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Worst Coaster Ever?

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Mine worst is a Intamin AG Swiss Bob coaster called: Bobbaan form the Efteling.

*Picture RCDB.

It's not gonna be more worse than this one I hope. It's hits the safety blocks before the brakes so hard you feel it on your neck. And if that isn't enough the bob lifts whit one wheels from the track (around 2 cm) and bangs it on the track pretty hard. And whit all that the karts are even small for normal size people. Well you can imagine now how uncomfortable a ride in this one will be.

(All this is based on my experiences.)

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My personal worst coaster ever was the Runaway Train at Gillian's Pier in Ocean City, New Jersey. It's short and has bad transitions. The restraint felt so flimsy too.


Also up on my ranks, is The Mind Eraser at Six Flags America. It's painful...even for a SLC.

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I find that even as it becomes harder and harder for me to narrow down a specific list of least favorite coasters, it's increasingly easier to identify general types of coasters I often don't care for.


Wild mice: plenty of them hurt and/or have no airtime. I'm fine with the ones that have decent air, though.

Vekomas: SLCs are generally the most painful, but overall there are maybe 5 Vekomas I've truly enjoyed.

Corkscrews, loopscrews: an unfortunate number are rough and/or entirely forceless.

Mine trains: there are a few fun ones, but too many do little or nothing for me.


But as for ever, my vote still goes to Pony Express.

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Lethal Weapon at Movieworld. So basically every SLC.

Last time I rode it was so rough that I didn't enjoy it whatsoever.


It's un-australian to hate on Lethal Weapon mate.


But not un-American. This ride stinks.

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Thats a hard call, maybe its a mark of my inexperience, or my foolhardy determination to ride rides even as they beat me senseless, but I havent really encountered any rides that i could call the worst ever. Even with rides like the ninja at sfstl which are frequently considered terrible I am willing to ride them several times if the opportunity presents itself. I wouldnt say the ninja is a great ride by any stretch of the imagination, but its certainly not un-ride-able. Rides that have beaten the everloving crap out of me would be rides like Timberwolf and Worlds of Fun and Mantis at Cedar Point.


I still dont think the Mean Streak is unbearably rough, even though the coaster is kinda dull.

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