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  1. That's at the edge of Dragon Challenge. Makes for a nice train station. Mike
  2. You can access the planning document via this link, then click on "current agenda." That downloads a .pdf file, in that document scroll to item 3, which is the Fun Spot expansion. If you click on the blue box listed there, it will like to another .pdf of the planning documents. So, it's legit. Mike
  3. I reached out to the park about the ride's colors, and they just confirmed that the track will be orange and gray, so I guess it's just a work in progress in the photos! Mike
  4. Here's some Stinger photos from yesterday! Quite a bit of supports went up this past week, along with a couple pieces of track. You can get up close to the ride during the Haunt, but only after 6 pm when the Asylum is open. Some of the supports are up for the base of the lifts/drops. The two vertical supports are for the middle of the lift hill. Here is a close up of the work that's been done on the station. This is where some track has gone up, with more waiting for the rest of the station supports to go up first. There's a few additional photos here, but they're generally the same. Mike
  5. In the past couple weeks since opening a lot of progress has been made on the ride. It's now topped off and looking fresh in its new paint: More work has started on the station area and some of the track has gone in as well. The area around the ride is coming together as well. I think they're still hoping for early June, but mid-June is looking more realistic. The full update of photos can be found here if you are interested. Mike
  6. Yes I think the only thing they will say now is early June. I think a part of the delay was because they had all the parts sent to be stress tested, sanded down, and then repainted. The same process they did with Ultimate Flight/Possessed. That and the whole project seemed very last minute decision to me, with the whole KBF then no KBF thing! Mike
  7. Dorney Park opened today and I was able to grab some construction shots to share. There's still a long ways to go but they are making solid progress. I would have taken these through the fence but the worksite was very busy A decent portion of the ride is now standing The full update from today can be viewed here if you are interested. Mike
  8. Photos of the parts that arrived in Dorney's lot. Looks a lot like Demon Drop. I have to wonder where in the park it will go, as there are some open areas that were already tagged for other expansion. More photos here, too. Mike
  9. CoasterLover, do you mean Ghostwood Estate? Halloween Productions and the park in-house worked together to do the theming on that one. They did an excellent job, it'd be great if they hired them back for the Old Mill redo. The park seems pretty excited to be able to redo Garfield's Nightmare. I think from talking to them it won't return back to something that's very frightening but maybe more along the lines of 'spooky.' After riding it and seeing how it currently is, and imagining what it could be, I'm excited either way! While it wasn't specifically said by them the licensing for Garfield runs out next year so I imagine this could be the park's 2011 attraction. (with maybe the return of the Turnpike) This is the part of the review that has the discussion with the park about it. Mike
  10. Do they still have Hanna Barbera stuff mixed in with Kidzville at CGA? I see on the map in the Kidzville section a Cartoon Carousel, Mystery Club Inc Ghost Chase, and Scooby Doo's Haunted River. I suppose that stuff will have to go too. Mike
  11. I think a lot of B&M sitdown rides have that same big footer for the bottom of the lift hill, and depending on if the park buries it in dirt it might look like 4 separate footers but still could be connected down below. I think I remember Hydra having a big one just like that at the base of the lift as well. Mike
  12. Several of the Cedar Fair parks have them up this year... Dorney has one at their entrance. It's just a new ad they are using... sorry! Mike
  13. Some photos of the open attraction! Looks very well done, and I think it's fantastic that Six Flags updated a classic ride without using Scooby or any other cartoon character! The park had a nice event for the ride's opening too... I'm really liking this new era of Six Flags! Gotta love the catchy merch. location! Poster for the attraction at the park... very Disney-ish! This monster is on the ride's entrance sign... must be important. They're all having a good time it appears! Part of the scary... part. A baby monster.
  14. It seems as though only the restaurant, store, and museum will be ready to open when the movie comes out, then later next year the rides will open. Mike
  15. Not my photo, had it saved from years ago - this is Talon's sticker. Mike
  16. Official now that Voodoo is Possessed, the website has been updated. New, old logo.
  17. The ferris wheel goes more in front of Rebel Yell's station and El Dorado is between the SkyCoaster and Hypersonic's former entrance... here is video and details on the locations: http://kdfansite.com/podcast.php Mike
  18. ^ That's sorta what I was wondering when I read that as well. Maurer Sohne seems to really be one of the 'hot' designers right now, and it certainly doesn't seem like they've epic-failed on anything. Unless there's something I'm missing? Rockit's pacing might be weird because of all the blocks but an epic fail that does not make, at least in my opinion. Mike
  19. Booo. I was worried before that PF would be removed as part of Potterland, but if this is the type of upkeep they have planned for the attraction then I hope it does go away! Mike
  20. This little bit in the photo is all that is left of Laser! http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2008/11/laser-is-almost-gone.html That's the full update but there isn't much more to see with such little of the ride still standing. Mike Going... going...
  21. Despite bad weather, the removal of Laser has continued into this weekend. The only parts of the ride still standing are the two loops and the first helix at this point. The lift, drop, last helix, and all associated supports have already been removed and packed up for shipping. Below are two photos, if you want to whole update here is the link: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2008/11/laser-removal-photos-111508.html Mike Overview of what's left. Workers check out the first helix track.
  22. I think I'm curious to find out if the blue is primer and what color the supports will be! Mike
  23. ^ Haha, I wonder why you are trying to figure out how many track pieces there are in Diamondback? Mike
  24. They're moving along pretty quick now, the lift is totally gone and the drop is starting to go, too. The final helix track is being worked on now since the drop supports are connected to it. NewsPlusNotes has a few more photos taken this afternoon here: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2008/11/laser-removal-continues.html Mike
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