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  1. Mack builds a good ride. Well made fun attractions. The other attractions are fine. Scrambler is getting close to the location where it originally opened. It's a good fit. I wish boomerang was gone and Corkscrew was still there. Make it pretty and break up some of that concrete. Also a Peanuts themed dark ride about The Great Pumpkin would be cool. They could incorporate Haunt into it as well.
  2. Haven't been on in over a year. This is good news. That area at Knott,s is just not good. They never should have taken out Corkscrew. A new coaster with nice theaming would do the park well. Rip out that crappy Boomerang too. Knott's has done a great job this year making the park beautiful
  3. last time I posted was Nov.2009 (although I have been fowling on FB and Twitter) I loved all the WCB stuff. Great updates!!! I have been saying it for years that one day I gotta get out to one of these events> Thanks again for all the fun.
  4. This is so sad to see. One of the things that make parks fun is all the people. Hate to see a park so empty. Thanks for the report.
  5. See, whenever I think of Manhattan Express, I always remember Robb's video of it. You payed $14 to get the crap beaten out of you? I have never seen that POV. of Manhattan Express. OMFG that was funny. All you have to say is "that's worst than Windjammer" (another TOGO masterpiece----of crap) and everyone knows just how bad it is.
  6. I always reading reports from parks outside Calif. I don't get an opportunity to go to other parks. Thanks for the update. We all really enjoy it.
  7. Look at those scores. That's why in-door Lacrosse nets are so small. Looks like fun (as usual) Mike ALWAYS has a fun time. Always a fun read. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the posts guys. Both parks look so clean and neat. I hope one day to visit these parks. Thanks again.
  9. Disney is going to change the name of Nemo to the Mountain Express. I mean really........ I have always thought this ride being themed to the Terminator franchise is silly. I don't really like the cars but who cares if it's a good ride. Look at Pony Express it looks great but it's only a 6 sec.ride. I know one is more for kids but hell it's SFMM you're lucky to get any theming at all.
  10. I've been on this site for 2 years or so and I have never been to any events. I have met any of you all but just from reading this site I feel I know a lot of you. I really enjoyed your movie. Very funny and stupid and that's what TPR is all about. Thanks.
  11. Great pics Hanno. What's the response to the ride? Does the public really like it. It looks like a blast.
  12. I'm still a big fan of Space Mt. and when you ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland you feel your riding history. Ninja and Goldrusher and always fun. At Knott's the old Arrow Cycle Chase was scary. 35 or 40 mph with only a leather strap holding you on. Geee I wonder why they took that out. and the worst IMO was Knott's Windjammer that Togo mouse coaster with a loop. They should have called it Neckbreaker.
  13. As usual Shane I love this stuff. That Scout Master was smocking a pipe....That's so cool.
  14. I love Mack coasters. They just seem to have great lines and so smooth. I would love to ride this ride. Thanks for the pics. Great job.
  15. Yeah, I don't know why more weren't produced. AFAIK, the three that went to FPH were the only ones PTC built. NAD played around with the headlight thing (and did a great job with their classy Century Flyers), but that sleek streamlined railroad-inspired rolling stock is my fav. I have never seen trains like that before.It would be so cool if one of these new woodies use trains like these. Having that head lite flickering down the track at night. So cool.
  16. OMG!!! those PTC trains are beautiful. Gotta love that 1940's to 1950's streamline look. That Hunt's Pier little train was sweet. Great pics. Thanks. Keep them coming.
  17. Man, I don't know. That thing looks stupid. I don't mean "dumb -stupid" I mean ridiculous. That's a whole lot of spinning. Looks fun but may not be for me. Great video. Thanks!
  18. Holy crap that looks great. I've been coming to this site a lot for the past 2 years and one day I HAVE to make one of your trips. Thanks for the DVD's and the posts and the fun.
  19. Boomerangs just don't seem fun to me (along with most Vekomas) but those trains look nice. Good trains can make all the difference.
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