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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Nooo. Now theres two credits I won't get when I go there on the East Coast trip next year.


I hope they move it to another park.


Even if they were standing there next year, it would have been doubtful that they would have been running. They have been pretty much closed for most of the last 2 years.

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Pretty disappointing, seeing as Chiller was one of the closed rides that I REALLY wanted to ride when I went to GADV this summer.


Now if only they would move the pieces and rebuild it where Psyclone used to be at SFMM...







But that's just wishful thinking.

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If anybody else follow the A Walk In The Park podcast, the episodes show how often Chiller was working and how noisy it was, both before and after the retracking. The host even menitoned that with Freefall gone, Chiller gone, and the idle Batman stunt show stadium gone, there's a lot of room on that side of the park for growth. He also expressed it was just and observation at the time the video was shot and that he wasn't attempting to spread rumors.


Admin note: No advertising attempts here, but mentioning a relevant source to the topic. Besides, I know which side my bread's buttered on.

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I bet the retracking of the ride was an expensive endeavor. Remember it's not just stick new track in there, they had to pay for designers to redesign that section of the ride, production of the track, construction costs. I am a bit surprised that the park has decided to take this ride, not really one I would have pegged to be on the chopping block.

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This was one of my favorite rides! but the time has come for it to leave us. I have been on this ride in all of its phases (Except Batman humps obivously)



OTSR, Rolls

Lapbars, Rolls



OTSR, Rolls

Lapbars, Rolls

Lapbars, Humps


This just makes 2008 look better seeing as movietown is now a ghost town.

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I just got back from the park. It is sad to see Chiller coming down. I will definately miss it. I have some pictures from the day, including Chiller Deconstruction.


Say goodbye.


I was bored.


Obligatory KK shot.


More Chiller...or would that be less Chiller?


Nitro was running GREAT today.


Happy Stuff


Back to the sad stuff.


Happy ET riders.


Alright, enough of the sad stuff. I hope these rides don't go anywhere for a long time.


Technical difficulties: Note the lack of track in the background. would that be considered "technical"?


Reminds me of last off season.


That blue piece of track never had a train with riders go over it.


Next piece to go?


Valley is gone.


The crane, doing its thing.

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I started to cry looking at those pictures....goodbye chiller I will miss you soo much! for all the neck pains and near black outs you gave me...as well as the mild headache from the sound of the train launch over me when I didn't expect it.



I'm sorry, but I find it quite funny that you are crying over a roller coaster.

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I'm sorry, but I find it quite funny that you are crying over a roller coaster.


There are those of us here how hold parks and rides very dear, and yes, some do cry when you've had great times with either and then they're gone. One day friend, you'll understand.


Yes, but there are so many worse things to cry about, while he is crying over a roller coaster.

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