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  1. I wonder if carowinds will add a dry water ride like this? I know that many of you think that dry water rides are really not needed in theme parks anymore but I have to disagree. I still think their are many people out their that still would love to go on dry water rides. Like why are we seeing Mystic River Falls being built at Silver Dollar City even though it won’t be opening anytime soon due to the virus. But many people still like these rides especially in southern states where it gets extremely hot. I personally think the coaster/water ride hybrid is a good idea and they should start cloning in other parks in the USA. We are seeing dry water rides excel in other international parks overseas not so much in the USA.
  2. Sorry for my grammar but I just was wondering does Six Flags Over Georgia have a bright future in terms of adding new roller coasters and thrill rides? I see splash water falls still isn’t operating does anyone know what could go their for a future replacement? I’ve heard on other forums that six flags over Georgia does lack water rides. Because of the brutal heat in Georgia do they have space to add a water ride or two?
  3. I know I’m definitely not getting my point across here with the possibility of a theme park coming to Austin. No I don’t desperately want a theme park in Austin. I’m just looking at the city’s statistics. It’s a growing metro with almost 1 million people coming to the city in the next decade. It is bigger than most US cities being the 11 largest. San Antonio being right down the road is probably hurting Austin by not getting a new park anytime soon. I don’t know anything about Texas never been you say Texans are used to driving long hours I believe never thought what you said was a complete lie. I just think something like ZDT amusement park the size of that would suffice. The majority of you think Austin doesn’t need a park. Your right it’s a college town, arts, a good place for music lovers why mess that up with an addition of a new theme park I get it.
  4. Do you consider Six Flags and Seaworld your home parks because you relocated to Austin if your a theme park enthusiast I know it’s weird that the city doesn’t have a theme park do you find the drive stressful to drive an 1hour or 2?
  5. why can't Carowinds buy more property to build more coasters/thrill rides in the next few decades? Like Cedar Point and California's Great America is expanding with more land. Why can't Carowinds? I mean are they just going to tear down rides and replace them with new ones? They don't have space to increase their roller coaster count to compete with other theme parks?
  6. I notice yes Carowinds is the only major theme park in the Carolinas but could both states in the future support another park in either SC or NC? Whirlwig woods was supposed to come to Saxaphaw. Hard Rock Park fell apart. Their just seems to be A huge gap with no theme park presence in the Raleigh/Durham area for example just to support a small park. And South Carolina has none.
  7. So is this it carowinds new ride is just going to be a Matt racers slide for 2020? Nothing new will be announced in 2020 I mean yes their is a show coming but nothing in the dry park? Carowinds didn’t even have a announcement date for the new ride they just announced it. Usually they do this before announce new attractions right? What about dinosaurs alive and rip roaring rapids?
  8. I hope carowinds gets a water coaster like this one day I think theme parks should start looking at a water ride/roller coaster combo like this......
  9. I heard the new rumored ride going into Carowinds next year could be a zamperla ride according to coaster net I am Not sure if these rumors are strong or not. If this is the case to me it would kinda suck since the park still doesn’t have a single water ride in their dry section of the park. Rip roaring rapids I guess will continue to sit their unused since the parts of the raft ride still remain. People can go to the waterpark sure but not having one single water ride in the park sounds weird. Carowinds might be the only theme park in the country without a dry water ride at all. Yes water rides are fading away at dry parks but I don’t think they need to totally disappear for good. I’m hoping that the Mack power splash will be a success since it seems like it will be coming to Six Flags Over Texas. If it does well I hope this new type of water ride will start to go to other theme parks around the country. Mack power splashes and super splashes have yet to make their debut in the states for some strange reason.
  10. I’m curious as to what they’ll do with rip roaring rapids since the ride is indeed closed parts of the ride still remain at the park. So I’m wondering will they do an update like they did to the raft water ride at Knotts Berry Farm or tear it down completely and replace it with a roller coaster or thrill ride or a flat ride. Carowinds doesn’t have anymore water rides if the rip roaring rapids go not talking about the water park either. So will the park just go without dry water rides in the park. Not even a flume ride for the future?
  11. Well since the majority of you think that Austin for sure is not getting a theme park let me move on to my next question Cedar Fair has recently acquired Schlitterbahn in new Braunfels and Galveston what is the likely that in the near future since Cedar Fair has found a home in Texas could they expand and build on their current properties in New Braunfels and Galveston Schlitterbahn locations? Whether it’s a theme park combined with a water park or a more expanded waterpark?
