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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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So is this it carowinds new ride is just going to be a Matt racers slide for 2020? Nothing new will be announced in 2020 I mean yes their is a show coming but nothing in the dry park? Carowinds didn’t even have a announcement date for the new ride they just announced it. Usually they do this before announce new attractions right? What about dinosaurs alive and rip roaring rapids?

Carowinds rarely ever gets an addition to the water park and dry park in the same year. Don't expect anything else to be announced... this was it. They just got Copperhead Strike last year.

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Visited the park last week for the first time since 2016. Some thoughts/pictures:


-Decent operations overall. Two trains on everything but Vortex, Carolina Cyclone, and Nighthawk.

-Copperhead Strike is a fun little ride. Hangtime on the roll out of the station is weird in a good way. Rode this a couple of times first thing.

-Afterburn still kicks ass

-Intimidator still probably my least favorite B&M hyper, but still a good ride. The one thing that was really annoying was half the day the crew would do the whole "do not pull down your lapbars, we will do it for you" and the rest of the day they did not.

-Fury still kicks all kinds of ass.


On to the photos!


Another great day at Carowinds!


New hotness from the sky


I thought Cedar Fair would....nvm


That's going to be a no from me dawg.


The side of the parking lot filled up . Luckily the side by Intimidator was empty.


Had lunch at Harmony Hall. Didn't realize the time. Kids show started and I scarfed the rest down and hauled out of there.


Love parks that have ways to get aerial views.






Carowinds has some really great rides


Barrel turn goodness


No boobs in multiple states at this sign


I do like the new style entrances Carowinds and Cedar Point have now


New Hotness


20 year old hotness


Still such a kick ass ride.


Wind was Saught on this day


Great theming for a plane themed coaster


Hi short Intimidator


Nothing to see here











Later Fury!

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Just got home from my first ever, two day excursion at Carowinds. I was there Friday and Saturday.



Landed at 11am and Ubered straight to Carowinds, this was me leisurely exploring, photography day. Since it was National Roller Coaster Day and I needed 8 credits to get to 100. I wanted Fury to be my 100th coaster, so I went around the park clockwise starting with Intimidator, Afterburn, Copperhead Strike, Flying Cobras, Ricochet, Carolina Cyclone, Hurler and then finally Fury. HOLY. F**K. If you blind folded me and I couldn't tell anything about restraints, I would never have guessed Fury was a new school B&M. I know it was 97 degrees, but that rides HAULS ASS and gives mild-medium ejector on the airtime hills at the end. Fury is now currently my #4 coaster and favorite B&M of all time.


After that I decided to do a photo pass, I got my camera out and had some fun walking around taking photos. The photos weren't coming out the greatest because of the direct overhead lighting, but that changed around sunset when I got some KILLER shots of the coasters.


Went back and did more rides followed by another photo lap at sunset which is when the magic shots happened.


Wound up doing Fury 16 times, Copperhead 5 times, Afterburn 2 times and everything else once. Favorite seat on Fury is back left, front left being second favorite. Left side of the train makes a HUGE difference.



This was the day I was waiting for, I had the all inclusive pass, it was set to be another scorcher but it was my day to just ride until I can't ride no more. Did Intimidator in the front because I did it in the back Friday but couldn't bare the 5 minute dispatches to sit on the brakes in the sun for 10 minutes because they triple stacked each train. Honestly can't really remember all that I did Saturday but everything was walk on with FLP. A random storm rolled through at 6pm and created a GREAT double rainbow that you'll see below.


Fury: 28x

Copperhead: 4x

Afterburn: 4x

Everything else: 1x, got the missing credits like Vortex, Nighthawk, Goldrusher. Only 2 coasters I didn't get were Kittyhawk, Wilderness Run and Woodstock Express because I didn't care enough.


All in all, I love this park so much, it's so tiny but it has some killer rides (mainly the 3 good B&Ms + Copperhead Strike)


I prefer Intimidator to Diamondback, I was either getting good rides or everyone else is a bit too dramatic because I was FLOATING.




Typical Fury 325 photo



Typical Copperhead Strike photo



Empty train during the Hive Dive



Empty train post Hive Dive



B&M goodness



Fury being absolutely MASSIVE



Slow your roll



Don't worry, this was during boarding and my phone went in a zippered pocket right after.



More of Fury being MASSIVE



Intimidator's lovely lady lumps



Nice old school B&M invert



Copperhead Strike twisting during sunset



More of Copperhead Strike twisting during sunset


Now my two favorite photos of the whole trip:



Double Rainbow



Ridin' into the sunset (no rules broken, my zoom lens was against the fence)

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Great photos!


I first visited Carowinds in 2017 and liked the park (because of Fury mostly). After visiting again this summer, I think it is my second favorite Cedar Fair park behind Cedar Point. Copperhead Strike did a lot for their line-up in my opinion, and their current top 4 is very solid. Throw in a GCI and RMC Hurler down the road and this park will dominate. I'm so glad Cedar Fair recognized the potential it has.

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-Intimidator still probably my least favorite B&M hyper, but still a good ride. The one thing that was really annoying was half the day the crew would do the whole "do not pull down your lapbars, we will do it for you" and the rest of the day they did not.

It's a fairly new thing this year. I didn't notice it until mid-summer or so. It's possible some of the ops aren't used to it. I was told by a ride op that it was to make it easier on them to access the seatbelt for checking.

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Yeah, these photos are not doing a great job of making me ANY less excited to get back to Carowinds this weekend for the first time in two and a half years. Great shots, especially that rainbow pic! Amazing.


The forecast is looking a little rainy this weekend, scattered showers throughout the two days we'll be there. How are they on closures down there? We're staying at the Comfort Inn right next door so I mean, worst case scenario, we can always hide out in our room for a while and come back to the park if they open up again later on... just wanna make sure they don't pull a Six Flags Great Adventure on us and close at 3 if there's rain going on earlier in the day.

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Anyone got news on Copperhead Strike? Heard there was injury and it's been down since Sunday.


From local news website:


Carowinds released the following statement:


“On Sunday evening, a guest had a thumb injury on the Copperhead Strike roller coaster. Park officials immediately responded and the guest was transported for medical care. Out of precaution, the ride is currently closed while we conduct an assessment. The safety of our guests is our top priority.”

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^That almost makes sense. People online are trying to figure out how a 'thumb' injury closes the ride for multiple days. But if a part of the train flew off that isn't supposed to, then that makes sense of why it's still closed.

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Newer information is making the issue more cloudy. A screenshot of a post of the victim on Facebook implies there was a malfunction on her seat (using her wording). Also, it doesn't appear the thumb was detached, as the post was a few hours after the incident and shows the victim in a bandage; if she had lost her thumb, recovery time would have been much longer.


But, if there was a malfunction, then I can understand the extended closure. Also possible that South Carolina requires rides to remain closed until they can complete an investigation, which may take a few days to get someone to the park and do their job.

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I don't have one myself. I saw one or two pics on FB. It's a metal piece that covers about half the headrest on the back side. It appears the accident might have happened while getting in and out from the looks of the piece. Maybe she got a big slash or something while grabbing hold to enter or exit. That is complete speculation there and just a guess.

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^That's funny you say that. Over the weekend, every time I got out of the Copperhead Strike train, I thought that there should be some sort of handle bar to pull yourself up from. I also thought there should be a covering to the restraint mechanism because it looks like it could chew a finger up if they got too close.

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