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  1. This is hard because both parks are excellent in their own way. I've been to hershey the most and it's certainly a favorite park of mine but I have to say Busch gardens europe has alot more to offer on all accounts. Great rides, great shows and a great atmosphere. I've only been to BGE once, just two months ago and I have to say I wish I could go there as often as I've been to hershey. This is not saying hershey isn't as great but there are alot of little things that BG does that hershey does not and that's why it gets the heads up for me and got my vote. It was really hard to choose thou
  2. Ah my home park six flags great adventure, just can't get enough of those pictures of el toro! First hyped coaster I rode that blew me away(almost literally). I've only gotten to ride it once so far but will be back as many times I can this season to ride it again.
  3. My BGE trip this year in may I believe I rode griffon about 10 or more times one day, 16 or more in total for the 3 day trip I was there. Same for Apollo's chariot, by the end of the weekend I stopped counting around 13 or so, so there's a good chance it was more than that. I'll usually only do this if I know I may not be back to a certain park and I like to have memories of certain rides. Griffon and Apollo will be in my mind for quite awhile.
  4. Congrats on coaster 600!! I doubt I will ever get to ride that many in my lifetime. I just made 20 a few weeks ago after sitting and counting, apparently Kingda ka was my 20th coaster! Coastermania at cedar point looked like so much fun, especially getting to ride with so many TPR members! Looked like so much fun I'm thinking of going for it next year, been thinking of going to CP for awhile now but I doubt I can this year. Plus it would be fun to ride coasters with people who don't look at you funny when you mention airtime. Can't wait for the coaster pics.!
  5. I haven't ridden many coasters but the one I was most disappointed in was The Hulk. I was looking forward to it my whole trip to Universal and it was a big let down. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Dueling dragons was a much cooler ride to me. I think wildcat at hershey is slightly overrated. It's to rough of a ride to enjoy for me.
  6. LOL! Did you take that pic just for me? I again feel special, I seem to have become a regular here and I'm a new member. Love the pics of Dorney! I haven't been to Dorney in years, my last trip was when they still had hercules and my first big coaster ride was steel force. That coaster made me scared of them for quite a long time. I made the mistake of going on it by myself, bad idea. If it weren't for my wonderful boyfriend who forced me on "SooperDooperlooper" at hershey and right after, great bear I've now become a coaster junky. I need to make it back to dorney and show ste
  7. LOL! I've had the world's worst week, this week, but that really made my day! Couldn't stop giggling! Guess it's safe to assume it was me being mentioned since I was the only one that even acknowledged it. The smallest things amuse me. Thanks!
  8. I've not been on enough, I love inverts! I voted for Great bear because I figured it wouldn't get very many, I believe it's very underrated, it was my first invert and because of that it tends to be my favorite. I also love Dueling dragons and Alpengeist. Still haven't ridden Batman the ride yet but will very very soon and I'm sure it will be great! Raptor at Cedar point tends to get high ratings from invert lovers, hopefully someday I'll get to ride it.
  9. Only ones I have are my Expedition everest shirt, and tower of terror shirt from disney. I also broke down and bought the "Defy the 5" shirt from Busch Gardens Europe earlier this month. I'm still new to coasters so I bought it as a little trophy for myself.
  10. Do my eyes deceive me or was I just mentioned in a Big mike roadshow caption? If so thanks, I feel all special*blushes*. If not what a strange coincidence, my name is angela-I'm from philly-and I made my first post here.
  11. Just a former lurker who finally joined TPR forums to say hi. Really enjoy all the pictures of your trips and the stories of your adventures for your coaster credits. I doubt I will ever be able to do something like this so it's fun to read your reports. Keep them coming!
  12. Being a huge fan of carousels I was rather surprised to hear few do the brass rings anymore or rings at all. It really turns the ride from just for little kids to being for everyone. I know on the boardwalk down at ocean city NJ(wonderland pier) they often will do this if they get a full carousel. I certainly remeber watching family members grabbing rings from the outside horses(I was a fan of the moving inside ones so I never particapated). They don't have a cool place to throw them back though, usually a ride op would have you throw them back into a basket, no brass ring for a free ride thou
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