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  1. I plan on wearing my black Bat shirt but problem with both me and my boyfriend, who will be with me, is we are short and blend in well with a crowd no matter what we are wearing. The shirt is a bit unique looking as I've never seen anything like it hence why I bought it. It's also very batman-esque but it's not a batman shirt. Hope that helps a little, I'm pretty good with faces though so I'm pretty sure I can find you hard part will be trying to get the courage to say hi, believe it or not I'm quite shy.
  2. Oh wow what a coincidence so will I!! I need to make myself a name tag so you know who I am or I will just have to find you. I plan on making it to opening and heading straight for El Toro since my last trip in July it was closed. Wow I'm even more excited to go tomorrow now, hope I can find you Big Mike. Edit: I'm stupid and thought the Coaster Palooza tour was an event, here it was a member, shows how well I pay attention sometimes, I got overly excited sorry*laughs at self*.
  3. My birthday unfortunately is 2009's Superbowl sunday, february 1st, not sure if it's good or bad yet(bad for a Disneyworld trip since the superbowl is in tampa, fl). I was actually thinking of doing Disneyland next year for my birthday and decided not to because I wanted to do Cedar point and King's Island next year along with a trip to Ireland so no Disneyland trip for my birthday but this news makes me want to change my mind. Now if they gave away free airfare and hotel stays I'd surely change my mind!(hell I'd even consider it if I got a small discount on both).
  4. 10 duckies. Count me into the next round. I will also go with 10. I've gone over it multiple times now and I say 10 duckies! Great trip report as always, Big Mike!
  5. Why do they have a single rider line at all if it's never opened? Also why would they close it in the first place, that just sounds bizarre to me because I've seen multiple reports from the last 2 weeks coming back with the same verdict that it's closed? I plan on going this coming monday and I'm hoping the forcasts for rain keep people away so I can get a few rides on it without having to wait an hour or more but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  6. My order goes: 1. El Toro 2. Nitro 3. Kingda Ka 4. Medusa 5. Batman the Ride 6. Skull Mountain 7. Superman Ultimate flight 8. The Dark Knight 9. Runaway Mine train 10. Rolling thunder 11. Great American Scream Machine I'm personally surprised that anyone could like Scream Machine but to each their own I guess. It beat me up so much I refuse to ever ride it again, same with Rolling thunder though I'm willing to try the other side of that someday. I still haven't ridden 'Black Bird's lost treasure train' so I can't really list that. I wanted to put Medusa before kingda ka but a
  7. I mean no offense by this (I'm just crazy for el toro) but I never thought I would see someone be upset by an extra ride on el toro. Kingda ka is maybe a close second best to the bull in my opinon. I guess for some people it's hard to choose between airtime goodness and launch goodness.
  8. I'd love to try and meet up with you Big Mike if you make it back to Six flags great adventure by the end of the season. Whenever you are there in September let me know since it looks like it's a stop for you sept19-21st. I want to go in sept. but not sure what weekend or what day so let me know what specific day you will be there so I can plan to go that day. Awesome trip report for knoebels, I need to make it there now somehow. I'd drive myself there but I'm scared to death of getting lost and I hear it's in the middle of nowhere, did you have any trouble getting there with your GPS? I
  9. Finally I can say I loved your ducky hiding spots! # 5 and #9 were genius! Personally I thought #10 was the best though that ducky almost gets lost there. This was such a great idea too, rubber duckies rock!
  10. Well I learned alot from this thread, did not know alot of the disney coasters were Vekomas. Well they seem to be improving themselves then but I absolutly loved Expedition everest and it's actually one of my favorite coasters so I guess I vote for that. Someone mentioned that one or all the Big thunder mountain rides are also Vekoma and I love them too.
  11. Having been on all those rides and having ridden them all this year for my first time being a new coaster nut I have to say yes they are scary at first but they are sooooo much fun! Kingda ka was a tough one for me but I've ridden it twice now and it's awesome! Both times though I had second thoughts on the launch track wanting to get off but I swear it's fun, just really intimidating looking. I actually rode griffon before that and I think that tends to be scarier since they hold you at the top of the first drop. Kingda ka's only waitng point is the launch but you aren't looking down
  12. I didn't want to start a whole new thread on this but I feel it should be brought up so I thought this was the best thread to put it under. I was at the park monday and el toro was down and a few other reports from tuesday and today show that el toro is still down. At the ride entrance I was told it was struck by lightning and others seem to have gotten the same news. Rather discouraging that my favorite coaster seems to be down and I heard somewhere else it might be out for the season and I'm hoping that rumor isn't true. Just wanted to know what others thoughts on this are since I'm rat
  13. Great pics as always Big Mike, so happy to see the single rider line for Faranheight, 25 rides on a crowded day like that is awesome! Can't wait to go in August!
