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  1. Even though I've only been an infrequent contributor to the site, and mostly just lurking and laughing at the videos this one really feels like watching family. Loved it. Want the exact same thing....one day!
  2. Love the Erasure, the editing, the whole darn thing! Keep 'em coming! Woot!
  3. So they're building a Nascar themed coaster in the Congo section of the park why?
  4. Growing up BGW was my base park. Many fond memories! This was, perhaps, the best trip report I've read here on TPR. Awesome awesome job! Keep it up!
  5. Wow! Always wanted to see what the park was like. Thanks for the report.
  6. That looks insane and there's not enough money in the world to make me ride that beast!
  7. I boycotted SFOG this year and have no plans to go back after the last-and final-trip for me. I get that people will go to SF in a tight economy and postpone the more expensive trips to Disney. But for me it just isn't worth it. Glad they're heading back into the black but they still have a long way to go to get me back as a customer.
  8. Actually, many years ago I saw the cars you're talking about. They were literally on the side of a warehouse on a street in an area that was sketchy at best. There used to be a nightclub in the area called The Cue Club and the old Rocket cars were down the street from it. ODU was nearby/ I haven't been to Norfolk in prob ten years, so I have no idea if they're still there, or what the area is like these days!
  9. This is all terribly exciting! Need to see the inside...need to see the inside...
  10. Was sorely disappoined in DCA and for some reason none of this excites me. I know some folks are thinking the Little Mermaid ride is going to be a big 'ol MEH, but Jim Hill is saying it's going to be major, much like the virtual ride extra on the Little Mermaid DVD from a while back. Above the water....below the water and the like. Other than that....not sure what they're doing is enough to get me to go back
  11. I'm just underwhelmed by this. There's a disconnect between the future depicted in the films where everything is shiny metal, versus a big ol rickety wooden coaster. Desperate tie-in.
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