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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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55 minutes ago, bert425 said:

no, I saw what he was doing.  but I ignored it because it was a "dad-joke". . so instead gave an update on the status.


edit:  didn't' mean that to come across harsh. . . puns and dad jokes just aren't really things I enjoy much . . . but i got it.

No worries Bert, everyone has their own tastes for humor! I just couldn't pass it up...

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in the park yesterday for an event - where many parks presented their 2022 plans (and beyond) which was a lot of fun, and I'll get up a report on that at some point (hopefully). . . .tho we did manage to get two walk on rides to Iron Rattler Back Seat, Superman, and a walk on to DareDevilDive (which broke down for 10 minutes as we were about to get on it. . . .but once reset, we got a ride, and it *IS* now going back up to the top of the tower before it starts flipping the planes so yay for that).

Guess it paid to go to the park on a cold and overcast day - and everything was operating despite the weather and the light crowds, *except* for Poltergeist.

we were inside Zaragoza theater almost the entire operating day tho. . so didn't get to get into the park itself until ~4pm when it closed at 6. . and take out for the time watching the Parade (which was full on and fun, even with the light crowd due to weather), and a backstage tour of construction on Dr. Diabolical Cliffhanger.    So that's not a bad ride count considering we really only spent ~1 hour available to do "rides". . . . 

We got an hour after close to ride WonderWoman tho and taste lots of the MardiGras food offerings.

but. . what I think is some of the bigger news?   Skyscreamer is still offering the "Harness" option.  (it was supposed to only run for 3 weeks and be gone as of 1/6/22). 
I asked a few of the Mgmt folks on the construction tour, as I noticed the harnesses on it.    Most of them were cagey about it. . . "yeah, we're still offering it until we dont". . . but i did get someone to kind of admit that (and take this with a grain of salt, but it's from a horse's mouth, if not THE horse's mouth (ie: not from Park President):

"it will continue running for free as an option thru the end of this week" (which I guess means today), "and then will be offered as a pay option"

no idea how much it will cost, but I guess they have the infrastructure in place to support it as a paid option (separate line for it, and area to get in the harness). . i I suspect this will be a true statement.

so there ya go .





and to give you an idea of how crowds were yesterday ~4:30 pm:



post parade bert:
(and no you dirty minds. . I didn't have to show anything to get all these beads - it was too cold to anyways 😛 - but if you want lots of beads?  catch the parade on a day without much crowd. . every float will have folks tossing beads to you)


and can't post pics from SFFT without including the incredible Park President:  Mr. Jeffrey Siebert


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oh. . I mentioned Dr Diabolical's Cliffhanger construction tour and didn't supply pics?

ah.. you want those?   ok. . . 😛

they have already started construction, and the maintenance / transfer track is already starting to go in place.













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Thanks for the update Bert, I think this coaster will be a great addition to the park.  I'm hoping to get back to SA this year sometime to ride this and the new giant swing at SWSA.

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24 minutes ago, Dan the Coaster Man said:

I really like this color scheme. Black and red is my #1 color combo and the gold is a nice touch!

they're gonna Patina the gold as well. . to make it look kinda rusty!

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1 minute ago, ytterbiumanalyst said:

^ This is the sort of winter storm that causes Texans to go to Cancun, right?

yup. . and the Governor has been on TV all day today (and most of yesterday) telling folks that if the GRID fails, and it WON'T. .he says. . . it's not his fault.

because he's done NOTHING to prevent the same failures they had last year. . . other than block bills to fix issues at the plants.

no really.


he actually said "if you lose power, it might not be the grid..it might be a tree fell on a power line"



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Interestingly- no major power outages in any large Texas City. Some small outages due to fallen Trees, etc. I would say Governor Abbot's plan worked well. Then again, I doubt Bert's politics and mine would match up much. I love his Theme park posts though.

I hope Jeffery Seibert does not get in hot water with the new CEO the way Ron reportedly did. I think we lost a great guy. SFFT is still the best Park in Texas- maybe in the chain.

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Be nice.... compared to Millions without power last time- it is better. This also wasn't the magnitude of storm that we had last time. Losing power happens every year during these storms...I have friends that work at ERCOT. There is plenty of power available this time. Knocked down trees and lines happens in Texas all the time. As some of  my family have these outages I do feel for people. That's why we share our home with others in times of need. I like you Bert. Don't want to argue.  

I enjoy your posts. Thanks for the posts about Fiesta- I really enjoy them.

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looking SO damn good. . that's a steep lift hill:




and adding one from his twitter from ground level. . this thing is gonna DOMINATE the park skyline


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