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  1. From The RMC point is they started to have problems with joker lap bars and traced it to a part and had RMC rides Closed to check for that failure. Im sure they don't want to have another Texas Giant thing happen. So they closed them to check parts and replace if needed.
  2. With those who can play the video get VLC player It play any video. Have it and played it first try.
  3. Last time i went to Coastermainia it was a few years ago. it was on a saturday . It was kinda crowded as they advertised it on the radio and tv stations open to any one, even one with season passes that don't belong to a club. It was a fun day but the morning session took to long to get rides up and running so many didn't get many rides. I know I got 1 ride on maverick and then head over to get a ride on MF before GP. Waited about 15 for that . Evening session was a little less crowded rode Mf 1 at night was great, then headed over to TDD and got 27 rides in before they closed the ert. The last 10 rides were the best as there was no line and we got to stay in our seats. Well ok they did tell us we had to get and walk a round to prove that we were ok to ride more.Most interesting part of the night was we had a group of 5 teen party crashers that were trying to sneak on to the ride only to have security round them up and escort them out of the park. You had to have a wrist band to ride. We did have our ERT extend to 1 am as several of the rides didn't want cooperate.
  4. Most reprofiled wooden coasters are to take out rough spot and really bad maintance area's that the parks just don't want to deal with. Look at Six Flags most of there wooden coasters are getting the RMC treatment so they do have to have work on them daily. As for steel rides it could be trouble spots on a ride (maintance) or rider complant that has the reprofile.
  5. Just remember that a lot of new rides that have been listed have to be out for a year before they are put into the voting tally. Then it's up to how much money is put up for them to be one the list. Oh I mean how many votes they can get.
  6. Don't you guys know it's going to be Lebron James the ride, with Tee's that say I rode Lebron.
  7. The ride will not be an Intamin ride as after HW had problems with PP/G, intamin refused to help fix the ride. I know this after HW last year I did get to talk to a few people at the park and they asked me what water ride company could remake the ride, I guess that didn't happen. With all my meeting with the late Will Kock, he did tell me of steel ride company he liked was B&M.
  8. What's funny about this is when I did a interview with the late Bill Cobb in the 80's sometime. He said that once you get pass the 125ft. mark you start to have problems as the wooden stress tear apart track and structure, PTC does have a proven design car they are just to heavy for to days rides. They really need to look at redesigning there chassis, maybe look at bring back Morgan California coaches with other materials to make them less plastic. PTC does own the designs for those trains, they could take it down to the metal frame and come up with something or there going to be left out on a limb if other train designers come up with something. Way back in the day parks use to pay to have new designs built and now it's the company's fund there own stuff. Another thing is PTC has been building coaster cars for over 100 years. Most others haven't been around 20 years. I think with the Timberliner's were still to unproven to HW that they just chose to stay with what they know. Look at CCI when they tried to do there own train. one set and they said it was to much work and safety rule you have to apply. Also look at the G trains. Legend had them but they beat your lower half (legs) to bits. Im just glad G trains didn't go on Voyage.
  9. Guys, Look at Le Monster at La Ronde. The late Bill Cobb designed it to have one side family and one side thrill factor ready so this is something that could be done. As for new elements on a wooden coaster, you could have the hand slap element or quad down element. Speed has to be good, and don't go for the Tallest in the world thing as in wooden coasters they tend to tear apart. Another aspect is talk to a few of the small park owner to see what they have to say about there coaster designs and what they thought about the process. and Thanks for coming to us for a little input on your ride. For me I've had a few things added to a few rides at parks.
  10. Wow this really floored me. I've known the Koch's for a very long time. My prayers are with the family and the park. They were a one in a million family that love the industry and coaster people.
  11. Best: The original Mr. Twister was fast low to ground and then up into the station. Idora Park Wildcat was another fast and smack your in the station. Last great ending was the original Riverside Cyclone 2 bunny hops while making that right hand turn. Pure insane. worst: Mean Streak and Hercules.
  12. I could hardly stop laughing at this video. I could say I've had a few ladies in my life that had that out of shirt showing. Kinda funny.
  13. Did NBGS sell there rights to the Master Blaster and Zip water coasters? Went to there website and it's not there. White Water ind. and a www.aqua-leisure.co.ukwww.aqua-leisure.co.uk went to there competion and they now sell them.
  14. Great find. I rode the Wave Swinger in Galaxy Land in West Edmonton Mall. They let you kick, grab, and push people around you, that was fun. The other ride or activty was and adult Ball crawl. The other insane ride I rode was the Boomerang spinning ride at Bertand Island, basically they put you in a tub that can fit 3 to 4 people, then attach it to a arm that spins you around until the operator would release you into a tunnel spinning till the station. What a blast.
  15. But Look at how fast it comes into the final brake run MF that is.
  16. I read some where in an interview that Claude and Walter both say that they personal don't like to go over the 230 mark as it just a waist of conetic energy and you have to add brakes to keep check. As with some of the later BandM Hypers the have trims mid ride.
  17. To me it has to be any park thats not owned by a money hungry companys. Family owned park KG,HW,Canobie,CLP, BB,LW and many others.
  18. Yeah thats fine when my boys were younger i've seen then all.
  19. Mine would be any of the wooden coasters, I would presonaly pick Lighting Racer.
  20. I don't see any buttons on unpicking favorite video's I was trying out the coastertube site and I clicked on one and it said it was now one of my favorites? Do you have a deslect button? Mark
  21. Most I had was a Six Flags Cedar Fair Holiday World Paramont Parks Busch Parks That was sometime in the 80's.
  22. I wonder who will be the one to fish the boat out of the splash pool?
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