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  1. a surfing position? nobody in the sea world organization has ever watched someone surf? and left it up to a company in the mtns of Switzerland who only knows skiing? there were probably 100 people who could have explained its like snowboarding position.....you stand SIDEWAYS. missed opportunity, could have back to back seats and choose your side...reg or goofy footed......oh wait almost forgot, another state that is anti choice.
  2. Would it have been that hard to have a train run each direction so the rider could choose? Oh I forgot Texas took away the right to choose. Dang. So much for freedom.
  3. well that would explain my above post. THESE AREN'T WHEELS THEY ARE BEARINGS!
  4. Not a local but looking to hit this up around Turkey Day. Been once and didn't get to ride everything. Really nice park and I think as scenic as Fiesta. Goliath is my fave over Diamondback and Nitro, love TC. No real reason to post other than looking forward to my next time there. Still need Blue Hawk, Mindbender, and Scream Machine credits. Also nice drop tower you have. Cheers Georgia.
  5. Hello folks. On a good note....the 170$ platinum pass was lowered to 99 as an upgrade from the gold to platinum. I pulled the trigger as I have yet to visit MM and SFMC, and look forward to hitting both my Texas home parks again. It was an offer that was emailed to me since I was a prior season pass holder. Not as sweet as the $69 dollar deal of past years but enough to entice me back. With the bs processing fee of 15 and tax it came to 120ish to visit any park and have parking. I never mess with meal passes and get flash in a whim if needed. Seems the high pricing wasn't selling. This was kinda like meeting in the middle. So maybe they aren't gonna hardball after all. Cheers, yall.
  6. Wow as a kid we went here for summers and stayed at the Pyramid condos. I thought Rebel Yell at KD was my first coaster but it may have been the wild mouse here. Must have been 1981 or 82. I would have been 8 in 1982 and just tall enough to go on it. I remember the mouse cars would go waaaaaay out before turning abruptly. Felt like the cars were going over the edge. So fun.
  7. yes remember when places wanted you to park there to you know....spend money there? Unfortunately, like TicketBastard, they won't ever put that genie back in the bottle.
  8. What in the world was the voyage and how is my head still on?
  9. This might be a Bert question but open to all Platinum Members. How do I get a ticket for my niece for Busch Gardens Williamsburg and apply my Platinum Discount? The SWSA site does not seem to have that option and when I go the the BGW website I went all the way to checkout and don't see where I enter my platinum credentials. I was trying to see if this would save me money vs using the 4th of July special. I'm bummed I can't use a bring a guest free since it's not my homepark. (which I didn't see when I bought the thing). Or if anyone knows the discounted ticket amount for July 27 or 28 that would help. Oh and Happy 4th of July folks!
  10. So SWSA is my home park and I have the platinum membership. This will get me into BGT and BGW and SWO also which is why I got the platinum. However I want to bring my niece to BGW def and maybe BGT and SWO. So far the fine print states I can only use bring a guest free at my home park in SA? Is this correct? Had anyone been able to sweet talk Guest Services into redeeming a Guest Pass elsewhere besides your home park? I'm kinda pissed finding this out as a great benefit would be to hit remote parks and be able to bring someone else. I thought that was what I signed up for with platinum. Otherwise does anyone know how much the Guest Discounted ticket will be? There is a 4th of July Special for BGW on July 28th for 49.99 so I need to know if that beats the Guest Ticked Discount. Help! Thanks, and roll on.
  11. Same boat. Making a Tampa Trip end of month. What the word on the Falcon?
  12. It helps to wear a wet hand towel over your shoulders. Just rewet it through the day. Thats how I survive the Texas heat at parks and at work. Keeps me cool as a cuke. Also wetting the hair throughout the day helps.
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