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  1. I was just at this park a few days ago, and it's super disappointing that it 1) still requires reservations 2) every single flat ride is closed (exception for Penguin and some kiddie rides), and 3) most shows were not performing, including the Odin's Temple. Harley Quinn is still standing. Superman and Wonder Woman never opened as far as I saw, but left by around 2, because there was literally nothing left to do. Plus, it was super hot. Also, does The Flash: Vertical Velocity ever operate anymore? The last 3 times I've been at this park, it's never been open and usually undergoing he
  2. Yes, when I asked a team member yesterday, they said Apocalypse would be closed all day. Not sure what's happening there. You still have to walk all the way around Hurricane Harbor for preferred parking, but it's as close as you can get. That's one part I'll miss about the pandemic; for a brief time, they allowed preferred parking to park in the valet lot right next to X2, which is a great lot. Sadly, it's back to being used only for Valet now. And I don't know if it'll be that slammed... it's still supposed to be pretty hot, which drives a lot of people out of the park (though t
  3. I went today, and I can say that yes, the heat deterred the crowds. It didn't feel crowded at all. Parking actually opened up at 9:40 (for once), no more reservation checks, members have a separate entrance and can get in 15 minutes early, mug refills are directly into you mug (instead of giving you a separate cup), and all rows are being filled. If you can put up with the heat (and it was quite an oven, it wasn't easy, be prepared), you'll have relatively short lines. And yes, if you have membership FOL passes, anyone can use them that day. I've given some of mine away to strange
  4. It was when I went a week ago... and also has very little line as well. They do hold the line just before the tunnel for Fastlane... so even if the line goes to the fountain area, it's still pretty short.
  5. As I understand it, you can use your phone to purchase the Flash Pass, but you still have to stand in line to pick it up. And if you're a member picking up your included FOL passes, I believe you can use a different line and skip all the people picking up a Flash Pass.
  6. The mobile ordering app does work for free mug refills (assuming you have membership or AP that gets free refills), and it surprisingly worked really well. I was able to get soda refills in just a few minutes, without needing to stand in the hideous food lines. Did it at least three times in a day, all at different locations, and they all were quick. They didn't have a "water" option on the soda refills, but in my experience,, they don't pour your drink until you get to the window to check in, so I'd suggest ordering any drink and just telling them you want water when you get to the win
  7. I still mourn the Enterprise that was in the space Green Lantern occupied. Those are starting to become pretty hard to find, and still one of my favorite flats. The only one left in California is at CGA, when SFMM and Knott's both used to have one.
  8. All this retro merchandise looks amazing to me... I'm going to be buying a lot of stuff!
  9. ^^^You don't have to know a thing about the movie to enjoy the ride.
  10. I've been on both Harley Quinn and Tidal Twister at Sea World. Harley was a tad better than I expected, but it still definitely wasn't great (I did have an end seat). Once was more than enough, and I certainly agree with all the criticisms of the ride. Wouldn't miss it a bit if it were gone. Tidal Twister, to me, was moderately enjoyable. Depending on where you sit, there's actually a small pop of air. It reminded me a bit of a Bayern Kurve, which I enjoy. But it was slow and clunky, the train jogs a lot, and the load process took forever.
  11. Got to the park today, and have to say, the two new attractions are pretty great. The new ending of Jurassic World is very impressive. The cove is still somewhat of a lag, but better than before. But the big hit is Secret Life of Pets. While it's no "E" ticket major attraction, it's got to be one of the better "C" ticket dark rides built in a while. Way better than Disney's Pooh or Monsters, Inc. And the queue is super immersive. They did a great job with that one!
  12. I'm very covid cautious, but even the CDC recently said that transmission of covid from a surface is basically non-existent. I figure that's a pretty good reason for them to stop with the cleaning of surfaces. The social distancing is tough, because it depends on so many other people, and people visit amusement parks not to think. But I've generally found if you politely ask people to keep space, they generally will. Keep masking up and get that vaccine, and with most of the queues being outdoors anyway, you'll likely be fine.
  13. I'd imagine they set aside a certain number of tickets for passholders, and a certain number for day ticket purchasers. Otherwise, I could imagine quite easily that large membership demand could nearly lock out any one else possibly hoping to get a 1 day ticket.
  14. There's a lot of different school districts out here, and they all take Spring Break at different times---some before Easter, some after. So yeah, I can imagine there's still quite a few people on Spring Break.
  15. You mean those animatronics that never worked, and just looked completely unnatural with their necks stuck in bizarre angles? With the parking garage and other non-themed structures totally visible? Yeah, I totally miss all that.
  16. Yes, because literally everyone in SoCal has been traveling to those parks during a pandemic. Oh, wait-- Plus, a lot of people (include many here at this board) had serious doubts SFMM could make this work at all, especially as literally the first park in SoCal to open in over a year (even beating Disneyland).
  17. I was also there on Saturday, and I'll add that basically nothing had lines at all for about the first 2 hours of the park opening. My advice is, if possible, get there early (we arrived at 10am for a 10:30 park opening, and was already greeted with a logjam of about 50 cars waiting to get in), and leave early, around 1 or 2pm. Which also allows you to skip having to eat lunch in the park and suffer the food lines. But yeah, if you don't have Flash Pass/Membership FOL passes after about 1pm, you're not going to get on much other than flat rides. And even the line to get a Flash Pass/FO
  18. While I'm not going until tomorrow, I do have Diamond Elite Membership (I kept my payments going the whole time, so it's still active), and I noticed that for my Preferred Parking reservation, the code for it now seems to be tied directly to my pass, when in the past, it was a separate barcode. So this could be something they're working on. I'm not too surprised at the good Covid signage and availability of hand sanitizer everywhere... we got to visit SFDK back in the original brief window when they could open as a zoo back in July 2020, and they were set up the same even by then. They
  19. I could imagine it being like the old Disney Fastpass rules... you can't go earlier than your time, but anytime later is fine. I'm not going until April 3... wanted to give them a couple days to work the kinks out
  20. They just announced they will be opening with rides on April 16. Secret Life of Pets will be open immediately. Likely that Minions, Simpsons, and Special Effects show will not be open, but most of the other attractions should be with queue modifications (like FJ and other rides like Mummy will only use the outdoor queue, and will pulse guests inside).
  21. I always had doubted if those donuts were any good, but I finally got one of the pink ones, and it was surprisingly good. Only catch, it can go stale in a day or two, so don't delay.
  22. I've already got my tickets for opening weekend! It'll be interesting to see if all the rides will be open, or if some will be shut down due to staffing issues or ride rotation programs.
  23. FWIW, they've taken down all those references... though strangely, if you have a membership that includes parking, you can obtain a parking pass for April 3 onward. But the rest of the site has taken down all the "April 1" reopening date and returned to "Spring 2021", and you are currently unable to reserve a park ticket. Just membership parking.
  24. I'm with you that I worry about 1) that we won't get to/stay in red tier, especially with new variants going around, 2) that LA/OC may put in their own guidance that will supersede the state and make things tougher, and that 3) the situation is very fluid. I'm not necessarily expecting parks to be open right away on April 1 either. That said, I've always felt that SFMM will have an easier time in regards to Covid rules, because nearly all their rides and queues are outdoors to begin with (except JL, of course). Knott's is also in the same boat. It's really Disney and Universal that a
  25. ^From just two events? And it's not like there's really all that much of an alternative. Six Flags isn't exactly known for their food, so I don't think a food event is in their cards. In any case, I do think one key difference is this is a daytime event. Even though I'm not a car person, it'll just be nice to see the park in daylight. Oh, and I did get my email for members, lol
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