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Cruising with Theme Park Review 2008!

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Hello everyone!


Welcome to this year’s installment of “Cruising with Theme Park Review!” For those of you who don’t know, Elissa and I are almost just as much of cruise enthusiasts as we are theme park geeks. Every year we do at least one cruise out of either Los Angeles or Florida and this year it is the current “biggest cruise ship in the world” the Royal Caribbean Freedom Class “Liberty of the Seas!”


Yup this is that giant ship you see on all the commercials with the FloRider, Ice Skating, Mini Golf and food…TONS of food! (This is why I needed to do the 30lbs in 30 days diet before we set sail!)


On this cruise we’ll do quite a few random excursions that will cause our body to age rapidly and hate us even more. We’ve got two zip line tours, Waverunners, Dune Buggy’s , and some FloRider ERT booked!


There will be two or three installments of the cruise (It’s a weeklong trip total) but I’ll compress it a bit. For the most part this will be a random mish-mash of pictures, but I’ll try to put them in some kind of order…


Anyway, on to some photos!


We haven’t been on the boat 10 minutes and already the drinks begin!


“The goal in Epcot was to drink around the world, the goal here is to get every bar credit!”


Goodbye Miami, or should I say good riddance!


The ship is GIANT! The Royal Promenade right in the middle of it has everything you need on a cruise…




“I got the lease with an option to buy!”


Our first formal night. KidTums gets dressed up. Domo hangs out with us. It was a good dinner.


Domo likes ice Cream!


This reminds me of something….hmm….


Ahh, now I know where we are going for dessert #2!


Is it just me or does this creepy pumpkin guy kind of look like JimmyBo???


Here on the promenade comes the parade complete with stilt walkers…


A few showgirls (why couldn’t this be a titty show?!?!?)


And lots of party dudes that kind of look like the rejects from the Rio! Doesn’t matter. KidTums LOVED it!


Did we mention there was food?


OMG…roasted garlic…three kinds of pizza, two kinds of bread, and balsamic vinegar. I won’t need sex ever again!


“Wyatt! Your water is blue!!!”


“Hello…I am Joey the Zombie. What kind of animal flesh would you like to eat for lunch today?”


“Domo would like 40 cheeseburgers and some plum sauce please!”


NOOOO!!!! It’s Mr. Squid!!!!


An artists depiction of “real life Animal Crossing”


Um…it’s the ship….yeah


The shirt lies!


Oh man, this lunch is going to be full of head banging!


Our first port! Labadee in Haiti!


In just a little while our bodies are going to be hanging from those thin little wires.




“Do I look sexy in my harness?”


The most action Dave got on the whole trip!


The obligatory “chick with the sign” photo.


“Wow, I see what they say about you guys IS true!”


This is like the “kiddie coaster” of the Dragon’s Breath zip line. The REAL zip line will be coming soon!


Dave, there is a shark chasing you! Look behind you!!!!


“You did good little girl, just try not to get stuck out there on the big one!”


Our good ‘ol pal “Defender” will be taking us up to the big zip line.


“Why do you guys look so worried?”


Hmm…there sure are a lot of security booths around here…


Is that the remains of the last tour group?


“Um, we are going to make it out alive…right?”


We see you Mr. Cruise Ship!


The last photo of Robb & Elissa ever taken!


“Meh, the cruise ship is no match for my finger!”


Robb! Do NOT eat the cruise ship! It is NOT a good source of calcium!!!


So here is the BIG zip line! We are 500 feet in the air and the zip line is 2,700 feet long at a speed of 55 MPH! HOLY S**T!!!!


Is it just me or does the background in this photo look fake?


This is Elissa trying to look calm and cool but she’s really crapping just a little bit in the pants.




Here is the POV video from the zipline. This thing is 2,700 feet long and goes 55MPH. Honestly, the video doesn't do it justice! It looks very slow in the video, but in reality it's not! You can see when I fly over the wave of water how fast you are going!



