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  1. Thanks! That's what I'm thinking too, I just worry because the website mentions the word 'Parents' when describing it and the pass is called 'Parent swap pass'.
  2. Thanks guys! I understand the rules and I'm not interested in breaking them just thought if it was just an inch they 'might' let her on but it seems they are probably still strict on this these days. I know of the whole wrist band thing and I plan on doing it as soon as we enter the park. Even though she may not be tall enough for say 'Nitro' I'm assuming if I get a Parent swap pass(even though she isn't our child)my husband and I can still ride them and have her wait with one of us at the exit and vice versa? I just worry with it called 'Parent swap pass' they wouldn't let us do this. I don't see why it would be a problem but you never know! At the time we measured her she was wearing shoes so I'm pretty sure she isn't tall enough but we promised if she liked it there we would take her next year when she should be tall enough to ride everything! Any other advice is still appreciated! I'm use to going to the park alone or with my husband but never took a child that wasn't tall enough to ride everything but again she is most certainly tall enough for El Toro and I often say if that's all I got to ride I'd be happy, hope she feels the same. Although the Mine train and Skull Mountain are fun too! I honestly think Skull Mountain is more fun than 'The Dark Knight' even!
  3. I have not been to this site or six flags in probably 3 years so coming here for help on recent operations at the park. I got married recently and my husband has a god daughter that we plan on taking to the park this coming monday and she absolutely LOVES roller coasters! Her mom however is not in best health and can't ride most of them and doesn't really like amusement parks(mostly crowds) so my husband and I are treating her this coming Monday to six flags(she has already been to other parks in the area Hershey and Dorney). She unfortunately is about 53 inches so she probably won't get to ride most of the big coasters but she can ride EL Toro! After telling her about it she seemed more than excited to go with us. My questions are mostly do you think she would be able to ride any of the other coasters being an inch away from being tall enough? Like I said above I haven't been to six flags great adventure in years and I've never treated a child(well 9 turning 10 soon)to an experience like this and I was never interested in coasters as a kid so I never encountered this personally. Not sure if they would be able let her on with being only an inch off? I remember some kids getting turned away at Nitro even though they were tall enough back in 2009 or 10 (I can't remember when I was there last) I just worry that this would happen to her with being just an inch away. I know El Toro and Sky Screamer shouldn't be a problem and she showed interest on both of those. I'm looking forward to seeing the new flats they added back including the bumper cars and Houdini's great Escape. Any idea on wait times on a monday? Rain is forecasted so I'm hoping that keeps the crowds down. I'm sure we will be spending most of the day riding El Toro though. Also is there anyway to do PArent swap even though we aren't her parents? We are obviously in charge of her that day I just don't know that since we aren't her 'parents' could we still ride the coasters even if she can't ride and have my husband wait with her and vice versa. I know Disney does this without a physical pass but it sounds like Great Adventure is more strict with this. Any information you guys can give would be helpful thanks! Looking forward to visiting Great Adventure again!
  4. Glad you had a great time! Been to both parks multiple times growing up so for that reason I love them so I love it when I see people enjoy themselves there. Sucks that you didn't get to ride "Possessed" it's probably my second favorite to "Talon" at Dorney. Steel Force is cool. Not sure if I'm a fan of "Hydra" though. It was extremely rough when I rode it opening weekend last year. I hope to make it to Hershey this year since I skipped it last year. Only coaster there I didn't particularly like was "wildcat" for the roughness of it. I hope to try and get another ride on "Comet" but it's line is always much to long and slow moving when I go.
  5. Europe in the Air actually sounds like fun. I just hope it's nothing like Corkscrew Hill. I love simulators, I mean I'm one of the few people I think that still loves Star Tours in Disney World and I'm still upset over the Back to the future ride being gone but I DID NOT like Corkscrew Hill. Much to rough and I felt I was going to fall out of my seat a few times. The movie it's self was cute and all but the ride was just awful.
  6. This certainly doesn't surprise me but I feel like a special person for now having ridden 2 defunct coasters since I started my craze 2 years ago. First "Big Bad Wolf" going away and now this though this surprises me a lot less. I waited over an hour to ride "Son of Beast" and I felt like it was a huge waste of time for a credit. Though the fact it's going away or went away shortly after I rode it(the major incident shutting it down happened a few weeks after I was there) now at least I don't feel I wasted my time since I got a defunct credit out of it instead of a sad memory of waiting an hour to ride a crappy coaster.
  7. I have been avoiding reading stuff on this coaster because I wasn't planning on making any roller coaster pilgrimage this year(mostly because I can't afford it) but I soooo want to go to King's Dominion now and I haven't been there due to the fact they didn't seem to have much I was really interested in riding(Dominator or Volcano looked cool but not enough to warrent a trip there to me). I will have to dig for some money and time now to make it there for this coaster it looks amazing! Also I found Millie very...well beyond the first drop...boring. I even rode it twice to make sure it wasn't the weather that day or the fact it had been down most of the days before I had visited. Thankfully this sounds like what I was expecting on Millie.
