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  1. Loved the latest report Big Mike, Wild Animal Park is definately on my list of places to visit now! The baby cheetah was so cute!
  2. I'm going the first week in June myself but opted out of staying on site due to the high prices and low quality(from reviews) of the on-site hotels. Please don't flame me for my decision here but I decided I don't mind driving a longer distance back to my hotel for a better quality hotel that is cheaper than the hotels Cedar point offers. I've never stayed at any of them because this is my first trip but I might try them if I enjoy my trip enough to come back. I bought the platinum pass from Dorney that's close to me to use at Cedar Point and King's island so I get free parking and early entry
  3. Great Photo TR can't wait to go to King's Island in 3 weeks now, great to hear they seem to have good operations except for Firehawk(though that may have something to do with the coaster it's self and not park operations). Seems you got on every ride in one day so I'm sure I shouldn't have a problem getting atleast one ride or more each in 3 days. I hope Cedar Point is somewhat similar in their operations though their crowd level tends to be much higher than King's island. (This will be my first trip to both parks for those interested)
  4. Atleast I feel good to be on 2 Big Mike lists; but I can't hold a candle to any of those women on that list. It was nice to go to Six Flags and have people from this site say 'you look familier' which in turn I get to say 'You probably saw me on the Big Mike Road Show Topic' which is rather cool in more ways than one.
  5. I saw you there saturday I was waiting behind you in line waiting for el toro.
  6. wow no nitro all weekend? Well I was going to go tomorrow but maybe I will come back later in the month and hope everything is working by then. Was great to see you again by the way Big Mike! You have great ways of making yourself known. I again was not able to ride a coaster with you but hopefully by the end of this coaster season I hope?
  7. I'll be there at opening with my new snazy 'Theme Park Review' shirt(and a jacket since it might be a bit chilly first thing in the morning) along with possibly my cameo pants which should make me easy to spot if I do wear them. Can't wait to see you again Big Mike! I would love to ride a coaster with you? I plan on running to El Toro first but I'm sure I'll want more than one ride and I'm also sure Ryan won't mind me riding with you, so are you up for a ride on El Toro! If not in the morning anytime during the day would be cool. Only one more day till Great Adventure and East Coast
  8. Great show as always Robb! I would have called in but I had no idea what to ask. I was mentioned though, still waiting for that colin picture.
  9. Only 6 more days after today I plan on running to El Toro myself as my first coaster of the 2009 season! Maybe we will see each other there, I plan on wearing my TPR shirt though it may be covered by a jacket depending on the weather. I'm so excited!!!
  10. Wow alot happened on the road show this week took me awhile to catch up. Seeing all the new friends people made at WCB made me feel sad for living on the other end of the country(but happy for everyone that went!). Glad to see you had fun in Las Vegas, I hope to get there one of these days(I say that about every place don't I). The coasters there look insane! I'm sooooooooooooo excited about opening day at Six Flags Great Adventure this coming Saturday only 6 more days after today! Hope you are able to make it I still am kicking myself for not getting to ride a coaster with you when
  11. By the fall this WILL change but for now: Top 5 steel: 1. Griffon(People can say what they want about this but it delivered even after ten rides I think that says something) 2. Apollo's Chariot(less intense than Nitro but it wins purely for scenery and that awesome flying turn you really feel like your flying on this ride and that last drop is better than any of the drops on Nitro) 3. Nitro(Intense ride filled with airtime) 5. Storm Runner Top 5 Wood(I haven't been on many but this will change by the end of the fall) 1. El Toro(nuff said) 2. Lightening racers 3. Comet
  12. As everyone else has said the shirt is awesome!! I also love the new duckies! Hope to see you on your new road show this year, I may just be missing you at Kings island but I'm sure we will meet up at Great Adventure, I plan on going opening day and possibly that sunday as well.
  13. I'm a little late probably but those are absolutely AMAZING pictures!! Thanks for taking them and sharing them with us, makes me so much more excited to be visiting Cedar Point in June! Millennium Force and Dragster look intimidating in those pictures.
  14. I'm like that with b&ms as well while intamin coasters are way more thrilling than most b&ms I've been on(I haven't been on many yet so I'm really assuming here) I could ride Nitro nonstop for a good long time and not get bored and it also is such a smooth ride that my body can handle several rides on Nitro or Griffon(which I've ridden several times in a row) without a problem. While El toro is my favorite coaster I don't think I could do several rides in a row like I did with the B&M coasters I've been on. Diamondback looks like it will be just like Nitro if not better and wh
  15. Wow awesome photos, I so can't wait to ride this in June when I get to King's Island!
  16. Are you selecting attach signature below where you type your post? Ah I see, forgot that was unchecked thanks for the help!
  17. Love the reports as always, and the new banner! Can't wait for the coaster season on the east to start! So glad I waited till this year to go back to Dorney sounds like a great year for them! I hope I'm able to get into the 'Riding of the bulls' at Great adventure that sounds like fun! I hope it's open to season passholders. Also that last report you have up, I have to say that is one cool looking kiddie coaster(I'm being serious too plus it's not a dragon or a worm it's a cat! What can I say I have a thing for cats.) Edit: I've tried several times putting the banner in my si
  18. Great update as always Big Mike! Loved the pictures of the coasters at knotts as well as what they had to offer for their Haunt.
  19. Since I'm rather a newbie coaster rider I have quite a long list but here is an abbreviated one: Most of the coasters at Cedar Point though oddly I think I'm more looking forward to Raptor as opposed to Maverick or MF which everyone seems to rave about. I have an affection for b&m suspended coasters since it was because of one I started to really like coasters(Great Bear at Hershey) -Nemesis at Alton Towers -T-Express, Balder and anything that resembles El toro -Phoenix at Kneobels -Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland -Diamond Back at King's island -Voyage at Holiday World -Tatsu
  20. I got Coasters in the RAW vol 1&2 and Coaster Expedition vol 11 for my birthday along with a t-shirt! Best birthday gift ever!! I took today off and spent most of it watching them, the only one I didn't watch yet was RAW vol 2 but I'm sure it will be awesome. I love that you get multiple shots of the coasters off ride as well as the pov for the raw dvds. CE vol 11 was awesome, and makes me rather upset I passed on the west coast bash this year mainly because I wanted to try and make it to ireland and I couldn't afford to do both. I mainly picked this CE dvd first because I want to vi
  21. I friended you! My profile picture is of my sweet pussy............. .......Mattie! (sorry couldn't help myself! It's a picture of my pet cat for those still drooling.)
  22. Happy belated birthday big mike! I haven't been around in forever because life got crazy and the internet had to take a back seat for awhile. When spring hits I'm sure to be by a bit more. Nice to come back and see a bunch more reports from you, sure makes the winter not so depressing.
  23. I'm so glad you got two really good pictures of me which is really hard. I was so worried the pictures would look awful because I swear the camera doesn't like me but they are actually great pictures. Great report from new york and it was awesome meeting you at Six flags, hopefully we will get to hang out again sometime in the future.
  24. Batman: The Ride at Six flags great adventure this past Sunday.
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