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Cruising with Theme Park Review 2008!

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And now! The final installment of "Cruising with Theme Park Review 2008!"


Since we are one of these “Biggest Cruise Ships in the World” that has a Flow Rider, we decided to treat ourselves to a little bit of TPR ERT! Everyone ready?


How about a little bit of Flow Rider video?


Be sure to watch the most epic wipeouts ever! (Elissa’s mom has a good one!)


Elissa’s got the launch and ride down so far.


Joey is holding on for dear life!


Look Big Mike! It’s Elissa’s mom!!!


Surf fatty!!! Surf!!!


“I think I see a nickel!”


The Flow Rider brings out the best in Kristyn!


Who invited General Zod on our trip???


Kneel to Zod!


“The only thing between me and death is this tiny yellow board…”


Hey Big Mike!




The next day we found ourselves in Cozumel, Mexico. As you can see, it’s a very family friendly!


Cozumel is where we chose to get dressed up in Special Olympics head gear and cruise around Mexico in dune buggies…


Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea!


Here we are in the jungle full of Mexican dirt!


“I really could have used a pair of goggles…”


“Um, there are boobs in the road?”


These were the terrible people in front of us that kept crashing into stuff.


Oh, good…it’s a beach.




“Hey Dave! Aren’t you going to go get Ice Bat?”


“I hate you guys so much!”


It’s ok, Dave, to make up for it we got you a Mexican massage!


“Hey, are those hands Kosher?”


We also had the most awesome 6,000 chicken fajitas ever!


Yes because you don’t want Mexico to be a huge stinky mess!


Shopping in Cozumel – You can cure a lot of headaches!


These were right next to the kids toys!


The T-Shirts in Cozumel are always the best!


Some of them are pretty stupid…


Some of them are absolutely true…


And every once in a while there is an OMFG hilarious one!


Apparently this is what Mexicans in Cozumel look like (the scary dude, not the jew!)


This can certainly apply to a few US parks!


Yup, that’s our ship! Our time in Mexico is over.


Dave loves to eat Falafel.


Even the dessert looks sexy!


The carpet monster is riding the towel monster!


If it weren’t for the elevators, I would never know what day it was.


The ship was all decked out for the Pirates parade and festival.


Kristen does her Chris impression…. “ICE…COLD!”


Here were are with the most awesome head chef in the world! Don’t I look so much thinner standing next to him?


Mini Golf on the cruise ship…CHECK!


That’s right bitches! We ordered *SIX* entrees for dinner!


“And I have 4 desserts…bitches!”


After dinner we had a game of “Dirty Word Scrabble” – not as dirty as in previous years, but still pretty funny!


BAR CREDIT!!!! (Not for you Kristen!!!)


It was time to use our “free pull” coupon…nothing for Jewy. =(


“I’ll take that for $100 please!”


As we sail off into the wide blue yonder… this year’s cruise comes to an end…


…Next Stop… BOOMERS!!!


“Hello, I’m here to get my Dania Beach Hurricane credit…”




How about a POV Video? Check it out here:



More coaster porn.


“Safety First…accidents a close second!”


Later guys!


And now our long drive down Alligator Alley to Elissa’s parents house…

(Is it just me or does that look like The Simpsons sky???”


Hope everyone has enjoyed this year’s Cruising with Theme Park Review updates!



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Thanks Robb!!!



Elissa's Mom is the best looking female in the world!



I took that Alligator Alley from Dania Beach 2 years ago, saddens me that I was so close to Elissa's Moms and didn't even know it!



Glad everyone had so much fun!



Peace, Big Mike

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The Dania Beach Hurricane is always a fun thing to do when you have some free time. Especially since there's never, ever a line, lol.


I rode it just yesterday.


Glad you guys had a lot of fun, and you should've definetly hit up Santa's Enchanted Forest this year, lots of freaky displays got added.

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Nice TR Robb and Elissa! We actually did that same Dune Buggy tour in Cozumel on our cruise a few years ago! We were signed up to do the power snorkeling excursion but according to the guide the seas were too rough so we got switched to that. It was a blast, and I didn't even crash! The group behind us didn't fare so well though.

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So cheese counts as a dessert (nay, three desserts) in Mexico? I never thought I could fall in love with an entire country!


Also, chicken fingers with fries, mac and cheese with fries... did Joey accidentally order his three dinners off the kids' menu?


Thanks for this TR. I love cruise ship food!

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So cheese counts as a dessert (nay, three desserts) in Mexico? I never thought I could fall in love with an entire country!

Yes, those cheese plates are often served as a dessert entree along with coffee & tea after dinner on cruise ships.



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I'm so glad someone got that reference! (Then again you should have gotten that one!)


Interesting-ish story:


We actually had that ("Safety first, accidents a close second") as the name for our "safety board" in the break room for a while. Every so often, some upper upper-manager would come by, see it, and totally freak out...until we explained that IT WAS ON THE FREAKING RIDE.

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That really looked like a fun trip! Enjoyed the updates on all the goings on and glad it was a good time.


Poor Elissa's Mom. Though the whole thing is padded, that wipe out looked painful. Was still rooting for Joey to bust out some amazing secret surf skills. Maybe next time.


Cheers and best to you all.

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^See the reason my mom's wipeout's looked so much worse is because when she would start to fall she would just assume the fetal position and deal with it till she stopped. The rest of us at least tried to stop or control, or fight the wave. It was pretty much the same result for all of us, but it looked slightly better when we would wipe out.


You should have seen the bruises I had on my knees from hitting the top part (which is NOT padded!!!). Still worth it though, so much fun, but I will NEVER wait in line for that thing. Renting it out is totally the way to do it! A few of us were stand up surfing (for like 10 seconds) by the end of the session!


Cruise was awesome! I'm always looking into the possibility of a TPR Cruise, but we never get enough interest. We'll do one eventually though, so email me if you're interested and I'll keep you in the loop!

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Also, chicken fingers with fries, mac and cheese with fries... did Joey accidentally order his three dinners off the kids' menu?


It wasn't an accident. The kids menu rocked!! It was always my backup when the menu was "some cut of beef and/or chicken...and a lot seafood or other stuff I didn't want"


I believe one night Elissa ordered three desserts too!

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