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  1. I also noticed just today that, without any notification whatsoever, SF added $4 to my membership monthly rate. And according to their own terms, price increases are supposed to be given an email notification in advance. While an extra $4 a month isn't going to break me, it's more about the underhanded way they did it that's worrisome.
  2. Rode it 3 times this morning. Two preshow rooms, they seemed finished to me. I live in LA, so I wasn’t really following construction threads, so I was surprised to hear the Dr. Diabolical character is a woman! Nice touch. Also was surprised by the ride audio stating for rides to scream on the drops. It’s pretty awesome! The locker system is pretty great… use your pass barcode to scan for free (bar codes are provided if you don’t have your pass on you), and you retrieve your items on the other side, so there’s no cross traffic. Been a long time coming. And there was a sign saying it was offering SR.
  3. I was there just a few days ago, and it was pretty dead as well. We had four FOL pass3s from an old membership, and we didn’t even need to use any of them. It was still super hot, and one ride op said most kids have gone back to school already. I’m not a local; is that true?
  4. I believe the locker situation is now better because they added a free cubbies as an option. Sounds like it's speeding things up considerably. You should have been given the OPTION to pause payments during the pandemic in an email the park sent out. If you didn't request it, they kept the payments going. In exchange, you got updated to a "Diamond Elite VIP", which gives a total of 4 FOL passes per visit and I believe bigger discounts. And as noted above, they were offering gift cards for the value, but you have to get it in person. Mine was for about $256, but do note they can't be used for any sort of online purchases... so that limits it to mostly merch and food (non-mobile order, as last I checked, they don't have a way to upload a gift card into the mobile ordering app), though you can also get Flashpass or Hurricane Harbor cabanas... it just has to be done in person the day of purchase.
  5. As far as I know, the cubby would be a new addition. It wasn't there Friday morning, so I'd guess it was put there to help out.
  6. I saw that too, and it's the locker situation. There's such a huge back up at the lockers with a single kiosk and no available lockers, there's no one available to ride.
  7. I'm sure this policy will likely change in the future (especially when WW is a part of Flashpass), but yesterday during the AP previews, they were allowing people with no loose articles directly into the Flashpass line, skipping at least 2+ hours of waiting. TIP: Use the lockers by Batman to store items, hardly anyone was using them, then head over to Flashpass. Again, once Flashpass kicks in (and would it today?), I don't know if they'd still do it this way... maybe ask at the Flashpass entrance first to be sure they're still doing it that way
  8. Pics have been showing up on various sources, so I feel it's credible
  9. That's why I only do pockets with closures when I visit them parks. Never have lost anything yet.
  10. Looks like the thumbnail image of those clickbait YouTube coaster accident videos
  11. In this day where a park can simply call a known crew of social media bloggers, which will give the park additional free publicity, I feel the age of open call riders are going to be a thing of the past.
  12. The promotional art also had a large WW logo at the top of the lift hill, but I notice it's been removed in the ride video.
  13. The carousel at SCBB? You're kidding, right? That thing is massive, in terms of both width and height. Where in the world would it have space for it there? Not to mention the fact they have their own historic carousel already. That said, I do agree it should be saved. But I think SCBB is not going to happen. The Sky Tower would be interesting, but are their any height ordinances at SCBB? I know many beach towns have them, so that nearby houses don't have obscured views of the beach (Santa Barbara does), though I don't know about Santa Cruz.
  14. I don't think it's necessarily too big for a flat ride. I'd guess it's nearly a perfect size for an Endeavor. Also was at the park today, and while DoD was down, from Goliath, the area is nearly 50% paved. I will give them some credit, because it's largely designed concrete with some patterns to it, not just a single color slurry. Can also say with some confidence that the area where The Flash was is going to be just landscaping. There's a small curved, bone-shaped curb in that spot. Not walls, just a curb. Still a fair amount of room behind it... maybe an OVD? The building going up between WW:FoC and Batman is maybe 65% done externally, if that. At first I thought it'd be retail, but I'm now suspecting it'll be a new food service location. Just a gut feeling, but they did tear out the old food location (Titans Pizza), so I would suspect this will be the replacement. I think that, and the pavement, will be the big hold ups for the area. If they can get the pavement done, and at least the external part of the new building, I could see them opening up the area for the rides, and opening up the food (or whatever will be inside the building) later on. It'd be pushing it, but it's not out of the question it could be done to that point in 3-4 weeks. The Round Up, aside from signage and placing the character cut outs, looks totally ready to go... it's been repainted, and the tarps in the center part of the ride have been replaced and are all blue.
