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  1. 4 pieces up WOW they're going fast Courtesy of www.intimidator.carowinds.com
  2. ^yeah, if you're going up the lift on TM when a plane is coming by it feels like it's coming right at you.
  3. i really hate it when people who have contributed nothing to forums all of a sudden decide to join in on the conversation and state things that have already been discussed numerous times. If you want to join in and discuss the new coaster, i have no problem with that. but PLEASE just take a few minutes to make sure you're not stating something that has already been pointed out. It makes it hard for the people who have been participating all along to have to sift through all the info we already know. Thanks. (sorry, i don't mean to sound like i'm pms-ing. it just irks me)
  4. read the description of the pic on carowinds connection. It says "^Magnetic Brakes".
  5. really?! It's august 26... 16 days from now. It has been posted many MANY times over the past 16 or so pages of this thread.
  6. well, I guess we know the fate of the red track now.... http://www.carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2772
  7. maybe not with NASCAR, but there's no reason it couldn't be named WL with a non-NASCAR racing theme.
  8. where's the guy that did the no limits version of his thoughts on diamondback last year before it was announced and posted the vid on youtube? We need him! I'd do it myself but i don't have no limits
  9. ^that's not really that big of an accomplishment considering LZ/Time Machine is currently the tallest at only 150ft. of course they'd be able to say they basically shattered the previous record lol
  10. just b/c it's racing themed does not automatically give it the name "Intimidator". that's just what people are guessing. yes, it may in fact end up being named that but it's not time to close the door on all other possibilities. and i'm still keeping my money on the B&M Hyper, that is definately not going to be launched
  11. it says "Record Breaking. History Making". What records is it going to break? i guess it could have the potential of being the tallest and/or fastest B&M. but thats not really a "history making" record.
  12. OH GOD!!!! please let this be a trick like the "Ride Sally Ride" thing for diamondback last year. If it really is themed to Dale Earnhart, so many people are gonna be saying "told ya so".
  13. thank you!! regardless of whether it's all connected by concrete or not doesn't mean it isn't the same thing. the supports at the bottom of the lift hill look the same on numerous B&M's (LZ/Time Machine, Diamondback, Behemoth, Goliath(SFOG & La Ronde), ect.). Though not all do, it gives sort of a clue as to what the footer at carowinds is for. It probably has to do with how close the ride starts to the ground also. I'm not saying it's 100% a B&M.... just helping out and giving a bit of wishful thinking. (ps. Most of the coasters with that type of support are hypers ) lol
  14. We Have a FOOTER!! a BIG FOOTER!!! Good photo update at Carowinds Connection.... http://www.carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2601&start=1740
  15. sorta... that was the name of the shwarzkopft shuttle looper removed back in the 80's. and there was the "they say lightning never strikes the same place twice. they were wrong" thing rumored so something along the lines of that would probably be it (hence my suggested "ThunderStruck"). plus, i don't think they'd give it a recycled name and, if the rumors are true and the red hyper track in ohio is for us, why would they name it 'White' Lightnin'?
  16. yeah i really like this layout... though i'd go for at least one more bunny hill after the brake run. ...and what's with the name "Wyld Lightnin'"? I'm not to partial on that one What about the name "ThunderStruck"? just a suggestion.
  17. my first trip this season is a month from tomorrow! can't wait to see in person just how big the area is. plus i can't wait to ride CC!! here's hoping to a GREAT hyper!!
  18. You theory only works if every other factor is a constant. i mean the terrain is totally different. Carowinds is a flat park and the area where diamond back is in rather hilly. Also the temp makes a big difference. the footers have a greater chance of setting much quicker in the carolina weather than the ohio weather. Also the same company isnt doing the construction AND the coasters will probably not be clones...the carowinds coaster could be much shorter. It didnt take goliath at SFoG that long for construction. yeah, the winter weather in Charlotte is nothing like it is in Cincinatti. Way less snow and/or really cold temps. + smaller hyper= Less construction time.
  19. I'm just glad I got to go the one year it ever existed b/c honestly, it was a GREAT park. I'm sad to see it go though b/c it was the only REALLY exciting thing in Myrtle Beach since the Pavillion closed. and with MB being my yearly vacation spot, I'm definately going to be saddened everytime I ride by the site to and from the beach in years to come.
  20. ^ I totally agree, a good GCI would be great for Carowinds in the future. I'd also love to see a BIG B&M Floorless and an Maverick/Farenheit style Intamin. Those types of coasters added over the next, hmm, i guess the next 10-12 years would definately bring the park a lot of publicity. Not to mention whatever new types of coasters are invented in the next few years that become popular. I guess that sounds sort-of unrealistic if you really think about it. Oh well, a guy can only dream. But first things first.... We gotta get that hyper in 2010
  21. 1. Dark Knight and Twilight (tie) 2. Quantam of Solace 3. Baby Mama 4. Saw V 5. Step Brothers
  22. I agree, I don't think it would end up being huge like Behemoth and Diamondback. Probably a little bigger than Goliath(SFOG) though. (haha just a little hope in that last remark ) Carowinds is in need of some airtime and, after YEARS of rumors for a hyper, I'm glad more good rumors, one's with a little back up, are coming in. ... and the thing about the first drop going under the bridge is pretty much impossible. There isn't enough room for the rest of the ride on the other side of the bridge, due to Rip Roarin' Rapids and The Paladium. Besides, there's barely enough room for a turn around. Oh well, who knows They could due some huge landscaping to the area and make the room. Just have to wait and see if a hyper really is the future for Carowinds.
  24. It was 1.59 yesterday, but the closest gas station to my house has been dropping about 2 cents per day for the past 2 weeks so I bet it will be lower next time I'm out.
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