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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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I agree your not "crazy", if you find a coaster which you love the layout or the fast pacing, you will want to ride it as many times as possible while you are at the Park.


Roller Coasters are a passion and you have to have your fix after a few months on non-riding.


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I rodes Hades 30 times in one day. There were only 4 people in the station. That was the only time I got to have re-rides without walking down and up a giant hill.


Otherwise I rode a Zipper for 45 minueets straight. We were the only people on the ride (me and my sis). The canarny said when ever you want to stop, just scream![/


I have ridden Sea World San Antonio's Steel Eel around 70+ times in one day. There are rarely lines for the coasters, so I usually ride till I get bored or until the park closes, whichever comes first.


I just rode my first Zipper today, and I could do the 45 minutes straight-what a fun ride!



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I rode my first rollercoaster when I was 7 and I rode it 16 times in one go! XD I wouldn't have got back on it after the first go, if I knew where the exit was, but unfortunately my friend wanted to go back on it, and I had to go back on. Fortunately I loved it the second time!


The most I have rode in one day was about 35-40 times on Velocity and about 20 times on Kumali, both on the same day and at Flamingo land. Also we rode Corkscrew, about 10 times in one session. Corkscrew being one of those 30 year old Vekoma's which karate chop your neck on the corkscrews.


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I have rode the Arkansas Twister 25 times without getting off. It took me about an hour. About half way through some guy noticed that I haven't gotten off and asked me how many times I've ridden. I told him and he joined in with me. I wonder if he is a member of TPR. Hmmmmmmmmm...

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one foggy halloween day at hershey park.


admission was like 25 bucks.


no one was there,


i had i believe 12 lightning racer rides, about 10 storm runner runs, and 7 or 8 great bear runs. All in the dark, it was sick . Every ride in the park was a walk-on, even SR and it was it's first year of operation. all those rides spaned about 5 hours, since i think it was a evening only operating day or something weird.

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sooperdooperlooper at Hershey park----35 times one day. I started at about 5pm till close. Had I known the record was 53, I would have started earlier. There was no one in the park and I could have easily done it!

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My BGE trip this year in may I believe I rode griffon about 10 or more times one day, 16 or more in total for the 3 day trip I was there. Same for Apollo's chariot, by the end of the weekend I stopped counting around 13 or so, so there's a good chance it was more than that.


I'll usually only do this if I know I may not be back to a certain park and I like to have memories of certain rides. Griffon and Apollo will be in my mind for quite awhile.

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Ive "marathoned" on Lightning Racer and Magnum I love when stations are empty. I was about to marathon Thunderhead last october but then people started showing up. Thunderhead is the only coaster I've gotton a "re-ride" on. I hope SFFT is dead in 13 days when I go(doubt it as it will be a friday). Id LOVE to marathon SKC, Goliath, and Poltergeist.

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