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  1. I'm really confused how this works. Can someone maybe make a scale model or something? You know, for science.
  2. Dr. Pepper is an independent brand, theoretically could be added if Six Flags wanted to but I'm sure they would rather only deal with a single company when it comes to an operation this large. Excuse me... it's Dr Pepper (no period)! Mr. Pibb? It's a Coke product.
  3. Since we've started the Cola Wars of 2019, I'm a weird person. I prefer Pepsi in cans and fountain, but Coke in bottles. My father is a Pepsi-only guy, but understands Coke is the typical offering at restaurants. He's taken to ordering "a Coke" and, if the server says "Is a Pepsi okay?" he'll reply "Even better!"
  4. I'm sure it'll just need a new layer of asphalt and new lane markers painted. No big deal.
  5. 330,000 square feet is about 7.5 acres. That's smaller than Fun Spot Kissimmee (9 acres).
  6. Don't know about that. That's a sweet camper underneath all that scrap steel.
  7. I agree. My daughter rode Scorpion at BGT this summer - her first inversion! When she got off, she started jumping and saying "I DID IT! I DID IT!" She hasn't done an inversion since.
  8. Oh. 2017. Yep. The one year "Fist me daddy" wasn't considered inappropriate in a public setting. All is forgiven.
  9. He was "performing" in the theatre between the Boomerang and the train. We only went in because the show was about to start as we were walking by. In retrospect, I wish the line for the Rapids was about 5 minutes longer.
  10. Was the hypnotist still there? He couldn't get enough volunteers for the show we watched, so he resorted to some "mind reading" for 30 minutes.
  11. So, to sum up: I state the rides have temperatures in which the rides won't be run and those temperatures may not be met in the months of Winterfest. You mock it and use a different park as proof, as well as an average temp calendar for December that shows lows below that temperature. I respond with proof that Fury was delayed to open - on its opening day, no less. You respond with "Well, I didn't say 'all' days." So would you agree that Fury and Intimidator have operating temperatures that Carowinds won't run the rides AND that those temperatures are possible during the time Winterfest operates?
  12. Okay https://www.wbtv.com/story/28640352/fury325-and-cabelas-bring-a-flurry-of-activity-to-carowinds-blvd/ "Since it was windy and the temperature was below 40 degrees, park officials had to wait to open Fury325 until it got a bit warmer. However, temperatures eventually climbed and so did the number of people lining up for the ride." I agree that average temps in Charlotte are above that threshold, but evening temps (Winterfest hours are 5p-10p most days) can easily fall close to the 40° mark.
  13. I was thinking of how season passes would work under a bigger company. I wonder if a tier structure based on the number of parks you want to access would work: one-park, three-park, all parks. The three-park pass allows you to pick the parks you want to access, either when purchasing the pass or just "locking" your card after you enter your designated number (once you enter the third park, it only works for those three parks). The mid-level becomes a sort of "regional" pass, but still allows you to make your three parks across the country from each other if you want.
  14. They both also have temperature thresholds that can't be guaranteed in November and December. Rather than planning on opening them and then not being able to, it's easier to not worry about them at all.
  15. I went on Friday last week. Here's my answers based on that experience and what I've been told from others. Also including some other tips: 1. They do clear out the park between closing of "regular" day and SCarowinds. 2. We didn't do any of the haunts, but the lines didn't look extremely long for the ones we walked by throughout the night. 3. No ERT in the morning. My guess is that gives Carowinds extra timeto keep the morning crews in the afternoon/evening. 4. There were pop-up alcohol stands in a couple places around the park, in addition to the other permanent bars (Harmony Hall and Blue Ridge Kitchen - there could be others). I can't say with certainty they have mixed drinks, but I'm fairly confident the pop-up one near Hurler had liquor. 5. Harmony Hall and Blue Ridge Kitchen are great. Stay away from the Diner between Hurler and Fury, and the pizza place near the Carousel and Cirque theatre. If you're wanting a burrito, the place near the entrance is good, too. If you like chains, Panda Express and Chick-fil-A aren't bad either. 6. Water park is closed. 7. The Cirque show is great and keeps you out of the sun for about an hour. Not sure if the swing band is still playing in Harmony Hall, but they're good - but very loud. Don't know of any other shows during the day. Now, tips on SCarowinds, based on my experience last week. May not all be for you, but in case someone else comes along: - I've heard Friday nights are the best nights, followed by Sunday nights (when that starts) and then Saturday nights. We went on Friday night, and can agree that it wasn't as busy as I've heard it can be. We didn't wait for more than 15 minutes for the several rides we rode. Probably a combination of early-season and after-work made it work well. - If you're going on Friday night, get to the parking log early. We pulled into the road around 5:15. We were near the front (maybe 6 cars from the locked gate), so you could wait until a little later. When you get into the lot, they're going to take you about a third of the way down before allowing you to get to the parking spaces. Take that turn, then drive all the way back to the front entrance of the park. You'll get an up-close spot, saving you some walking later in the night. The parking lot didn't open until 6:30 for a 7:00 opening, and the security lines and ticket gates didn't open until 6:45, so there is a bit of a mad dash to the entrance once parked. - Once you're in, walk past the photographers and wait at the stage in front of you. Get close (at the line, but let kids in front of you). The show there is fun and the interaction of some of the actors with the guests was fun to watch. - If you're with someone who easily scares, get the No-Boo necklace. $12 to make them have a good time. A fun time. If you have multiple who want one, get only one and keep them together. We had been told that actors love to scare non-necklaced people when with the necklaced people, but we didn't get that at all. The actors treated our group as one no-scare group. Great for the kids - a bit of a disappointment for us (both for spending an extra $12 on the second necklace AND not getting scared ourselves). - All the shows were great BUT Blood Drums near Hurler. Maybe it was the show I watched, but their microphones weren't working, so you couldn't hear hardly any of their percussion over the (already loud) backing-music. They also had a "fire twirler" (quote on purpose). The other shows we watched were much more entertaining and I would suggest them all.
  16. If being locked in meant I didn't have to attend the family reunion the next day, I think I'd have snuggled up in the Cowardly Lion's cave and enjoyed the night.
  17. They're in the midst of expanding a portion of the parking lot toward the entrance road. The general thought is this will open up some of the lot to expand the park near Intimidator and where Dinos Alive was. I presume you're referring to Copperhead Strike coming in to replace Thunder Road, as Intimidator and Fury were new builds in areas that didn't have a coaster before. TR was becoming too expensive to maintain, so taking it down was the best course of action and CS was a great replacement.
  18. Interested in what inspired them for this specific attraction. Can't imagine coasters and zip-lining were at the top of loggers' entertainment options in the middle of the woods.
  19. The most recent track I'm looking at (released at noon eastern) shows it off the coast of Florida on Monday, with the potential track area barely in Georgia. I think you should be fine. Depending on how much lead time you need to adjust plans, keep up-to-date and be ready to adjust up to your deadline. If you're willing to drive to Dollywood on Sunday, why don't you instead swap SFOG and Carowinds (SFOG on Saturday, Carowinds on Sunday)?
  20. Using some quick Wiki checking, that's about the size of Kansas City, Kansas.
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