  14. Wildcat was pretty rough when I rode it in june. Ive heard that its much better with the GCI trains so I don't really want to think about what it was like with the old trains. As for Great American Scream Machine, I didn't think it was bad at all. One bump right before the second loop, but apart from that it wasn't painfull at all. We rode in the front of the 6th car so it might be worse in other seats. I rode in the very front seat and I was still thrown around like a rag doll. As for wildcat I rode it last year in june which I believe was after the new trains were installed
  15. Can't wait to read your TR for Hershey and knoebel's. I'm going to Hershey August 25th just to ride faranheit and stormrunner(which I haven't ridden yet) Can't wait to see your pics and hear what you thought of faranheit. The ducky game sounds like fun, and the prize sounds awesome too. Wouldn't have expected anything less from Big Mike.
  16. Usually on this board I would say wildcat(at hershey) was the roughest but I think Great amercian scream machine at SFGAdv takes the cake on this one, I never knew one could get beat up literally by a coaster before, Ouch!
  17. Well you chose a great invert to start out with, Great bear was actually my first invert to and while I was scared to ride it(I was a huge wimp too before riding it) I absolutly loved it! I blame Great Bear for making me so obsessed with coasters now though, after riding that 6 times last year I've wanted to ride pretty much every coaster I can find. Just because it was my first it tends to be my favorite invert but I think they are all great. If you like Great Bear try to make it to Busch gardens europe and ride Alepngeist, and Universal in flordia has a really cool racing type invert co
  18. That looks about as dead as when I went there last year. Great trip report loved the captions to your photos. Also nice to know someone else liked the Jurassic park section besides me. I loved the little touches to that sectio of the park I wish they would do more with it. Liked the cool Raptor hatching thing I don't believe I saw that when I went last year, maybe they are making an effort to bring some life back into that section of the park. Always did love that sign for the pizza place with the dinos fighting over a piece of pizza, always cool to see the big t-rex coming out of the woo
  19. Glad to hear you got back home safely and I absolutly love your Disneyland paris pictures! Love that they have made Casey Jr. into a roller coaster, seems Disneyland paris has a decent selection of coasters. Crush's coaster looked interesting, did the shell spin? This trip looked like so much fun I was very jealous I wasn't there. Great TR as always Big Mike!!
  20. This will probably change with my upcoming hershey trip but this is it for now: 1. El Toro 2.Griffon 3.Apollo's Chariot 4.Nitro 5.Great Bear 6. Lighting racers 7.Alpengeist 8.Expedition Everest 9.Dueling Dragons(ice) 10.Dueling dragons(fire) Keep in mind I'm new to coasters.
  21. I've been visiting the jersey shore every year since I was a baby but not sure that counts. Theme parks wise I've been to my favorites just about equally but I think I've been to hershey the most. Walt disney world's magic kingdom I've been to the most I think if you count everytime I entered and left. I've visited the resort 4 times since I was 2 years old. Hershey I've gone almost 5 to 6 times now, I've made it every year in the last few years, I will be going again this year(life is too short and I want to go and I don't care the cost anymore). Six flags great adventure I've
  22. Not sure what everyone is so upset about it looks like they are just getting rid of the River rapids ride which in my opinon is not really that great of a rapids ride. As for the wooden coasters bordering the boardwalk area as annoying as the whole thing is I doubt greatly they will get rid of the coasters already there. Considering the way they advertise faranhieght as there 11th coaster I doubt they will change that just for a water park ride. Personally I love the addition since the water park takes alot of traffic away from the coasters. Lightning racers almost never has a line(atleas
  23. I must be a rare coaster chick that rates coasters on how much fun I had on them not on how many forces I felt. I loved all the coasters at BGE and my favorites were AC and griffon, it's hard to say which I liked more because I had about equal fun on both. Having ridden Nitro recently I have to say you get tons more airtime on Apollo than Nitro(or nitro goes so fast it's hard to notice), plus since nitro is faster the ride doesn't last as long. I have to agree though Nitro's helix gives it the edge to apollo. Since apollo's older and slower than nitro it's helix and turns aren't as forcefu
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