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  1. Based on the intimate interior of the train cars (traditional separated compartments next to a narrow hallway)... I wonder how long it will take to load/unload the train at each end?
  2. ^Agreed. Maybe they're hoping that once you reach the top, you won't mind how terrifying the method down is.... as long as it doesn't involve going back down the steps.
  3. We saw that revival, as well..... it was fantastic! We still have a photo hanging in our office of us in front of the inflatable giant's leg hanging off the top of the theatre. An acquaintance of ours was the wardrobe mistress on that show and we met several cast members by default when she would just burst into their dressing rooms to show off their costumes.
  4. Into The Woods started rehearsals last week. All accounts point to doing the whole show with few cuts. With so many fairy-tale reboots going dark lately (Snow White and The Huntsmen, Maleficent, etc.) I don't think it will be a shock to moviegoers.
  5. Whenever the ship photographers took a photo of us, they always ask if we want one taken with our personal camera. We have had many random crew members politely offer to take a photo with our camera if they see one of us holding it out at arms length to try and get it ourselves. Regarding servers, on our last DCL cruise I had a drink server in the theatre offer me a comp drink because she felt bad for reaching over me twice to hand drinks to guests down the row. All crew have been nothing but attentive and polite on all of our cruises.
  6. We usually take an insulated travel mug with us on DCL and fill up whenever we walk by the drink stations. Also, I do find that the wandering servers on DCL are not as pushy as other lines when it comes to upcharge drinks.
  7. Sounds a little like they're doing some live video mixed with reflection, ala the new hitchhiking ghosts in WDW Haunted Mansion? Which could be interesting in a group setting, rather than 1-3 person cars where you know the limits of a guests position.
  8. I was expecting several work-related packages today, none of which appeared...... but what did appear unexpectedly??? A bunch o' crap.... a bag full, in fact. All the international park maps will give me something interesting to read at work later And the luggage handle wrap will get used for travel next week. Who doesn't like getting random packages in the mail unexpectedly? Other than government buildings, of course....
  9. ^Yeah...... Even when I am working during operating hours, the last thing I want to do after a 16 hour day is ride something that makes me feel like I was in a car wreck
  10. DJeXel: sorry, but I couldn't tell you as I haven't been on TimberWolf in several years....
  11. ^ We got 10" at our house last week. Predicting 5 more this coming week. The most dangerous part of walking around the park in winter off season isn't the cold, but the ice. You never realize how many steep inclines and declines there are until they're very slippery.
  12. I had a meeting at WOF today and decided to take a [frigidly brisk] walk around afterwards. I thought maybe some of you might enjoy seeing an off-season view of a seasonal park. It's mostly deserted: I didn't see another living soul on my whole walk. Parks are actually quite relaxing during these times. Anyways, these are pretty self-explanatory... a deserted park in the snow. Also, these were taken with my phone, so the quality is what it is.... Mamba trains More Mamba trains Patriot cars Octopus Octopus cars Boomerang in the background Zulu in foreground. Prowler in the background. Bamboozler Cedar Fair Park? Why yes, yes it is. Ripcord and Patriot Flying Dutchman and Mamba Detonator And last, but not least..... where my truck got stuck halfway through the park.
  13. I like #4, though.... the shadow distance behind the tagline makes it difficult (for me) to read. It reads as blurry to me unless I get really close to the screen. I think the shadow is a good idea, but my opinion would be to close the distance between it and the yellow text by just a little.
  14. Cat..... hands down. And how is it that the cat video is less cheesy to me than the actual preshow video?
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