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  1. Mack builds a good ride. Well made fun attractions. The other attractions are fine. Scrambler is getting close to the location where it originally opened. It's a good fit. I wish boomerang was gone and Corkscrew was still there. Make it pretty and break up some of that concrete. Also a Peanuts themed dark ride about The Great Pumpkin would be cool. They could incorporate Haunt into it as well.
  2. Haven't been on in over a year. This is good news. That area at Knott,s is just not good. They never should have taken out Corkscrew. A new coaster with nice theaming would do the park well. Rip out that crappy Boomerang too. Knott's has done a great job this year making the park beautiful
  3. last time I posted was Nov.2009 (although I have been fowling on FB and Twitter) I loved all the WCB stuff. Great updates!!! I have been saying it for years that one day I gotta get out to one of these events> Thanks again for all the fun.
  4. This is so sad to see. One of the things that make parks fun is all the people. Hate to see a park so empty. Thanks for the report.
  5. See, whenever I think of Manhattan Express, I always remember Robb's video of it. You payed $14 to get the crap beaten out of you? I have never seen that POV. of Manhattan Express. OMFG that was funny. All you have to say is "that's worst than Windjammer" (another TOGO masterpiece----of crap) and everyone knows just how bad it is.
  6. I always reading reports from parks outside Calif. I don't get an opportunity to go to other parks. Thanks for the update. We all really enjoy it.
  7. Look at those scores. That's why in-door Lacrosse nets are so small. Looks like fun (as usual) Mike ALWAYS has a fun time. Always a fun read. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the posts guys. Both parks look so clean and neat. I hope one day to visit these parks. Thanks again.
  9. Disney is going to change the name of Nemo to the Mountain Express. I mean really........ I have always thought this ride being themed to the Terminator franchise is silly. I don't really like the cars but who cares if it's a good ride. Look at Pony Express it looks great but it's only a 6 sec.ride. I know one is more for kids but hell it's SFMM you're lucky to get any theming at all.
  10. I've been on this site for 2 years or so and I have never been to any events. I have met any of you all but just from reading this site I feel I know a lot of you. I really enjoyed your movie. Very funny and stupid and that's what TPR is all about. Thanks.
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