  8. I say yes and I would definitely join just for the fact I would be a offical member of TPR. This is such a great community and it's really the only coaster type club I try to stay in touch with(life is just to nuts sometimes). $40 is a great price too and I already pay about that much for another club I'm involved with(well 2 actually) and there are more than enough perks mentioned that would make that money go quite far especially compared to the 2 clubs I'm already involved in. I'd pay the money just for the perks of the coaster club since I have no desire to join any of them. TPR is really the only place I go anymore for Theme Park and coaster related stuff. Mostly because I like the people here and it covers everything not exclusively coasters(I love Disney parks). With that said I'm in!
  9. Awesome updates, I'm so very jealous you get to go to these places especially China and Japan! Hopefully I'll get to go eventually it's a huge dream of mine(all I need is time and money which I have none of these days). Anyway love the pictures and updates can't wait to see more! Your Asian adventures are always entertaining.
  10. Growing up I was a huge MJ fan and one of the highlights of going to Epcot was to see Captain EO and figment in Journey into imagination. Epcot's future world seemed like a shell of it's former self to me when I returned to Disney World i 2007 after not having been there in over 13 years. I watched HISTA since I skipped it out of protest before and I have to say even with it's age Captain EO was by far better! It would be cool if Disney brought back if just for a short run. I certainly would love to see it come back and might even consider a short trip just for it.
  11. Wow this beyond blows, I'm heading there tomorrow and I was actually looking forward to this ride the most and it won't be running. Oh well I guess it beats work. It sucks because that's one less coaster for my coaster count and I doubt I will have the time or money to be heading back up there again after this trip to ride it. Seriously this sucks. What sucks even more is if there is crowds and one of the most popular rides there isn't working the rest of the rides are going to have even worse lines....yeah.
  12. Every member of a coaster club can bring one guest. So if you change your mind and want to go to a day of Coastermania, you could be mine and my daughter's 2nd guest. ! That's really nice of you and I thank you so much for the offer but unfortunately I'd have to totally rearrange my schedule to do Coastermania now if I decided to go(change up my hotel reservations as well as when we were going to leave, we were going to leave that saturday). I'm still willing to hang out with you on a regular day when I'm at Cedar Point or King's Island if you're still interested. I'll be in Sandusky June 1st through the 3rd and heading to King's island the 3rd to the 5th, we are leaving the 6th to head back to Philly. Would be cool to hang out with some natives of the area and the parks why we are there(my boyfriend and I). Enjoy Coastermania! Also congrats to Big Mike for the milestone of his page on TPR now, that's pretty cool!
  13. Great Trip Report! If I may ask a question when did you go? That looked like a rather huge crowd for so early in the season but that may have been for all the downtime you experienced. I'm rather scared I may not get on everything now if the coaster downtime is that bad when I get there. I'll only be there about 2 and a half days and I hope to ride everything at least once and my favorites twice or more. I guess I should just prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best at this point. Also what are the address's for the Toft's outside the park so I can put them in my GPS and take a visit while I'm there, I love ice cream too! Again though great trip report, I worry for my poor boyfriend at this point in riding Maverick, I sure hope he survives(joking mostly but we plan on hitting it first and if it's that bad wow what a terrible first coaster but I won't know till I ride it of course) I should be fine but who knows.
  14. I'm actually only going to be there the beginning of the week and doing King's island during Coastermania(I don't belong to a coaster club of any kind to take advantage of coastermania so I won't be going to it). I'll be on my way to sandusky the 31st and heading to King's island the 3rd and going home on the 6th. I did this so I would be only doing the parks during the week and traveling on the weekend and getting home hopefully early enough I can have a day to relax from my vacation and be ready for work on monday morning the following week. If you are up for hanging out any of the days I'm there let me know and I'll look for you. As for the coasters I'm scared of I guess everything is worth one ride but after riding some coasters that people said 'weren't so bad' I found them horrible. I about thought I would die or have internal bruising from Great American Scream Machine at Great Adventure(you will never get me on that ride again). I also came off Wild Cat at hershey crying the thing shook so much and that doesn't have that bad of a reputation the coasters I mentioned do as much so you can imagine my fear. I swear GASM was only bad because I'm short, if I were taller and somewhat bigger I would have more padding from the lurching the thing does to you.
  15. After re-reading the response she actually said "you should not have a problem entering through any of the regular admittance gates at Cedar Point with a valid Platinum Pass". So again let's hope she's right. Either way I plan on trying to get to Cedar Point the evening I get to Sandusky hopefully if they work I might get on a coaster or 2 before the end of the evening who knows. Edit: Whoo hoo post 100!!!
  16. Revised before my Cedar Point/king's island trip in a week and it will obviously change after I'm sure: 1.El Toro 2. Griffon 3. Apollo's Chariot 4. Nitro 5. Talon 6. Possesed 7. Storm Runner 8. Lightning Racers(thunder side) 9. Alpengeist 10. Great Bear
  17. Yeah I tried watching it for the same thing and got annoyed at the screaming too. While the new effects are cool and all the one thing that kind of annoys me is that I may not get to ride *Medusa* again till probably september since I refuse to wait longer than 30 minutes for a revamped old ride. Unless I happen to get there before opening and push my way there but again why am I fighting to a ride a revamped ride? Plus the whole Kingda Ka being down doesn't sound like it will help the situation any, hope they get that running again soon I haven't even ridden it yet this season and I've been there about 4 times last month.
