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  1. The hurler still gives some decent air time on the bunny hops. If there was a way to fix up the roughness it wouldn't be such a terrible ride. The roughest part of the grizzly is when it shoots through the tunnel and into the turn around right after the tunnel, other than that its not that bad. The rebel yell just doesn't do much anymore, it's kind of disappointing it doesn't go backwards anymore.
  2. What ever happened to superman being repainted? Or was that just a rumor?
  3. Why dont they have a dual loading station? The station looks a little small.
  4. Well there might be some factors that help the park out next year. The first being new managment. Bring in a crew of executives that can charge the right prices to balance operating cost with profit. They need to find a team that can find the lowest price on admission, merch, and food to still make money. They should also keep their fingers crossed that fuel prices continue to decline. If it's cheaper to travel, then people would start doing it again. I mean it more than sucks that the park is about half a billion dollars in debt after one season, which will make it hard to recover, but if Six Flags can go 9 years of dollar-per-share stock, why can't Hard Rock hang in there? True that, but it seems like the park might just have a bad repetition now because of its unsuccessful first season.
  5. Yea they definitely need another huge record breaking ride. Yes I know Dominator holds a couple records and it's a decent ride but it doesn't quite cut it for me since i've been on a couple of rides simular to it.
  6. That sucks. When I was there in JULY is was DEAD. The longest wait I had was for Max. RPM which was only about 25 min. They were even offering $10.00 second day admission for up to 7 days and if you got all 7 days it was only like $35.00. They were obviously dieing to get people to stay in the park for longer periods of time. It was a pretty awesome park for photography though. They obviously aren't going to have any money to get any new rides or coasters, so I don't really know how next year will make a difference if it's the same exact park as this year.
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