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  1. The rumors of that "biggest maze yet" in Cyclone Bay makes me think they're going to utilize Deja Vu's old queue area, especially considering they cleaned it out over the last several months.
  2. I hit the park on Friday and this is some of the things I observed: I got the the park around 1PM. Tidal Wave was the only ride advertised as down, although X2 was visibly not running when we got there. The park was not too crowded which was an added plus. -Tatsu did not run the majority of the day. I saw empty trains sent out very rarely, but I'm not sure if ever actually opened. The park was only open until 8. -Apocalypse was running two trains. Yes the ride was a bit jarring, but I survived. -TNR also was not open the first half of the day. We happened to walk by around 4PM and noticed a small line form near the carousel. They were testing the ride. They opened it about ten minutes later. I tried it with the VR. It was cool, but overall, I just enjoyed the ride without the OTSR, which is the most important part to me. -Goliath had a very large line around 1PM, but was a near walk-on come 5PM. -Twisted Colossus ran three trains all day and the line never left the main queue area. I noticed the ride ops would give warnings such as "30 seconds to race." -Scream was running two trains. I tried the new refurbished train, but it still rattles way too much. I don't care for this ride any more. -X2 eventually opened in the day and I got two rides on it. -Ninja was running two trains and had a decent line for the majority of the day. While on Ninja, I noticed a boat stuck on the hill of Jet Stream with mechanics looking at it. I don't think it reopened. -FT ran fine with two trains all day. No visible issues. -I walked by the construction area, but didn't notice anything new. I skipped GL, Batman, Riddler, Viper, Goldrusher, Lex, and Superman.
  3. I know I'm a little late on the Takis discussion, but I always though they tasted like the way I envisioned pencil shavings to taste.
  4. Hello all. Apologies in advanced for this question being asked. I've never been to Cedar Point, nor the Cedar Point Discussion thread, so chances are somebody has asked this before. What is the best way of getting to Cedar Point from out-of-state? Specifically, I'm from Arizona, and am trying to plan a trip for mid June. I really need specifics. Which airport should I fly into, should i rent a car to get to the park, where should we stay? One of the hotels at the park etc? Any and all information would be awesome! Thanks!
  5. ^What's up with that again? It's been a while, but did something happen for it to once again go back to one train?
  6. I believe they only have two fully operational trains, and the third is used as a parts donor. I know that was the case for original X, but I'm almost positive that's the case with X2 as well.
  7. ^ I actually just went and double checked that myself. Yes, it appears that any ticket promos are only good until the 20th. Even the "online discount" tickets that are good for any time of the year expire on the 20th. While I'm sure they create a new "online discount" ticket after 20th with a new expiration date, it may not be right after the 20th, which may be indeed because it is A) Spring Break, and B) A new ride is opening. Perhaps it's their way of making more money off the spring break crowds, but one would think that you would want to offer discounts as well, so as to draw in more people into the park. The psychology behind tickets and ticket pricing isn't my forte.
  8. I actually did have the a TC ride op call security once and escort a family out of the line for cutting. The thing is, they entered the line like everybody else, but then, during a "delay," a bunch of people left the line, and they cut up to the loading gates. I wish they would treat regular line cutters the same way.
  9. I went to the park Saturday night and arrived around 7PM. In a nutshell, I've NEVER seen the park so crowded for Frightfest. The past two years, lines were manageable, especially since the majority of people were in line for the mazes. This time, we were forced to park in the furthest part of the overflow lot. We spent about five hours at the park, and only managed to ride TC, Füll Throttle, and X2. X2 rode incredibly smooth that night as well, though it seems they don't have a Halloween audio track this year. In fact, there was no audio on the train except the beginning of the ride when it left the station (If I remember correctly).
  10. Gold Pass Entry is the furthest right line. It'll be barricaded and will have an employee checking passes before letting you into the line.
  11. I don't think I've seen this answered yet, but what is the process for processing Gold Season Passes at the park? Last year the passes looked just like the regular passes and there weren't any extra steps required beyond scanning your finger at the turnstiles, but I believe they said this year Gold Members have to go elsewhere to get the pass processed. Can anybody clarify this for me?
