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  1. ^ If it's convenient to go during a weekday for you, choose that over the Saturday.
  2. ^^ Yes, I was wrong. Very, very wrong. The park was packed today, to my surprise. So packed, that they extended their operational hours until 7pm.
  3. Build another track ride (other than a wooden coaster) one clearance level below the wooden coaster to use as a track that will block out the supports. Then make that new track invisible. Thanks, and are there any guides or tutorials to using custom supports that you could give me a link to, or is it better just to play around with them until you get used to it? I'm new to all of the custom scenery stuff.
  4. How do you remove wooden coaster supports completely? For use of inverted coaster catwalks?
  5. If you're going on a weekday, the park is usually virtually empty, but all the local schools are out for spring break and Carowinds has opened the park on weekdays for this week only until Summer, so I could be wrong.
  6. In my opinion, Dominator is one of the best (if not THE best) floorless coasters out there... Ever heard of Kraken? 20 billion times better than Dominator.
  7. I concur with the people that you've heard great things about them from. They are simply amazing, aside from a few bugs here and there. I used to have Dell as well, and it does take a few weeks to get used to Apple's format and Safari, but once you do, you ain't gonna be going back!
  8. I read somewhere that when The Time Machine was built at FMP, it was only 13 inches under the FAA restriction. But, if you've been to FMP and Carowinds, you know that the planes come ALOT closer to the ground at Freestyle.
  9. It shows that coasters are not the only thing that brings people to parks. Look at the top 20 in attendance minus a few and tell me what they all have in common? Theme, a great family atmosphere, rides, shows, etc. KD has the coasters, but not much else to offer. Precisely.
  10. May I point out that Canada's Wonderland only has one park to compete with (La Ronde). While the other former 4 Paramount Parks have Cedar Point, Busch Gardens Europe, Six Flags America, Freestyle Music Park, Dollywood, Disneyland, Knotts, etc. Also, while Kings Dominion is not the top Paramount Park, I would bet that the addition of Dominator, 3 water rides, 2 flat rides, and a Giga Coaster (everything added after Paramount left) would make it the best or at least second. Or last.
  11. Correct, and it would need another million and a half to do so, which a giga won't bring on top of what they already have.
  12. It could go either way definitely. Might I remind you though, Behemoth ranked higher than MF in last year's poll....
  13. I really couldn't care less about the theming. The bigger question is... Which will be the better ride?
  14. ^ I was talking about Carowinds in response to the 12E thing, but I now realize I veered off topic significantly. This is the KD thread, sorry.
  15. ^ If you had been following the posts before that, you would've understood that one. He simply meant two different views on Diamondback. I don't think that counts as stupid.
  16. Actually, it does. It's known that 12E is on the side of DT in blue paint. It's on the Carowinds Teaser box in blue paint as well. 12E stands for the 12th coaster themed by Eric B. Clakf or, if you put it all together, it makes EBCLAKF, which is ALSO on the Carowinds Box. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm?entry=f64f6de4-a425-4f1a-a853-5998ec97e3aa
  17. In all honesty, the only part of Great Bear I felt ANY kind of decent force on was the pre-drop helix thing. The rest of the ride didn't do much for me... Yes, the setting is great, and that adds to the experience. I also enjoy how it almost interacts with SooperDooperLooper.
  18. Oh, incredible and fantastical Title Fairy, will you grant me the title of... "Considers Marching Band a Sport"? Thank you Title Fairy... I feel like I just made a total fool of myself on the internet, but you're still awesome TF!!
  19. WTF? Is this ... a launch piece?!?! Certainly have never seen this from B&M...? http://carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2772&start=255 And the pieces are HUGE.
  20. Sorry. He said 3D Program, and NL IS a 3D program, so I just posted that. I didn't know he meant Object Creator. I'm absolutely awful at interpreting things over the internet.
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