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  1. SDL was my first upside down coaster and I loved it and didn't think it was rough at all. It sure was a nicer ride than wildcat was. A good way to prevent that whiplash is to keep your head stapled to your seat. It's certainly not easy but it makes the ride alot nicer. I rode it 3 times that trip and always had a fun ride. Though the last ride seemed a bit rough to me but nothing compared to whatt you described(this was last year btw). It's getting up there in age so maybe it got rougher this year.
  2. Nice pictures. May I ask what day you went to GrAdv?
  3. Great trip report! One of the best for this park I've seen. Sure hope I can make it to this park someday.
  4. Pretty much how I feel at all the comments of 'it didn't live up to the hype of the six flags commercials'. Honestly I didn't see any of the ads say come ride our new thrilling machine the dark night. They just say "Come ride the new dark coaster!" which is pretty much what it is. I rather liked it and think it's worth at least a 20 minute wait but not beyond that. It's certainly fun and if the lines weren't so long I would ride it more than once a trip. I do wish they dimmed the lights a bit more and added some more effects but it's still a cool dark wild mouse. P.S. I've ridden the
  5. I was shaking quite a bit before and quite a long time after riding Griffon the first time. Like I've said on countless posts so far I'm a coaster newbie so to speak so this was a bit extreme for me. The whole 3 second hang really did me in and seriously that first ride was a near death experience. After riding a second time the next day though I couldn't get enough and I ended up riding it almost 16 times by the end of the 3 days I was there.
  6. Looks like one of them is a camera. It surprises me no one working at the park retrieves these and tries to sell them.
  7. I wrote my story in another thread but my first BIG coaster scared me to the point I wouldn't ride them(steel force). If it weren't for my boyfriend forcing me on SooperDooperLooper and Great Bear at Hershey I'd still be a wimp. I never did make it on Storm Runner though but I did ride Great Bear 6 times before leaving the park.
  8. Awesome coverage of Europe so far Big mike, loving it! EFTELING looks quite awesome, certainly a place I want to try and get to someday. Love the little touches of detail they seem to have there, certainly stands out to me on that front compared to the other parks you have visited so far. Walibi world looks like fun too.
  9. 1. Splash mountain(WDW) 2. Tower of Terror(DS) 3. Pirates of the Carribean(WDW)
  10. I live in philadelphia, pa so I'm centrally located to 3 big parks and quite a few small ones. My 'home' park this year is Six flags great adventure since it is the closets and easiest to get to. This is actually my first year as a season passholder. I'm also about equal distance away from dorney park but I haven't been there in almost 8 years I think. About a 3 hour drive from hershey park that I try to visit every year, thanks to big oil though I may not make it this year.
  11. Considering I wasn't into coasters until recently dark rides were pretty much all I rode. My favorites all happen to be Disney rides, like alot of others have said here, they seem to be king in the dark ride department. Only dark ride outside of Disney I enjoyed was Spiderman at Universal along with a few others there(spiderman stands out the most). I love Splash mountain, Tower of Terror, pirates of the carribean(way before it was a movie), Haunted mansion, Soarin, and well pretty much anything disney as to offer on that front. Now that I love coasters I've been riding them more often bu
  12. Great photos as always Big Mike! How many of those wacky worm coasters have you been on so far, I think I've seen about a dozen throughout your TRs so far. Funny how they have them over-seas too. Also random comment, kidtums is adorable!
  13. Yeah clementon was always rather a dump really. I use to go there with my grade school every spring but I never really liked it much, it was fun and we were able to barbecue. Never really liked barbecuing there though because I remember the bees and flies were always bad. I remember they never had a coaster till some of the later trips I think and it was noisy as anything. I was never into coasters then so I never rode the thing, but I never heard anyone say it was good so I doubt I'm missing much.
  14. Love the hotel window picture, shiekra looks a lot like Griffon from far away. I love dive machines! II hope to make it to BGA just so I can compare Shierka to Griffon which is one of my favorite coasters. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and the TR.
  15. Just thought I would comment and mention that I love those pictures of Raptor, for a long time I kept wondering what the "helix" on Raptor was and I couldn't think "A helix on an invert, no!" Well thanks to your picture I now know that there is one and wow does that look fun! One of the other pictures of Raptor looks like it's moving when you scroll down which I thought was cool. Nice Photo Trip Report! I really hope I can make it to Cedar point one of these days. Everyone says it's overated but I want to know for myself, hopefully next year.
  16. I've only ridden about 20 coasters so don't take my word as fact because alot of people tend to like it but the worst coaster I've ridden was wildcat at hershey park. Was a bad coaster to start our trip off with last year and after riding it I was scared to try comet, thankfully wildcat seems to be the roughest wooden coaster I've been on. I seriously came off wildcat crying, I did not enjoy that ride. I'm tempted to try it again but it just wasn't fun.
  17. This is probably one of the best trip reports I've seen for Cedar point yet and makes me want to visit the park that much more. Unfortunately money is to tight to try and make it there this year for me but I'm making an effort next year. I love to hear things like this, it's nice to know parks actually care about the people that visit them. I'm even more shocked that they opened 2 coasters longer for you instead of just one that's great! Again great TR!
  18. Tower of Terror at Disney studios in Flordia is by far my favorite flat. Especially the new version(well new to me when I rode it last year)with the random drops, it's just to awesome for words really. As for classic flats I'm a huge fan of carousels and have problems leaving parks without riding one at least once. (Although I'm not a fan of the carousal at Great adventure, I actually find it to grotesque looking to ride. Hershey's carousel, disney world magic kingdom and the one at wonderland pier in ocean city are my favorites to name a few)
  19. This is rather sad post but those are some nice pictures. I've never been to this park but knowing I won't have the opportunity to is rather depressing. Some of the best theming and building elements I've seen for a park of this size. Was it really doing that bad that they had to close it, or was it just to expensive to keep open? I'm going to assume though it was just closed without an explanation since I've heard of this park closing but have yet to hear a reason for it. After seeing pictures of it in it's demolition stages it looks rather nice to me.
  20. One thing about el toro that really made it my favorite and blew me away was not only the drops but the fast turns. I've not ridden many coasters but those turns were amazing and along with a lot of surprise drops I wasn't expecting it was just overall exciting and fun in every way possible. There is so much more that this coaster offers besides airtime, which it seems to do the best as well. While kingda ka was tall and fast I certainly got what I was expecting which when it comes to thrill rides tends to be a bit disappointing. I'm hoping re-rides will change my mind on it though but I r
  21. Have fun in Europe! Wish I were going I haven't been to Europe in 7 years and I know I haven't been to any of the parks up there.
  22. I always liked Wonderland pier on the Ocean city boardwalk mostly because I use to go there every year with my family since before I could walk. The carousel they have there is still my favorite. I would never want to leave to go home without riding it atleast once. I'm still like that now everytime I make a trip to the shore.
  23. Since I'm a new member I'll list them for both years since my one for 2008 is quite small: 2007 Hershey Park WDW Magic kingdom WDW Animal kingdom WDW Epcot WDW MGM studios Universal IOA Universal studios flordia 2008 Busch Gardens Europe Six flags great adventure
  24. Great trip report, loved the pictures and knowing there is a single rider line for farenheight. Just knowing that I think I might actually try and make it there this year. Plus with the above post about gas prices keeping the crowds down I so want to go this year.
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