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  1. Snoopy = Dog. According to Screamscape it will be called "Planet Snoopy". -Alex
  2. Oh god..Not again. Maybe Magic Springs should resolve this problem so this wont happen for a 3rd time. -Alex
  3. The words "Nantimi 11" should be included on there as well. I love the idea for the link on the back though. -Alex
  4. Okay, it looks like we need to work as a team on this next step. I am going to ask everyone who received a piece of the puzzle to upload it the following photobucket account, so we can all try to solve the puzzle. Thanks! (Username HP08coaster p/w: hershey) Pass the word along!! -Alex http:// http://s238.photobucket.com/albums/ff299/HP08coaster/
  5. Rcdb doesn't list new coasters before they're announced..Well atleast not the specs. -Alex
  6. I voted for Wild Thing. That first air hill is just amazing. Despite what others may say about it, I love it. -Alex
  7. Sounds like its starting to come together. I called GL and asked what rides were not operating today, she said that the only ride that was down was Raging Wolf Bobs. However, when I asked her if it would re-open at a later time in the year and she said "Later? Its going to be open tommorow..." -Alex
  8. I Don't really post here much, but I kinda stumbled over here, and started reading all the TR's, I noticed the friendly 'humorous' atmosphere you guys have established over here, so I decided to sign up! -Alex
  9. I'm going to CP, GL, & KI during the last week of August...Can anyone tell me what to expect, crowd wise?
  10. ^For now, yes. They only have a permit to run one train. The state will not allow Knotts to run both trains until they add one more brake to the brake run. It is indeed a very fun ride. I was on the First public train in the front row. The spinning is much more intense in the back, with the weight unbalanced. Very smooth and nice pacing. -Alex
  11. I took 6 rides in a row on Tatsu earlier today ...It took around 50 minutes.
  12. Rockin' Space Mountain at DLR...and I loved every second of it -Alex
  13. I took a day off to go to Knotts when it was totally dead. I took 29 rides in a row on Xcelerator. One of the guys I met there rode it around 60 times that day. Its tiring for sure. -Alex
  14. This summer I'll be heading out to Florida to hit BGT for Floorless SheiKra media day. I'll also be hitting up IOA, USF, & SWO. -Alex
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