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  1. Based on the intimate interior of the train cars (traditional separated compartments next to a narrow hallway)... I wonder how long it will take to load/unload the train at each end?
  2. ^Agreed. Maybe they're hoping that once you reach the top, you won't mind how terrifying the method down is.... as long as it doesn't involve going back down the steps.
  3. We saw that revival, as well..... it was fantastic! We still have a photo hanging in our office of us in front of the inflatable giant's leg hanging off the top of the theatre. An acquaintance of ours was the wardrobe mistress on that show and we met several cast members by default when she would just burst into their dressing rooms to show off their costumes.
  4. Into The Woods started rehearsals last week. All accounts point to doing the whole show with few cuts. With so many fairy-tale reboots going dark lately (Snow White and The Huntsmen, Maleficent, etc.) I don't think it will be a shock to moviegoers.
  5. Whenever the ship photographers took a photo of us, they always ask if we want one taken with our personal camera. We have had many random crew members politely offer to take a photo with our camera if they see one of us holding it out at arms length to try and get it ourselves. Regarding servers, on our last DCL cruise I had a drink server in the theatre offer me a comp drink because she felt bad for reaching over me twice to hand drinks to guests down the row. All crew have been nothing but attentive and polite on all of our cruises.
  6. We usually take an insulated travel mug with us on DCL and fill up whenever we walk by the drink stations. Also, I do find that the wandering servers on DCL are not as pushy as other lines when it comes to upcharge drinks.
  7. Sounds a little like they're doing some live video mixed with reflection, ala the new hitchhiking ghosts in WDW Haunted Mansion? Which could be interesting in a group setting, rather than 1-3 person cars where you know the limits of a guests position.
  8. I was expecting several work-related packages today, none of which appeared...... but what did appear unexpectedly??? A bunch o' crap.... a bag full, in fact. All the international park maps will give me something interesting to read at work later And the luggage handle wrap will get used for travel next week. Who doesn't like getting random packages in the mail unexpectedly? Other than government buildings, of course....
  9. ^Yeah...... Even when I am working during operating hours, the last thing I want to do after a 16 hour day is ride something that makes me feel like I was in a car wreck
  10. DJeXel: sorry, but I couldn't tell you as I haven't been on TimberWolf in several years....
  11. ^ We got 10" at our house last week. Predicting 5 more this coming week. The most dangerous part of walking around the park in winter off season isn't the cold, but the ice. You never realize how many steep inclines and declines there are until they're very slippery.
  12. I had a meeting at WOF today and decided to take a [frigidly brisk] walk around afterwards. I thought maybe some of you might enjoy seeing an off-season view of a seasonal park. It's mostly deserted: I didn't see another living soul on my whole walk. Parks are actually quite relaxing during these times. Anyways, these are pretty self-explanatory... a deserted park in the snow. Also, these were taken with my phone, so the quality is what it is.... Mamba trains More Mamba trains Patriot cars Octopus Octopus cars Boomerang in the background Zulu in foreground. Prowler in the background. Bamboozler Cedar Fair Park? Why yes, yes it is. Ripcord and Patriot Flying Dutchman and Mamba Detonator And last, but not least..... where my truck got stuck halfway through the park.
  13. I like #4, though.... the shadow distance behind the tagline makes it difficult (for me) to read. It reads as blurry to me unless I get really close to the screen. I think the shadow is a good idea, but my opinion would be to close the distance between it and the yellow text by just a little.
  14. Cat..... hands down. And how is it that the cat video is less cheesy to me than the actual preshow video?
  15. The ROCK BAND LIVE tour that Cedar Fair booked into all of its parks this summer. CF spent millions bankrolling a show that was intended to draw a big new audience to the parks, but instead, only a very small demographic showed up to see a show that was absolutely terrible in every way. In the end, the project went way over budget and the guest feedback was negative at best. A very credible source informed me that CF corporate considered it to be a failure of a show and a giant waste of money. I tend to agree.
  16. That would be ASLinterpreter and his wife that you saw exiting the park. I ran into them just before they were heading out.
