The only newer ones i could name would be, ower tower, maxair, and skyhawk
  15. Looks like a fun coaster. That first drop looks fun to. Sad part is, PTC trains.
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