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  1. Dare Devil Dive is coming along. Saw a vid on TTS. I hope it runs faster than shown however. Anyone hear when it opens?
  2. I saw maskless Karens are petitioning KI to change their stance on Fleetwood Masks. Don't they know covid numbers are rising. Keep them Karens out of KI.
  3. Hello fellow ride lovers, Any inside info on Dare Devil Dive construction? Thanks
  4. Bro you should have just bought the earphones, who doesn't want to do breast cancer research on a long flight like that!?
  5. It's just like chicken pox. The sooner you get it and over it the better, it only kills the weak.
  6. That's how I've done it since I started going on a regular basis. Personally though, I'm just not a fan of possibly having to go all the way back out to my car to grab my camera bag if I can't get a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo rental because they're all sold out! What is behind this forum's term for lockers? Someone help me understand. I'm out of the loop on this one. Just a Rob-ism? Why why why?!
  7. That is a movement i could get behind Just seeing these photos, it makes the scale of this thing a whole lot more noticeable! I knew it was a big ride, but seeing how it is physically fitting in the park now makes it seem even more massive. I am wondering, will this ride have a water filtration / cleaning system or are they just gonna let the water turn into liquid death like they did with the old aquaman? What you don't like pink eye?
  8. If I had to guess, 4 min per cycle x 20 per car = 300 people per hr. This line will be death in the summer. Pulsar says 950 per hr but this is Six Flags and without the turntable. Even if 2 min cycles are possible which I doubt they are.....still only 600 per hr. We will see. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. It's on now folks! One more section I think. ITS HAPPENING!
  10. Anyone know why or how long Battle for Metropolis is closed? Thanka
  11. From the webcam view right now Orion's second drop looks steeper than the first! I get it may be the angle but still.
  12. Iron Rattler night ride. Poltergeist and Golden Lasso were great rides too.
  13. Had a good time here yesterday. We were worried we weren't gonna get the gold upgrade because the deadline was Nov 2 to pick up the pass and almost every weekend in Oct was rainy or cold and windy. Luckily they extended the pick up date!!!!!! Not sure if this was Fiesta only or chain wide. Gold w/free parking is one main reason I get the season pass, so super lucked out there. Started out on Poltergeist. One train but everyone was still at church or something. Forgot how fun and smooth this was. Great launch. Next was Golden Lasso. All three trains were running so the wait wan't very bad.
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