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  1. Even though I've only been an infrequent contributor to the site, and mostly just lurking and laughing at the videos this one really feels like watching family. Loved it. Want the exact same thing....one day!
  2. Love the Erasure, the editing, the whole darn thing! Keep 'em coming! Woot!
  3. So they're building a Nascar themed coaster in the Congo section of the park why?
  4. Growing up BGW was my base park. Many fond memories! This was, perhaps, the best trip report I've read here on TPR. Awesome awesome job! Keep it up!
  5. Wow! Always wanted to see what the park was like. Thanks for the report.
  6. That looks insane and there's not enough money in the world to make me ride that beast!
  7. I boycotted SFOG this year and have no plans to go back after the last-and final-trip for me. I get that people will go to SF in a tight economy and postpone the more expensive trips to Disney. But for me it just isn't worth it. Glad they're heading back into the black but they still have a long way to go to get me back as a customer.
  8. Actually, many years ago I saw the cars you're talking about. They were literally on the side of a warehouse on a street in an area that was sketchy at best. There used to be a nightclub in the area called The Cue Club and the old Rocket cars were down the street from it. ODU was nearby/ I haven't been to Norfolk in prob ten years, so I have no idea if they're still there, or what the area is like these days!
  9. This is all terribly exciting! Need to see the inside...need to see the inside...
  10. Was sorely disappoined in DCA and for some reason none of this excites me. I know some folks are thinking the Little Mermaid ride is going to be a big 'ol MEH, but Jim Hill is saying it's going to be major, much like the virtual ride extra on the Little Mermaid DVD from a while back. Above the water....below the water and the like. Other than that....not sure what they're doing is enough to get me to go back
  11. I'm just underwhelmed by this. There's a disconnect between the future depicted in the films where everything is shiny metal, versus a big ol rickety wooden coaster. Desperate tie-in.
  12. Awesome TR! Where's the video? Kidtums gets cuter every day!
  13. Guys, I've been fascinated with the Matterhorn as long as I can remember and this thread is simply amazing. I normally don't like to see the behind the scenes stuff, but this really gets me excited! Any chance we can get some deets on the water features? Or a snap or two of Tink's door or the view?
  14. Awww, I miss my old parks. KD looks like it's been cleaned up a bit.
  15. DCA is kinda lame, and this new ride leaves me underwhelmed. The experience doesn't look immersive! The edges of the screens are a distraction, and there was a time when Disney attractions told a story. This is just a high tech shoot 'em up! ... a hyped up version of the very games that have plagued DCA's boardwalk since it's inception. I thought Walt didn't like the whole games in an arcade concept. It's cheap and tawdry. Eh. Whatever.
  16. I like all of them, but Kevin's is so cool! I love love love the dreamy slow motion, a nice change of pace from the hyperactive euro pop some folks use (which is much better than the migraine inducing heavy metal which makes me want to turn the sound off.) I agree that a narrative is what makes a short video interesting. There should be a beginning, a middle and an end, and so many videos are just very pretty montages that don't add up to anything. I think a lot of the reason I find Rob's videos so amusing is that they contain something of a plot. Within a few seconds the viewer "gets" where the action is taking place, who's gonna take it in the nads, and who is going to scarf down the funnel cake. He sets it all up and then captures the ensuing hijinks-it's funny when the gag pays off. God knows I couldn't do any of this-so great job everyone!
  17. WOW! Great post! I love these old coasters! Can we go back to Ocean View for a sec? I got into the discussion late and I need to share! I grew up in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area and Ocean View was just about the only amusement park before BG and KD opened. I can vividly remember going to Ocean View and riding a scary water dark ride, and a small diesel train (if I close my eyes I can even remember the smell of the fuel, and the oil from the tracks!). The coaster lined the street and I remember being enthralled as the cars roared up and down the boulevard. To be quite honest, for us Virginia Beach folks going to Ocean View Park was like taking a trip to the ghetto. I rode that coaster as a teenager and I can tell you it was terrifying! The whole thing was a shaky nightmare. Interesting stuff: + My mother rode it on her first date with my father and would never go near it again. + One of my mother's students is in Rollercoaster-an extra who is milling around in the background when Timothy Bottoms puts his cotton candy in the clown trash can. He missed a few days of classes (which my mother, of course, disapproved of). He complained about the filming process which required everyone dress for summer-even through production was in the dead of winter! He said it was torture to be in shorts in the middle of winter on the beach! + It was also called The Southern Belle before the production crew for Rollercoaster renamed it The Rocket (which stuck). + The park was also featured in a Playboy TV movie production called The Death of Ocean View Park! Local folks were scandalized when many of Heff's Playboy bunnies invaded Norfolk during filming! + It took three attempts to blow it up for the climactic scene in the tv movie. The first two explosions blew out windows in the shopping center across the street but the super structure didn't budge! Finally they had to pull it down with a tractor while faux explosions were lit all around to give the illusion it was collapsing. + These days there is a city park/parking lot where it used to stand, and it's a notorious gay cruising area where men have sex with each other in the sand dunes! I'm just sayin.....
  18. Ok, this new addition to Dollywood looks awesome! Here's hoping they can keep it looking as fresh and fun five years from now when all those amazing details start to fade in the hot TN sun! Can't wait to ride it!
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