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  1. More launch track going up right now. Looks like its time for more supports...
  2. According to the webcam, the first set of launch supports have been installed!
  3. This ride is the real deal. It does things wooden coasters shouldn't do, it feels so wrong! Unreal maneuvers, extreme airtime, hangtime during the inversions...Its a top 5 coaster for sure!
  4. First riders are meeting at 9am for the opening. I would imagine the GP will ride after 10am. Weather will be in the 70s and Spring Break for many towns in the area so I would bet the park will be somewhat congested.
  5. ^Thanks Robb. I didnt see them on the Disney Store website so I assumed there wasnt anything other than the clothing. I did expect to see more items like the princess dresses, barbie dolls, etc. I am sure the chinese are working overtime to get it out since there will be a Sofia series come January.
  6. Same thing in our house Elissa. Caroline has gone ape over Sofia and Doc. I cannot believe Disney did not prepare any merchandise for Sofia! Usually they are pretty good about having the merchandise out and ready like they did with Wreck-It Ralph. I guess Sofia was an afterthought. Oh well, she will have to settle for Doc this Christmas!
  7. Another photo of him here: http://www.buffalonews.com/city/article482793.ece War veteran or not, NO WAY he should have been allowed to ride. Not even close!
  8. Elissa, I see the 2012 fall sailings posted on vacationstogo. We were also on the Dream in early February and we had a fantastic time. We are looking at a 7 night cruise on the Magic this October!
  9. Physics day has been falling on the same day as West Coast Bash since I started the event 8 years ago. It makes NO DIFFERENCE since they have a set curriculum most of the day. I would imagine the "enthusiast day" could potentially add maybe 50-100 people to the event since most of the enthusiasts would already be at the park anyways. Since Solace was postponed, I would think that number could be lower. Nothing to worry about guys... Chris
  10. If you are looking for priceline or hotwire help in getting a good deal: http://www.betterbidding.com
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