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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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32 minutes ago, Texasbest2015 said:

So you think it is a water slide addition .it could've .i think those lights will go to irat ! 

I think it's a Skyliner E&F (racing model) P-Sghetti Bowl coaster from Skyline attractions going where the Bumper Cars are.
(that is 100% the P-Sghetti Bowl coaster track, and they note that it can be inlaid with LEDs for lighting options on their site)


AND I think there's something coming to the waterpark as well (possibly a relocation of something to replace one of the slide complexes)

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16 minutes ago, KBrylczyk said:

What's the over-under on a Skyline ride having a loading cycle that's less than twenty minutes?

I think the better bet would be on "How many hours per year will a Skyline ride actually be operational?"

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28 minutes ago, AmyUD06 said:

I think the better bet would be on "How many hours per year will a Skyline ride actually be operational?"

I mean. . it can't operate any less than the Bumper Cars do now. . . LOL

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On 12/1/2022 at 10:03 AM, AmyUD06 said:

I think the better bet would be on "How many hours per year will a Skyline ride actually be operational?"

I mean, there's obviously a reason the one at that art museum lets only one person per hour ride.

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13 hours ago, Texasbest2015 said:

More from Jeffery today 

I think maybe light package on her ? What you guys think ? 


The “enhancements” on wondy are the new trains coming 


it’s already beautifully lit at night bia spotlights.  They won’t change that 


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Lots of new water slides and a kids skyline attractions dueling single rail confirmed and shown at the event today.  Adults can ride, no kid required for either.

Missed the first part but I'm pretty sure new WW trains also announced. 


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^ there were a bunch of "improvements" also announced - some of which had previously been noted:  

New seating and new clock for Spassberg.

Coasters and Coffee (Starbucks coffee) is coming in the space right next to Sangerfest in the space that was pretzels/ice cream.
(and confirmed in Studio 6F later that night that the coffee bar in there is closing - but many people don't know it's there anyways, and the new place is directly across the path anyways. .LOL)

New paint on several structures.

New Trains for Boomerang.  

3rd train for Iron Rattler coming soon (with 2nd train FINALLY coming back in the next two week)

new trains, and new track work coming for Wonder Woman Golden Lasso.   As Jeffrey pointed out, WW was a prototype, and he said they (RMC) have learned since then, and that if anyone had ridden Jersey Devil, or the new Wonder Woman coaster, then expect Golden Lasso Coaster would be matching that experience/smoothness.


at the dinner Q&A, the projected opening for both the new Coasters (count as 2, as they can absolutely run independently if one is down for issues or maintenance per the skyline rep attending), is early Summer 2023.

so the new Kids slide area/ complex - that will be at the top of the steps in the upper section of the waterpark.    AND the new coasters - that will be where the bumper cars currently sit WILL be open by early summer, no question.


oh, and the park "splurged" per Q&A for 3 different lighting packages for the coaster LEDs - so they will change the program depending on the seasons.


coaster name TBA (I suspect we might get that news at Winterfest in ~4 weeks)


at dinner they showed off a pretty cool model too.


I took pics from the day, and probably will get them up in the next few weeks.
but here are the pertinent ones, that most will care about:

New kid's slide complex for Waterpark.







Santa bringing more gifts:







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oh, and it's not mentioned in the info. . but I believe the Skyline rep said during Q&A that the top speed is 27mph, but will feel much faster since the layout is so compact.

he also noted:  individual lap bar restraints, and seating should be workable for anyone upto ~6'2"  (guess we'll see on that once they actually have the trains for SFFT there).

and that the ride is full of head-choppers (the tracks criss cross each other 11 times total).


so should be fun, even tho a "family" coaster.

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It is a little bit strange to me to announce things any “world class” park would just do as standard operating procedures as big new additions, but I do like the big focus on kids for the water park. The mini tornado is cute!

I am very curious to see how the skyline ride turns out.  I assume they got a really good deal after selling a piece of junk to SFDK.  Will it work? Will the LEDs actually hold up in Texas heat?

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^ while SFFT is kind of unique in the chain (perhaps with one or two others), it made me giggle to think of any Six Flags property as a "world class" park.  

tho I DO think some of the SF properties are pretty dang good parks.

I was amused that the VIP lounge and Starbucks Coffee were part of the announcements, but I guess they figured that they were doing an "event" to announce, so might as well pack in everything, even if minor.  LOL

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