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  1. Agreed...that is a beautiful view. The closest I'll ever get to a view over the water is Millennium Force.
  2. Whoops, guess the Yeti missed out on this. Congrats to the person who found it! I don't know how quickly I could have searched through 700+ pages to find it!
  3. I have the Black Diamond credit, and I'm sure everyone wants the Flying turns credit. (LOL!) Kennywood is our home park, so we have the Sky Rocket credit. Would love to meet up with you when you come to PIttsburgh if possible! Maybe even go to Dels' restaurant (?) Oh and lock me in for 2 duckies.
  4. That is Millennium Bob - he is always there riding Millennium Force! We've talked to him several times during early entry time. He RUNS around to ride again (and he's no spring chicken either!) I hope I can run like him when I'm that old! LOL!
  5. Big Mike, I would like to enter the contest because my favorite part of the BMRS is getting to see all the wonderful places that you get to go. Oh, and go Steelers!!!!!
  6. I've always said - the only thing that can help that ride is a match and some lighter fluid. So close.... Side note: it was really great when it first opened - I remember running around and couldn't wait to ride it again. Now I can't stand it.
  7. Got my holiday card this week along with my bonus Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card! Had to share this picture posing with it and my soon to be here little girl (hard to believe I am 9 months pregnant now.) Thanks again! Week 36 picture - 9 months pregnant
  8. Hi Mike! I have my banner listed below, and this is my most active topic - but I will also send you a card too.
  9. Someone must have cursed the Pittsburgh Pirates at some point. Pittsburgh - City of Champions with the Penquins and the Steelers.....oh, yeah, and the Pirates too.
  10. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the press conference and video tape it. Here is the press conference in its entirety over 2 parts (about 9 minutes each part) Part 1 Part 2 EDIT : Also, I was allowed to film on the Turnpike so here is one last ride on the Turnpike:
  11. I'll second that! I love the Italian food there! If you time your meal just right, you can sit and see the show while you eat. I saw on the Food channel that all of their pasta is homemade, which has to be why it tastes so good! Also agree on the steepness of the hills. There is one hill near the Land of the Dragons when you cross over the bridge from Loch Ness, that we nick named "heart attack hill". There are even signs warning you that there is a steep hill ahead. The park overall is VERRRY big and you will do a lot of walking!
  12. http://www.merrygoroundmuseum.org/
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