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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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Considering Behemoth and Diamondback are thought of as some of the best coasters in the world, I don't understand how slightly altering/improving their layouts could be disappointing.



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^Again, I'm pretty sure that layout is simply someone's interpretation of the ride's layout - nothing official yet. I wouldn't be surprised to see the final layout as something similar to DB and Behemoth, but I wouldn't be jumping to judge it until we hear something official from the park.

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On July first my 7 year old little sister (who is scared of Taxi Chase)

rode Carolina Cyclone and liked it. It was her first looping coaster!


Now all she rides in the park is


Runaway Reptar



Phantom Flyers

Flying Dutchmens Revenge

Fairly Odd Coaster




I am so proud of her. (She is still scared of Taxi Chase)

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Would that huge footer be used for the bottom of the lift hill? I guess I do not know how big DB's was, or if it was even one footer at all but if the lift was to go off that way I would imagine it would be used for that. Again, I have been trying to follow all this but do we even have confirmation it is B&M doing this project?


I am talking about the very bottom of the hill

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Seeing as how Carowinds is my new Home Away From Home Park, I'm excited that a "big" hyper is a possibility as I've only been on Raging Bull and SFOG's Goliath....and I don't consider either of those a "big" hyper.


Watching construction of this probably won't be as thrilling seeing as how I just watch Diamondback under construction from start to finish.


We'll see if its very different...

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But led...err...time machines is...


thank you!! regardless of whether it's all connected by concrete or not doesn't mean it isn't the same thing. the supports at the bottom of the lift hill look the same on numerous B&M's (LZ/Time Machine, Diamondback, Behemoth, Goliath(SFOG & La Ronde), ect.). Though not all do, it gives sort of a clue as to what the footer at carowinds is for.

It probably has to do with how close the ride starts to the ground also.


I'm not saying it's 100% a B&M.... just helping out and giving a bit of wishful thinking.


(ps. Most of the coasters with that type of support are hypers ) lol

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I think a lot of B&M sitdown rides have that same big footer for the bottom of the lift hill, and depending on if the park buries it in dirt it might look like 4 separate footers but still could be connected down below.


I think I remember Hydra having a big one just like that at the base of the lift as well.



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In my opinion it's a Beemer. Intamin doesn't use tyre driven kickers on their hypers...I know B&M do though.


Thank you for confirming that the Led Zeppelin construction picture from three years ago does infact show a B&M coaster...finally we can put that debate to rest!

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