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  1. Thanks! That's what I'm thinking too, I just worry because the website mentions the word 'Parents' when describing it and the pass is called 'Parent swap pass'.
  2. Thanks guys! I understand the rules and I'm not interested in breaking them just thought if it was just an inch they 'might' let her on but it seems they are probably still strict on this these days. I know of the whole wrist band thing and I plan on doing it as soon as we enter the park. Even though she may not be tall enough for say 'Nitro' I'm assuming if I get a Parent swap pass(even though she isn't our child)my husband and I can still ride them and have her wait with one of us at the exit and vice versa? I just worry with it called 'Parent swap pass' they wouldn't let us do this. I d
  3. I have not been to this site or six flags in probably 3 years so coming here for help on recent operations at the park. I got married recently and my husband has a god daughter that we plan on taking to the park this coming monday and she absolutely LOVES roller coasters! Her mom however is not in best health and can't ride most of them and doesn't really like amusement parks(mostly crowds) so my husband and I are treating her this coming Monday to six flags(she has already been to other parks in the area Hershey and Dorney). She unfortunately is about 53 inches so she probably won't get t
  4. Glad you had a great time! Been to both parks multiple times growing up so for that reason I love them so I love it when I see people enjoy themselves there. Sucks that you didn't get to ride "Possessed" it's probably my second favorite to "Talon" at Dorney. Steel Force is cool. Not sure if I'm a fan of "Hydra" though. It was extremely rough when I rode it opening weekend last year. I hope to make it to Hershey this year since I skipped it last year. Only coaster there I didn't particularly like was "wildcat" for the roughness of it. I hope to try and get another ride on "Comet" but it's
  5. Europe in the Air actually sounds like fun. I just hope it's nothing like Corkscrew Hill. I love simulators, I mean I'm one of the few people I think that still loves Star Tours in Disney World and I'm still upset over the Back to the future ride being gone but I DID NOT like Corkscrew Hill. Much to rough and I felt I was going to fall out of my seat a few times. The movie it's self was cute and all but the ride was just awful.
  6. This certainly doesn't surprise me but I feel like a special person for now having ridden 2 defunct coasters since I started my craze 2 years ago. First "Big Bad Wolf" going away and now this though this surprises me a lot less. I waited over an hour to ride "Son of Beast" and I felt like it was a huge waste of time for a credit. Though the fact it's going away or went away shortly after I rode it(the major incident shutting it down happened a few weeks after I was there) now at least I don't feel I wasted my time since I got a defunct credit out of it instead of a sad memory of waiting an hou
  7. I have been avoiding reading stuff on this coaster because I wasn't planning on making any roller coaster pilgrimage this year(mostly because I can't afford it) but I soooo want to go to King's Dominion now and I haven't been there due to the fact they didn't seem to have much I was really interested in riding(Dominator or Volcano looked cool but not enough to warrent a trip there to me). I will have to dig for some money and time now to make it there for this coaster it looks amazing! Also I found Millie very...well beyond the first drop...boring. I even rode it twice to make sure it wa
  8. I say yes and I would definitely join just for the fact I would be a offical member of TPR. This is such a great community and it's really the only coaster type club I try to stay in touch with(life is just to nuts sometimes). $40 is a great price too and I already pay about that much for another club I'm involved with(well 2 actually) and there are more than enough perks mentioned that would make that money go quite far especially compared to the 2 clubs I'm already involved in. I'd pay the money just for the perks of the coaster club since I have no desire to join any of them. TP
  9. Awesome updates, I'm so very jealous you get to go to these places especially China and Japan! Hopefully I'll get to go eventually it's a huge dream of mine(all I need is time and money which I have none of these days). Anyway love the pictures and updates can't wait to see more! Your Asian adventures are always entertaining.
  10. Growing up I was a huge MJ fan and one of the highlights of going to Epcot was to see Captain EO and figment in Journey into imagination. Epcot's future world seemed like a shell of it's former self to me when I returned to Disney World i 2007 after not having been there in over 13 years. I watched HISTA since I skipped it out of protest before and I have to say even with it's age Captain EO was by far better! It would be cool if Disney brought back if just for a short run. I certainly would love to see it come back and might even consider a short trip just for it.
  11. Wow this beyond blows, I'm heading there tomorrow and I was actually looking forward to this ride the most and it won't be running. Oh well I guess it beats work. It sucks because that's one less coaster for my coaster count and I doubt I will have the time or money to be heading back up there again after this trip to ride it. Seriously this sucks. What sucks even more is if there is crowds and one of the most popular rides there isn't working the rest of the rides are going to have even worse lines....yeah.
  12. Every member of a coaster club can bring one guest. So if you change your mind and want to go to a day of Coastermania, you could be mine and my daughter's 2nd guest. ! That's really nice of you and I thank you so much for the offer but unfortunately I'd have to totally rearrange my schedule to do Coastermania now if I decided to go(change up my hotel reservations as well as when we were going to leave, we were going to leave that saturday). I'm still willing to hang out with you on a regular day when I'm at Cedar Point or King's Island if you're still interested. I'll be in Sandusky June
  13. Great Trip Report! If I may ask a question when did you go? That looked like a rather huge crowd for so early in the season but that may have been for all the downtime you experienced. I'm rather scared I may not get on everything now if the coaster downtime is that bad when I get there. I'll only be there about 2 and a half days and I hope to ride everything at least once and my favorites twice or more. I guess I should just prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best at this point. Also what are the address's for the Toft's outside the park so I can put them in my GPS and
  14. I'm actually only going to be there the beginning of the week and doing King's island during Coastermania(I don't belong to a coaster club of any kind to take advantage of coastermania so I won't be going to it). I'll be on my way to sandusky the 31st and heading to King's island the 3rd and going home on the 6th. I did this so I would be only doing the parks during the week and traveling on the weekend and getting home hopefully early enough I can have a day to relax from my vacation and be ready for work on monday morning the following week. If you are up for hanging out any of the da
  15. After re-reading the response she actually said "you should not have a problem entering through any of the regular admittance gates at Cedar Point with a valid Platinum Pass". So again let's hope she's right. Either way I plan on trying to get to Cedar Point the evening I get to Sandusky hopefully if they work I might get on a coaster or 2 before the end of the evening who knows. Edit: Whoo hoo post 100!!!
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