  12. I was just wondering if you had to choose is Disney or Universal likely to build another third US location for a themed resort? And where could it be? Texas???
  13. Their have been talks over the years of a Disney park coming to Texas do you think it could work? Houston? Dallas? San Antonio? Or Austin? A user on a Disney Parks forum created a vision on what a future Disneyland Texas resort would look like it was pretty interesting. I say this is because Disney could expand with another themed resort in the United States. Across the world Disney has also succeeded with other theme park resorts in Europe & Asia but I think one more Disney location can work in the U.S. I think Texas can work. This rumor once again has been going on for quite some time.
  14. I know this isn’t likely but for the upcoming rumored third/fourth park at Universal Orlando Resort tentatively called Fantastic Worlds or Epic Universe their have been a number of possible new worlds that could come to this new park like Super Nintendo World, Universal Classic Monsters, DreamWorks, Fantastic Beasts(more Potter), possibly Jurassic World depending on what happens to JP themed land at IOA, Middle Earth/LOTR, Star Trek, their seems to be a number of possibilities that would make great themed worlds but I had one in mind that will definitely lease likely not happen but it would be awesome. Revive Universal older IP’s like Jaws, King Kong again with Monsterverse, Earthquake, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Twister, Terminator, Waterworld, etc. Perhaps update them with newer technology and up to date animatronics instead of 3D glasses and projected screens hopefully we won’t see as much of this in the new park. But their could be new stories to tell with Back to the Future as an example create a Hill Valley area or a wild western themed section from Back to the Future Part 3. Jaws could be a themed New England setting riding Quint’s Orca boat as a E-ticket attraction possibly. If The Meg does well from Warner Bros which is expecting a sequel you never know what could happen with Jaws it could spark interest of making another Jaws movie. As for Ghostbusters and Terminator they are getting new movies too so we’ll see. Earthquake was supposed to get a new movie directed by JJ Abrams but failed. I’d like to see earthquake though created as a San Francisco setting riding a trolley car waiting for the earthquake to happen! Just my dreams on here.
  15. Is it just me but isn’t Six Flags parks due for new water rides, tower drop rides and new types of roller coasters in their park? I don’t know what SFOG has in mind for next year but I heard in a survey they could be interested in a Mack power splash but I don’t know how safe splashwater falls chutes rides is for the near future. I’m wondering if Six Flags will have new rides going forward on their next DC superhero Aquaman since we’ve seen rides based on cyborg, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, even Batman 4D free spin coaster, Superman not so much but I want to see if they will come out with new rides based on aquaman we will have to wait in see for 2020 if they focus on Arthur Curry.
  16. So just because the contracts may expire at SFOG and SFOT in 2027/2028 again I heard this news once again from screamscape doesn’t mean your saying these 2 SF parks won’t lose DC comics & Looney Tunes? I guess screamscape isn’t really a reliable theme park news source? If it true that they will expire though in 2027/2028 then who knows what they will do with both parks seriously if they turn into Cedar Fair, Herschend, Palace Entertainment, or any other chain how likely is that? I would certainly miss seeing Batman and Superman DC comics in general at both parks & looney tunes.
  17. The reason why I started the topic about six flags selling their parks which I saw the topic is locked because I wanted to add since you guys are not aware SFOT and SFOG contracts will be expiring in 2027 and 2028. So that means both of these six flags parks will be no more correct? And either be bought by Cedar fair, parques reunidos, herschend, etc. So it would be 2 Six flags parks would be gone from the chain is all of what I’m saying correct? They would not renew the contracts on both parks that’s highly unlikely? All the theming from the dc comic characters and looney tunes characters will be gone from both parks. I’m not being silly but once the contracts are up that’s what happens right?
  18. According to Screamscape I understand that Six Flags could possibly be selling 3 of their theme parks in the chain. One being the original park Sux Flags over Texas. I honestly hope this will not lead to more parks being sold in the future. I am a huge fan of DC and Looney Tunes properties. Batman and Superman are fan favorites by many superhero fans and if they took these away it would be sad. This is from screamscape once again they said Herschend would be considered to buying the 3 Six flags parks the other one is possibly SFOG and SFSTL. I hope these rumors won’t become true. I’m only seeing this on screamscape but when I pull it up on other theme park sites, for some reason I can’t find this news that 3 Six Flags parks could be up for sale.
