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  1. Despite the few who are complaining about the "high" price, it seems to be the cheapest option for a holiday drive through in SoCal by far... and based on what I'm seeing from many people on twitter, I haven't seen one person who hasn't liked it yet. It's been getting rave reviews. The only issue I've heard at all is sometimes the line to get in gets a bit clogged, because people don't understand how reservations work, or that non-passholders/members in the same car as a member/passholder still have to pay. But as for the event itself, nothing but good things.
  2. As far as I can see, it's literally the cheapest Drive Thru holiday experience in SoCal. The next lowest price I know of is the one at Raging Waters at $30 a car (which still screws you if you're alone, but admittedly is a better deal if you do have a group--however, it definitely doesn't look as good as what SFMM is offering, it seems to be literally a switchback queue in a parking lot). After that, prices jump up to $55-$100+. This is actually a bargain price, comparatively. As I said before, WonderLAnd So Cal is charging $70 per car. It seems the average SoCal price for Drive Thro
  3. Have you priced any of the other Drive thru events in SoCal? WonderLAnd SoCal, a similar event, is charging $70-100 per car, regardless of how many are in the car (which really screws you over if you're by yourself). Dodgers Stadium just today announced a holiday drive through event at $55 per car. Most of the drive thru haunts in SoCal charged $80-140 per car (again, even if you were the only one in the car). The only one to charge less was Tunnel of Terror, and that's because it was literally just an automated car wash. Still thinking $20 a person is too much?
  4. Actually, Orange County is in the red tier, and (at the moment) shows no sign of slipping back. And I was thinking, "how can they be in red, when so many there are anti-mask?" But I think the answer lies in what you said about SF: it's a wealthy area, so they have no issue staying home.
  5. ^^Theme parks are the yellow tier. There is no green tier, which should explain why you've never seen it. It doesn't exist. It was intentional, because (paraphrasing), "we will never be entirely safe.". And he's not really wrong on that point. At this point, it's like getting toothpaste back in the tube.
  6. The Halloween version did have some minor "Ghost Town Alive" interactions. Plenty of characters in Ghost Town. Peanuts characters on the trail. Sad Eye Joe is available. There's a DJ near Hangtime, and the stage nearby alternates between screenings of Krazy Kirk and a live magician. as well as a few more live performers in the Boardwalk. That's not enough? Essentially can't do any more than that in these times.
  7. Actually, I don't see why they can't do Holiday in the Park in much the same way Knott's is doing their events. It's the one event they could actually have some draw, and it doesn't require the rides to be open. Add is some food (which, frankly, they have been doing the last few years), and it seems to be a no brainer. Plenty of space to socially distance, it's a huge park.
  8. In terms of covid, I actually think SFMM will be one of the safer parks. Outdoor/outside ventilation is one of the major factors to being safe, and nearly all their rides are outside already. Again, in terms of covid, I'm going to feel a lot safer at SFMM than, say, Disneyland. When that places opens up, it'll be a madhouse (and even if they limit entry with reservations, I personally am not going to count on other guests practicing social distancing), and nearly every attraction is indoors there. Similar for Universal, although I do think they'll mostly be able to handle mask wear
  9. I'm still betting on nothing till 2021 at best. Number are still not great. They do go down, but then often go right back up.
  10. For rides? I'm thinking 2021, yes. But I wouldn't be surprised if it opened just as an outdoor venue for a Holiday in the Park experience.
  11. Under these circumstances, is anyone really expecting a full scale Fright Fest? Given so many big players have dropped out, I think even a very watered down experience would still be a draw, if they found a way to pull it off. Big "if", though.
  12. Was 10/4 the possible reopening for Fright Fest? So that means Fright Fest is off for SFMM?
  13. Anyone know if the rumor of SFMM getting Fright Fest to open (modified for covid) this year is true?
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