  12. What's the shoot for? Frightfest? I never got any kind e-mail. I assumed they just e-mailed locals.
  13. In response to the comment several pages back regarding the GP being accountable for 80% of the delays on TC. While this is true, I always go back to my reference of Intimidator at Carowinds. When I went this summer, the crew was operating three trains, the coaster itself has storage bins, AND they had minimal stacking. This is heavily due to the crew being motivated to dispatch the trains as fast as possible. One of the guys had a microphone on during his entire shift and he kept repeating his spiel, "Alright everybody, we're dispatching in 10 seconds, hurry to your seats." It motivates people to hurry and put their stuff away and get into their seats. I think if you're not going to enforce a no loose articles policy, you may as well at least push people to hurry so that they can enjoy the ride to the fullest (and by that I mean dueling). I've only been on TC a handful of times but I haven't had a single duel.
  14. ^I think it was established that they didn't want to remove the OTSR's for insurance reasons, but it was easier for them to lie and say it wasn't permitted. Buying new trains or updating the restraint system on the trains would allow them to remove the OTSR's (much like they're doing now) however in the past, they had no reason to remove the OTSR's as it wasn't a priority, and ridership was still fairly stable. Now that it's an anniversary and enough people have bitched about it, they're finally updating the ride and marketing it as a "new" ride of sorts.
  15. Cute button! I think it'd be a little more special if Revolution was leaving forever. I got one for Thunder Road at Carowinds a couple weeks before they closed it.
  16. The park website shows 1:00 AM On Friday and Saturdays and 11:00 PM on Sundays https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/plan-your-visit/park-operating-schedule Oh strange. Normally I look there too, but while purchasing the season pass, there was a window that allowed you to view hours/dates and it had the hours I mentioned.
  17. So I just noticed that the park is only open until 11:45 for Frightfest on Fridays and Saturdays this year. I actually really enjoyed staying at the park until 1:30AM.
  18. Quick question regarding the gold pass upgrade. I did it last year and it was great, but it's saying we have to process it at the park before November 1st. Does this mean i purchase it online but don't go before November 1st, it just becomes a regular season pass? Since I didn't plan a fright fest trip this year, I'm not sure if I'll be going again any time soon
  19. So realistically, what special effects to we think will occur? Keep in mind not to get too crazy. Both X2's special effects and Füll Throttle's didn't live up to the hype. I also don't see many opportunities for effects with TNR (The New Revolution) for special effect placement. Somebody mentioned LED lights on the loop. I think that would look awesome. Additionally, I can imagine them doing something with the tunnel (again, probably lights).
  20. YASSS! Go magic mountain! I saw SFNE got a Larson Loop. Strangely, they're also reverting Bizarro back into Superman: The Ride P.S. I'm very jealous that SFOT got a giant frisbee!
  21. Green Lantern isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's still a hit (and a rather painful one) with the GP. My last ride, we didn't get a single flip in. I just got a nice bruise on my shoulder from the final brake impact.
  22. I'm not psychic or anything, but I bet it is probably going to look like the other TC trains... But green. Just a random guess though. None of the TC trains are one solid color, it will be interesting to see if it's green and purple, green and blue, or green and orange. I assume it'll just be a variation of blue and green, much like the orange and purple trains are opposites of each other.
  23. Yes, it's a strange rattle. I don't get headaches easily, but Scream gave me one effortlessly. I can't imagine that it has something to do with the track itself.
  24. In response to the TR a few pages back mentioning Scream's roughness: I know people tend to exaggerate at times about a ride's roughness, but all my rides on Scream the past 2-3 years have been unpleasant. This coaster was JUST rehabbed and both trains that were running last week were terrible. There is a very evident rattle going down the first drop and you feel it for the majority of the ride. The cobra roll bashes you around and the corkscrews are pretty bad too. Scream was my absolute favorite coaster when I visited for the first time in 2006. It's a shame it's turned into such a piece of crap, especially considering that it's a B&M. Additionally, I did not see any repainted train. Wasn't the word that one train was supposed to be painted and refurbished for the opening of ScreamPunk District and the other two would be altered at a later rehab date? I didn't see a third train, and the two trains that were running both donned the old color scheme. Speaking of trains, it's now nearly September, and TC has yet to get a fourth train. It's probably not going to happen.
  25. Things to note at the park so far today: The "other" side of superman is working instead of the normally operating side. TC is operating three trains and moved the line rather quickly. We did get a delay just as we boarded our train. Luckily they just cycled each train once and we were on. Batman's crew is pretty slow. Stacking on two train op. Apocalypse is running one train again so we didn't bother.
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