  18. Great Trip Report as always Big Mike! I'm extremely jealous of you and the other TPR members that got to go to this media day but it's all good! Looks like it was a blast! Can't wait to ride Bizzaro when I finally get back to Great Adventure hopefully sometime next month(probably not till father's day but we will see). I saw Mark Kane alot when I went a few times last month. He's a cool guy especially when he is around watching people enjoy the park. I don't think I've ever seen a park manager as much as I've seen him in any other parks I've visited(granted I wouldn't know them if I saw them ) Your doggy is so adorable by the way! Great Roadshow promoter you got there. I can't wait to go to Cedar Point and King's Island in about a week! One of the reasons I decided to go was because of your report last year, I'll actually bring my camera and try and do a report of my own but I doubt it will be as good as yours but I'll give it a shot! My coaster count is only about 38 now but by the time I get back it should be closer to 50! Anyway that brings me to a few questions I wanted to ask, how painful are Meanstreak, corkscrew, and Son of Beast for a person my size and are they really worth the credits? I'm scared to death of these coasters so please let me know! Other Big Mike readers are welcome to put in their two cents as well.
  19. I actually e-mailed Cedar Point and they e-mailed me back today and told me I shouldn't have a problem and that Platinum passes get you into all Cedar fair parks. Let's hope she is right.
  20. I would have loved to be at something like this but even if I was invited I would have had to take the day off of work and I'm going on vacation in about 2 weeks to Cedar Point so it's all good. Looks like it was fun though again I seemed to have missed a ride opportunity with Big Mike(though I wasn't invited to this in the first place so I didn't really miss anything). All joking aside the ride revamp looks great and I'm looking forward to riding most likely after my vacation since I don't know if I'll make it there before then. I have a question though how loud is the audio and what is the audio? Just curious because I've seen trip reports for this media day and SFNE and no one has revealed what the audio is, is it music or talking? Just curious. Also I love the color scheme by far! Purple and blue are my favorite colors! I also hope they keep these effects working, they are quite awesome!
  21. Those 2 days you mentioned are perfect days to go, I doubt there will be much of crowd unless there is a school trip but I think most trips are towards the end of the week so I think you should be fine there. My favorite places to sit on El Toro are either the front or the back. My most amazing ride on El Toro was in the front so I tend to push that lately, it's a bit of an extra 15 minute wait if it's busy but it's worth it. Nitro always the back! I've ridden towards the front and it's only a so-so ride there the back is the only way to ride Nitro for me. Don't forget to check out Skull Mountain which no ones seems to mention. It's a fun little indoor coaster and with alot of the down time in the early season I've grown to really love Skull Mountain it's worth atleast 3 rides and it hardly ever has a line.
  22. I completely agree, and I showed my displeasure to one of the park ops. I was rather upset and asked why I spent the money only to be inconvenienced. Yes it seems trivial, but my thought was that Cedar Fair has had 2 years to work these bugs out. I did get a walk back through the exit of MF for my trouble, so I missed 1.5 hour wait for it. That's pretty cool of them to give you an exit pass for MF. I guess that was there way of making up for the time it took you to get the new pass. Sounds like it's an opening day problem but I got my pass processed the 2nd day Dorney was open so not sure if I'll have problems or not. I'll just have to see if I have time the evening I get there to hit up the park before it closes just to make sure my pass and my boyfriend's pass works. (We didn't plan on hitting the park on the day we get there because we figured we wouldn't have time or would be to tired from the 7-8 hour drive there but I guess we will have to make the effort or get there even earlier the next morning.)
  23. I believe you may have to go to the guest services door at CP and KI. This does not take too long, although no one shows up there until 9am, which is the start of the morning ERT. I do not know who I ran into, but I did speak with someone at the front gate that was wearing a TPR WCB 2009 shirt. Well that rather sucks, why did I pay 160 dollars for a pass I have to change when I get there? It's a platinum pass and the fine print says it gets you into all Cedar Fair parks...sooo why would it not work at the gate? That's rather dumb.
  24. D'oh! I'll be heading up to Ohio to Cedar Point and King's island the weekend you are going to Dorney and Six Flags but WOW what a lot of parks to go to in such a short amount of time, I'm jealous. Mostly because at the moment not sure if I could afford such a trip but it sounds like fun! Have fun at Dorney with Big Mike! Though it's hard to not have fun with Big Mike around!
  25. This concerns me since I bought a platinum pass at Dorney and I plan on using it at Cedar Point and King's island in June and worry that when I get to the gate it will not work but the people at Dorney assured me it should work. Do you have to change the pass to that park(the park you are visiting) if it doesn't work? Just a little concerned since I don't want to be denied entry at the start of my vacation especially after paying such a high price for the passes to begin with.
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