  15. I agree. There's still a lot of work to do in the area it self. A lot of concrete hasn't even been poured on most of the walkways. Atom Smasher is gone from that area. There was a rumor that it was going to be moved to Pistachio Park/Swiss Twist area, but that plan seems to have been scrapped. It either may move to another park, or get scrapped entirely. FWIW, you can still see the cars from Scream, they're being stored right behind the batwing element. There's something being outlined in the ground where it was, but it's hard to say if it'll be a small building (like a snack station), or landscaping.
  16. While there's still a lot of work to do in the area, it's moving pretty fast. Late July is optimistic, but August/September is realistic. Really, while I'm fairly sure I'll enjoy the ride, I kinda miss the access to Batman more.
  17. JL has dropped the 3D and glasses. Screens are now in 4K. You can still walk right through the two pre-show rooms. The animation still sucks, but it is an improvement.
  18. I was in the park today, and it was indeed open. Got a ride on it. But I was only in the park for 3 hours (short after work visit), and it went down twice according to both the app and in park wait time screens. Goliath went down for a bit with a train stopped at the mid course break. JL and Apocalypse were closed.
  19. Well, SFMM confirmed it themselves on their own IG, so I think we can believe it
  20. If the ride crosses the street (or goes under it), that could affect utilities and infrastructure, so of course the city would have to be involved.
  21. The Orlando and Hollywood HHN are very different. Even when they share properties, each coast does their own version of it, and they'll have very little in common. In a nutshell, Orlando has much, much better sets. I'm sure you're aware of the joke that HHN is a lot of black walls, and there's truth to that (though it is improving). But the trade off is I feel the Hollywood scareactors are on point and are the best in the biz. Very consistent, aggressive, and very in your face. I've found the Orlando scareactos can be hit and miss. That's also a flaw of Knott's... they also have some great, and very original and unique themes and set design... but aside from the Ghosttown scareactors, the maze scareactors are really, really inconsistent. There's been many times I've walked through a Knott's maze and see a scareactor every 20 feet... and then, doing the same maze 30 minutes later, have only 1-2 scareactors for the entire maze. (It tends to happens more towards the end of the evening.) If you go to Knott's, I definitely recommend a FOL... the lines are well managed, and you can often get to every maze more than once, which is something you'll want to do, because you'll get a very different experience even in the same maze. Boofet would be a good idea, because food lines during the event are nightmare (and not the good kind for a haunt). Oh, and you mentioned going on a Haunted Log ride... lately, they haven't been making it haunted. It'll be open, but aside from a few minor Halloween decorations, that'll be it. No scareactors. To be honest, even when they did, it was fairly underwhelming, so you're not really missing that much.
  22. I do have to give SFMM credit for really stepping up their operations. Everybody thought for sure that once the park went 365 days a year, half the rides would be down. But that largely hasn't been the case. All the rides are fully staffed, and most food locations are open. Sure it may be only 1 train ops, but on the light week days, that's all they need. Add to that the new wait times monitors now up throughout the park, improved Flass Pass/FOL pass on the phone, and mobile food ordering, it's moved up a great deal as a better park to visit. Meantime at Knott's, which I could argue is a better park experience, is often so overcrowded nowadays, ops only so-so, and food lines that stretch forever and move glacially (with no mobile food ordering option available), I'd argue that I have a better time at SFMM than Knott's. Knott's has become a victim of its own success, with little being done to improve their infrastructure. SFMM is currently the exact opposite.
  23. I was looking at the app today for SFOT (as I'm planning a trip out there later this summer), and it claimed Mr. Freeze was open with a hour wait. Can anyone at the park actually confirm if it reopened? I feel like if had reopened, someone would've already posted about it here.
  24. Interesting. Is the one at SFGA still running? It's still listed on their website. I liked the ride when I rode it there, but didn't love it. It's sort of dull. Looks way more impressive than it actually rides.
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