  17. ASL: Good to meet you too. There's not too many of us here in KC I'll put a few pics up... I was mainly taking pics of something else that I can't disclose and can't put up on this board (get your minds out of the gutter). I'll be in Orlando tomorrow through the 11th, but when I get back I'll have something else to put up that's more related to the construction history of this coaster. These were the swag bottles the VIPs got. All in all, a nice event and a great new ride! Highly recommended if you get the chance. Rebekah decides to grab some more VIP drinks before we head out. Everyone seems to be mellowing now that the sun is setting. There's never a phone around when you need one. Not much going on in here, since the camera wasn't working today... therefore no photos to buy. Photo/Souvenir building Entering Prowler Plaza Making our way to the wrong side of the tracks. Who's a pretty sign? That's right... you are. Head On! Apply Directly To The Forehead! Don't point at it.... it's not polite. Management anxiously awaits food to be served. Open 'er up and it lunges pop up book style! Well, not really.... but that would have been really cool. Media invitation to the event
  18. The wife and I went to the Media VIP Preview this afternoon..... it was a great ride! Great surroundings around a great layout and a very smooth but exciting ride. Lots of quick turns that were very surprising, even on the 3rd experience. I found myself getting confused a couple times as to which direction we were going and where in the general footprint of the ride we were. It was nicely disorienting. It was faster than I was expecting, given the overall height and momentum build up. The weather was pretty gloomy and rainy earlier in the day, but by the event time the sun came out and it warmed up a little. I snapped a few pictures of the event, nothing too exciting... but I'll endeavor to get them on here tonight.
  19. The show is not open to the public. Your company/attraction needs to be an active purchaser of industry related goods. You have to provide a copy of your business license or resale tax certificate, as well as one of the following: * A copy of a Yellow Pages listing for your business * An ad featuring your business from a trade publication * A copy of the lease agreement for your retail business * An imprinted business check or credit card * Invoices totaling more than $200 from your suppliers * A company catalog * A flyer or other promotional piece for your business * An invitation letter from a current exhibitor I don't know offhand how much a buyer's pass is, as it's always paid for by my employers. I think a 10'x10' exhibitor booth is around $1,200. There are now two shows every year: one in Vegas and one in St. Louis. This year, they were both in March. Next year, the St. Louis show will be in February. I don't know offhand when the 2010 Vegas show will be.
  20. The show is not nearly as big as it used to be. It used to be combined with the costume/lingerie show as well as the party/events show. Then last year they broke them all up into seperate shows in seperate cities. If you ever start up your own haunt, this is pretty much the only way to get orders in with all the big suppliers.
  21. I've been really busy and apologize for not getting these up sooner. These are from the Transword National Haunt and Attractions Show that took place March 27-29 in St. Louis at the America's Center. Almost every theme park that has a special Halloween season or attraction attends this show to make orders and it's easy to see what the trends will be for the coming season at a park near you. Note to self: don't forget badge. As we were leaving, security was swooping in on someone who snuck in without a badge. Blacklight bubbles were very popular this year. Brent is suppressing his need to dance, even in the presence of so much blacklight. Headless Horseman that bucks and gallops in place. Is it just me, or does it look like the black hole is about to make Brent lose his lunch? "Didn't I see you in Stormship Troopers or something like that?" These were really cool.... LED cones for cotton candy that strobe in different patterns. AAAHHH!!! Let's go look at this neat looking harpsichord... "I'm a big fan.... can I get a picture?" Into the 'Dark Zone' section of the show. Who let this guy out? Just your everyday food court area. This was very popular this year.... an electric wheelchair inside drives this around once the 'hood' is down. AAAAHHH!!! I think I'll go over and see what this does... Get in my belly! it catapults him off and towards guests. This guy sits on his pedestal making mechanical motions until.... AAAAHHH!!! Something seems very wrong with this delivery..... That explains the mood swings... Frankenstein's monster was just constipated. Lifesize 'Operation' Makeup demos being done all day long. More vacuform set pieces. More vacuform set pieces. Vacu-form panels were all the rage this year. You see the strangest photos being taken at this show... This little guy was just creepy... he'd follow you around and keep trying to stab you in the leg. This guy was really loud! I felt sorry for the exhibitors in the booth next to him. I couldn't pass the Amazon girl and not get a picture. When activated, she starts to thrash around and bubbles come out of the throat. In the right setting, this would be very disconcerting to walk by. This was probably the most disturbing haunted house prop I've seen in several years.... Brent and I getting lost in a circus tent maze. There are so many things wrong with this.... Doc was demonstrating his sideshow blockhead act. I ran into a performer friend... Doc Swann. And yes, that's an ice pick up his nose. His operator can be a couple hundred feet away. This guy was very popular with buyers.... he's remote controlled and has all sorts of onboard effects. Puttin up 'The Fonz' with Swamp Thing. Very popular barbershop quartet.... I think they've found a way to get a-head in show business. Brent was getting to know himself... [insert Rockwell impression here] "I always feel like... somebody's watching me" If only they had some wall tchotchkes to order... They've really ramped up security at the door this year. My travel partner, Brent, and I make our way into the America's Center from the hotel.
  22. I was doing some contract work at the park and took these about two weeks ago and I'm just now getting to posting them .....I've been really busy since then!. I'll update with more from the opening this coming Friday, as well.
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