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  1. Batman did get a new train. At first I thought it was a train fresh out of a thorough rehab, but later a mechanic confirmed that the train was brand new from B&M. The new train is great, I didn't head bang once. -Alex
  2. Snoopy = Dog. According to Screamscape it will be called "Planet Snoopy". -Alex
  3. Oh god..Not again. Maybe Magic Springs should resolve this problem so this wont happen for a 3rd time. -Alex
  4. The words "Nantimi 11" should be included on there as well. I love the idea for the link on the back though. -Alex
  5. Okay, it looks like we need to work as a team on this next step. I am going to ask everyone who received a piece of the puzzle to upload it the following photobucket account, so we can all try to solve the puzzle. Thanks! (Username HP08coaster p/w: hershey) Pass the word along!! -Alex http:// http://s238.photobucket.com/albums/ff299/HP08coaster/
  6. Rcdb doesn't list new coasters before they're announced..Well atleast not the specs. -Alex
  7. I voted for Wild Thing. That first air hill is just amazing. Despite what others may say about it, I love it. -Alex
  8. Sounds like its starting to come together. I called GL and asked what rides were not operating today, she said that the only ride that was down was Raging Wolf Bobs. However, when I asked her if it would re-open at a later time in the year and she said "Later? Its going to be open tommorow..." -Alex
  9. I Don't really post here much, but I kinda stumbled over here, and started reading all the TR's, I noticed the friendly 'humorous' atmosphere you guys have established over here, so I decided to sign up! -Alex
  10. ^Dude...he already explained this... As Mike said, there isn't much to update on. So what's been going on? They installed several ads throughout the park, the Guest Necessity Center has been repainted pink on the inside, two "extreme sports" exhibitions have appeared in the park, and Magic Mountain parkway has been reduced from 6 to 4 lanes before the park as a part of Newhall Land's construction. The summer season is here. The park is no longer refurbishing stuff. Just as I 'reported' before, the center-of-gravity has been shifted from "fixing stuff" to "park operation" as th
  11. I'm going to CP, GL, & KI during the last week of August...Can anyone tell me what to expect, crowd wise?
  12. ^For now, yes. They only have a permit to run one train. The state will not allow Knotts to run both trains until they add one more brake to the brake run. It is indeed a very fun ride. I was on the First public train in the front row. The spinning is much more intense in the back, with the weight unbalanced. Very smooth and nice pacing. -Alex
  13. I took 6 rides in a row on Tatsu earlier today ...It took around 50 minutes.
  14. I was there today as well...Yep, Still parked up on that lift. An employee was telling me how they are expecting it back up by this weekend, but who knows how credible my source was..
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