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  1. Not really, but about a week ago, one side launched, and then my side launched at the other side was coming down, so we passed each other midway. I was happy with that, figured that was as close as I'd ever get.
  2. Tatsu has reopened, the park itself posted about it on their IG account.
  3. ^They'll do it just for you, have fun Also, Tatsu was testing all day today, and heard it was testing all day yesterday as well. It still has not opened, but it shouldn't be much longer
  4. Nevermind... while someone in guest services did send out a communication saying indoor mazes were going to be closed, it was apparently in error. Looks like indoor mazes are back on
  5. So, has anyone else hear that SFMM may not be opening any of their indoor mazes for FF due to rising Covid? Which, if true, would basically only leave Aftermath, scarezones, and possible shows.
  6. I was at the park about a week ago, and Apocalypse is open again, but as far as I know, I think Tatsu is still down. I think everything else is open, though (thought not all rides open on time).
  7. We were just there about a week ago. Jet Star II requires two riders per seat. We were to grown adults, and we barely fit in together. Three adults is pretty much going to be impossible. We were pleasantly surprised that for Cannibal, once you get past the main queue entrance (where someone will be screening to make sure you have no loose items and if so, put them in a locker--this process takes forever), the rest of the line moves really fast. Wait time with a full queue from the entrance line to boarding was about 15 minutes. Lines for Spider really crawled (no pun intended). Lines for Colossus/Fire Dragon really flies and rarely has a line. Really, nearly all their rides are generally not found in other parks, so hit as many as you can. Don't miss their two dark rides, and their unique collection of flat rides. Also, if you bring a Coke can, you get $9 each person's admission at the gate (up to 6 people for one can).
  8. Y'all go ahead and impress the SFMM management with the width and breadth of your vast knowledge. I'm sure they'll be shocked and amazed and get on changing that sign that they've had for about 45 years now right away.
  9. I think what we're saying is that we are not counting the looping coasters that existed and sent craploads of people to the hospital because the loop was improperly designed. So sure, it should maybe say, "World's first looping coaster that won't send you to the hospital", but that doesn't have the same ring.
  10. ^It’s the world’s first safe vertical loop (not counting vintage things like the Flic Flac in Victorian Times that gave people whiplash). So it’s more accurate accurate than not. Corkscrew, which is the first safe loop, is not vertical.
  11. Why does Orlando have Beetlejuice, and Hollywood doesn’t? Seems like that’s big property that should be on both coasts.
  12. I agree, there's no proof, hence the name "speculation map". This account does this every year, and it's always changing and is hit and miss. Although based on the rumors I'm recently hearing, this may end up being fairly accurate. Some properties that were planned (if to be believed, Halloween 3 and Beetlejuice) fell through and had to be replaced at the last minute. Personally, I feel it's a bit weak as well, but I'm a local, and remember that California essentially had all of Halloween canceled last year due to the pandemic... not a single haunt happened at all, so I'll take what I can get. But I agree, I wouldn't travel across the country for it.
  13. There's a pretty strong rumor there may be one or possibly even two in SS29. I believe there's also two more in an area below the Curious George parking lot, sort of behind the tram maintenance area Additionally, most are suspecting TWD will return for HHN, and maybe even Terror Tram.
  14. I cannon see how running 3 trains on GR would be of any help. Even with only trains, it always stacks. It wouldn't make a lick of difference in terms of capacity. Honestly, I think GR runs about as well as it can. Biggest holdups are Fastlane people and the guests themselves: not fitting in the seats, not putting away loose articles, etc. Also, gotta say my hearts go out to all the people in the park last night, both guests and employee. Looks traumatizing for no real good reason (at least inside the park).
  15. I'm telling you, mobile ordering is the way to go for drink refills. The app allows for free refills (assuming you have the mugs), and it's never taken more more than 5 minutes, even with those crazy long food lines.
  16. I was just at this park a few days ago, and it's super disappointing that it 1) still requires reservations 2) every single flat ride is closed (exception for Penguin and some kiddie rides), and 3) most shows were not performing, including the Odin's Temple. Harley Quinn is still standing. Superman and Wonder Woman never opened as far as I saw, but left by around 2, because there was literally nothing left to do. Plus, it was super hot. Also, does The Flash: Vertical Velocity ever operate anymore? The last 3 times I've been at this park, it's never been open and usually undergoing heavy maintenance. Didn't see any progress on the site of the new coaster. The only perks were that it did have an open Freestyle Coke machine (SFMM still has not opened theirs), and the food on mobile ordering was surprisingly fairly efficient--though it may have been more luck, haha. Also, wasn't very crowded... but can't say I'm surprised when they still require reservations for a park that barely has anything open.
  17. Yes, when I asked a team member yesterday, they said Apocalypse would be closed all day. Not sure what's happening there. You still have to walk all the way around Hurricane Harbor for preferred parking, but it's as close as you can get. That's one part I'll miss about the pandemic; for a brief time, they allowed preferred parking to park in the valet lot right next to X2, which is a great lot. Sadly, it's back to being used only for Valet now. And I don't know if it'll be that slammed... it's still supposed to be pretty hot, which drives a lot of people out of the park (though the parking lot will still be very crowded from all the Hurricane Harbor people).
  18. I went today, and I can say that yes, the heat deterred the crowds. It didn't feel crowded at all. Parking actually opened up at 9:40 (for once), no more reservation checks, members have a separate entrance and can get in 15 minutes early, mug refills are directly into you mug (instead of giving you a separate cup), and all rows are being filled. If you can put up with the heat (and it was quite an oven, it wasn't easy, be prepared), you'll have relatively short lines. And yes, if you have membership FOL passes, anyone can use them that day. I've given some of mine away to strangers if I wasn't able to use them. They are now giving out time windows for FOL passes, though. For example, they may tell you you'll have to ride Full Throttle between 2-3pm. And surprisingly, most employees were actually checking the times... though you can pretty much be later than your time, but earlier may or may not be allowed (depending on the mood of the employee checking). It's a pain, but I am noticing that they are checking off which rides are getting FOL/FL and when, and taking rides off the list when they fill up, which has alleviated the "Fastlane lines are just as long as GP lines" problem they were having for a while. So it's a bit of a trade off.
  19. It was when I went a week ago... and also has very little line as well. They do hold the line just before the tunnel for Fastlane... so even if the line goes to the fountain area, it's still pretty short.
  20. As I understand it, you can use your phone to purchase the Flash Pass, but you still have to stand in line to pick it up. And if you're a member picking up your included FOL passes, I believe you can use a different line and skip all the people picking up a Flash Pass.
  21. The mobile ordering app does work for free mug refills (assuming you have membership or AP that gets free refills), and it surprisingly worked really well. I was able to get soda refills in just a few minutes, without needing to stand in the hideous food lines. Did it at least three times in a day, all at different locations, and they all were quick. They didn't have a "water" option on the soda refills, but in my experience,, they don't pour your drink until you get to the window to check in, so I'd suggest ordering any drink and just telling them you want water when you get to the window if you want water.
  22. I still mourn the Enterprise that was in the space Green Lantern occupied. Those are starting to become pretty hard to find, and still one of my favorite flats. The only one left in California is at CGA, when SFMM and Knott's both used to have one.
  23. All this retro merchandise looks amazing to me... I'm going to be buying a lot of stuff!
  24. ^^^You don't have to know a thing about the movie to enjoy the ride.
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