  19. So what your trying to say is that Austin simply does not need a new theme park and if it anything happens for their city theme park wise it will be ZDT Amusement Park expanding for the future?
  20. Ok well what I’m trying to say is that also if I may add in their are plenty of other worthy US cities that do lack a theme park in their city. Like Nashville, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Detroit-I don’t count Cedar Point as their home park sorry, Houston is getting Grand Texas so I can’t put that on the list. The US Economy if it ever gets better in the Theme Park Industry I just think Austin is a good place for a park that’s my opinion.
  21. Wow, that is one obnoxious wall of text! First of all... [attachment=0]their.png[/attachment] Secondly... Where I grew up in Southern California (Torrance/Redondo Beach area) was about 90 minutes to Magic Mountain and 60-90 minutes to Disneyland/Knott's in normal LA traffic. No one balked at driving that far at all and people in Southern California drive that every single day to go to those parks. So now you want an amusement park and a high speed train system???? Elitch is not a small park! It's 65 acres which is about the size of Disneyland when it first opened! And you chose a bad example because Elitch is due to close in the near future because the city wants to re-develop that area because it hasn't been that popular. No. Nobody said that. We all said it just didn't make any sense given the parks that are already nearby and Austin's demographic. I seriously just think you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Please... just stick to riding coasters and stop thinking about how or where theme parks should be built. Thanks. ...I really don't even understand why this discussion exists! I apologize Mr Alvey for upsetting you and creating this topic I just thought that Austin would be a good location for the future to house a smaller sized theme park. My theme park IQ and knowledge is not very bright I know I’m working on it. My knowledge is very good with names of roller coasters and the location of theme park around the United States & World. If Austin fails to receive a theme park in the future maybe ZDT can expand one day if their is room to add newer roller coasters and rides.
  22. So your saying their’s a zero percent chance that Austin will get an amusement park in the near future like in the next decade or 2 decades from now? I mean Round Rock which is very close to Austin considered a suburb is getting a Kalahari Indoor Water Park resort I believe next year. The City is receiving a Major League Soccer club called Austin FC will begin playing in 2021. Austin just seems like an up an coming city that just continues to grow you just the economy is not good enough to even support a smaller theme park? I’m saying the size of Elitch Gardens in Denver. I know it makes sense to not have a park in Austin because the city is about music concerts and all but just to have some summer fun. I looked up the driving time from Austin to San Antonio and it takes 1 hr and 28 minutes to get their. Do you think Austin residents would want to drive that far just to go to an amusement park and consider that their home park for Austin residents? I don’t think so I could be wrong but a local park should be at least 25 minutes in your home city driving distance wise. A high speed train service would be nice to connect Austin to San Antonio which I heard could take as little as 8 minutes to get their if the economy in Texas is good enough to have high speed rail in the first place. Anyway if a Austin theme park never comes I think future transportation to Austin would be a winner here because like I said not all Austin residents want to drive an hour and 28 minutes to get to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld San Antonio.
  23. Was just curious I know San Antonio is not too far away but for a city that is rapidly growing in population I was wondering why Austin doesn’t have its own theme park. I see their region will be getting a kalahari indoor water park next year do that doesn’t necessarily count as a theme park. But do you think Austin can support a small park the size of perhaps Elitch Gardens, Six Flags America or even Knoebels Theme Park in PA?
  24. So if they were going to even think of bringing back theme park water rides in dry parks the one creation that’s pretty popular right now is the Mack power splash? I am not sure if super splash is also popular as well this new type is overseas though in other countries correct? They are taking out all of the older water rides that need a lot of maintenance like the log flumes, shoot the chutes, etc. but I hope their is enough of a big fan base that can attract some more interest in a innovative new state of the art water coaster flume like the failed Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point once again which had a ton of potential. I got really excited when I saw water rides were being taken to new heights by making them taller. Like pilgrims plunge at holiday world. How the elevator lift was designed so the boats can go up for the big drop. If they can invest in these water rides for the future do you think their is hope of a comeback? Safety comes first.
  25. I understand their is an article over on screamscape that talks about why the theme park modern water ride has become an endangered species check it out over on blooloop. https://blooloop.com/water-rides-theme-parks/
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