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  1. So I went to the park last Saturday too find out that they actually have already demolished the Power Surge station and half of the bridge. Now this is Six Flags we're talkin about, but I am starting to wonder if this ride might go vertical sooner than we thought...
  2. I think I gotta a hunch on whats being relocated from within the park.. Its the Merry Go Round, it sits RIGHT NEXT to the entrance to Power Surge and if we know six flags at all, they're taking Power Surge out to put whatever new attraction we get in its place. So my thought is, they'll move the merry go round to help keep the new ride area fresh and spacious.
  3. Okay so first let me answer your question about which day you should do the water park: It depends on the crowd honestly. I would like to assume that the park may be less crowded Thursday, in that case, do the waterpark on Friday if you want to get on more dry rides than waterpark rides. And I would say that the best way to work the park is to go from the back (Fiesta Bay Boardwalk section) to the front and ride Goliath last. But if you go from the Boardwalk to the front, there is a split off section where the paths branch and lead to different places, the way you go just depends apon what you want to ride first. But I would recommend you ride Batman: The Ride while on your way to the back of the park to begin, Because usually when the park first opens, you can get multiple rides in if you like. I hope this helps!
  4. Six Flags Fiesta Texas: 1. Iron Rattler 2. Goliath 3. Batman: The Ride 4. Poltergeist 5. Road Runner Express 6. Superman Krypton Coaster 7. Pandemonium 8. Boomerang 9. Kiddee Koaster
  5. ^Yeah but, this is Six Flags we're talking about here! It will be the worlds first Giga-Mine-Train-Coaster to run BACKWARDS WITH VIRTUAL REALITY!!! But in all seriousness, I am so confused this time... Hey doesn't Six Flags create the new ride webpages a about a day early and you can kinda find the new ride names by finding the URL to the new ride page for each park?
  6. I did some youtube comment section research on video's trying to predict new rides, and yeah, I know the youtube comments section is the toilet of the internet, but try to bear with me... Someone in the comments said that she was a ride op who has some sort of connection (how strong of one, I have no idea) with the marketing team, and she said we were supposed to get a water park ride this year, I believe she said something about a water coaster. But something is off, if it was a waterpark addition, why would Jeffery post pics of survey markers on the quarry walls? Maybe those markers have something to do with a 25th anniversary nighttime show, and that post about the 4 rides with names relating to water could be a hint at the fact that this new ride has some major feature that deals with water...
  7. Wow, This is great coverage! I'm loving what Gravity Group is doing with they're timberliner trains! Thanks for the photos!
  8. Just in case no one knows... Switchback has climbed the spike high enough and became the worlds steepest wooden roller coaster!!! (According to the park)
  9. ^ Nice montage! But are you by any chance from Sharp Productions? Because those photos look an awful lot like snapshots from their videos...
  10. Usually during Holiday in the Park, the park is not that crowded. It does depend though. Sometimes it can have a decent crowd, and sometimes it can be a ghost-town. You should be able to go anytime during Holiday in the Park and get on what you want to ride. Hope this helps.
  11. Please excuse my double post. Remember how all of the park employees were saying the new ride was going to be Full Throttle. I'm starting to think this could be a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II... Who knows, we'll find out tomorrow.
  12. I went to the park on Sunday. No construction. I think they finished.
  13. Batman: The Ride at SFFT. Riding that thing was amazing! Each ride on it is different, and it does actually feel much different each time. A huge win for the park!
  14. Just to be clear, it is official Frisbee is closing November 1st. Proof: Frisbee's Closure Announcement
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