This is what we call “Elissa gets stuck on the zip line!”


“Throw me the idle, I throw you the whip!”


This is what we call “Elissa on a leash!”


We asked the operators “How many people get stuck on this thing?” “Not many…”


Dave looks like he’s coming in fast!




The flying jew!!!


Here’s what it looks like from the bottom.


Next up was the Waverunners where Elissa demonstrated “Woman driving” in the ocean!


“Hello Mr. Haitian guy selling crap on the kayak…please go away…thank you!”


Proof that you’re never too old to have a giant water craft between your legs.


“Hey ladies! Look at me!!!”


“Yeah, I think we’ll just take things at a little slower speed.”


Hello Cruise ship, hows it going?


There’s Joey and Elissa in the rear.


“Today I will use the cruise ship as a hat!”


Back on the ship or a scene from Titanic…you decide!


Today’s drink…Marvelous Monday!


Joseph goes rock climbing…we all stare in awe.


The ship had all kinds of bizarre pictures. This one is very “Elissa Friendly”


4D Man? Wait...Isn’t that Alan Schilke?


Here is the view from our stateroom overlooking the Promenade. And yes, that party went all almost all night! I think Joey is down there somewhere trying his hardest to get laid!


We will have more update for you soon!



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Soarin' must look like crap now after that wave passed right under you near the end.

LOL! That's right! I forgot the same thing happens in Soarin' (I try to forget about Soarin') but yeah, having it happen where the wave goes like 2 feet under you was pretty awesome!


Dave actually kicked a wave!



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Great pics so far Robb.


If you guys think Liberty of the Seas is big, wait until Royal Carribean's new Oasis Class is launched next year!


This class will feature ships that are 70,000 gross tons larger than Liberty of the Seas.


They will even have an on-ship Zipline!


Ok, back on topic... is the Ben and Jerry's included with the cruise fare? Cause if I remember you had to pay extra for the Johnny Rocket's on Royal Carribean's other ships.


Seriously though, you guys should start Cruise Ship Review!

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Freedom > Liberty

Huh? Liberty is an exact clone of Freedom and Liberty is newer. There really isn't any benefit of one ship over the other.


If you guys think Liberty of the Seas is big, wait until Royal Carribean's new Oasis Class is launched next year! This class will feature ships that are 70,000 gross tons larger than Liberty of the Seas. They will even have an on-ship Zipline!

Yup! And I'm sure that ship will be featured in a Crusing with TPR update at some point in the future!


is the Ben and Jerry's included with the cruise fare? Cause if I remember you had to pay extra for the Johnny Rocket's on Royal Carribean's other ships.


The B&J's is not included unless you book the B&J's "sweet."


And the Johnny Rockets is a good deal. It's a $4.95 cover charge and it's pretty much all you can eat. Of course we had our "free cover charge coupon" in our RC Crown and Anchor club so we didn't have to pay that!



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I've only been on one cruise in my entire life. They are very fun, especially the 24-hr. pizza and ice cream!


The zipline looks like fun. When you were going over the wave, it reminded me very much like Soarin' over California. I know it has already been said, but it's true!

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I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go on a cruise. It doesn't help that my grandma, my aunts, and my mom are cruise enthusiasts. The other week, while finishing my final project and watching the snow I got a text from my mom telling me how beautiful the weather was in the British Virgin Islands and how they had upgraded to the Garden Villa on the Norwegian Jewel. I wanted nothing more than to be there right then.


And that zipline looks to be one of the most awesome things ever. I would kill to be able to zipline out over the crystal blue waters like that.

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I remember the "2 scoops of ice cream with a breadstick in the middle". We were probably the most non-fancy group at the formal dinners on our cruise.


In those pictures of the zipline from the top I wasn't sure where it came down, it looked like it just ended somewhere in the water. This has me pumped for our ziplining tour in Costa Rica with school in February.

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