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Worst Coaster Ever?

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Flashback at SFMM. The last time I rode it in 1999 they made me carry my souvenir drink cup on the ride and even though it was sealed the Sprite/lemonade mix splashed on me through the straw hole. On Viper they also made me hold on to my drink and surprisingly it didn't splash one bit. I think the fact that they made me take my drink on Flashback (instead of leaving it by the side) bothered me more than the roughness of the ride. I would have given Flashback another chance without a drink but it was SBNO every time I've been to the mountain after that.

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Anaconda at Kings Dominion - It wasn't that painful, but honestly the ride was not smooth, it was very boring, and the only cool part was the underwater tunnel (even then though, it really isn't that big of a deal).

Disaster Transport at Cedar Point - Boring. I've honestly been on better indoor coasters; this one was very disappointing. Though I dislike Anaconda more.

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Well hurricane at SCBB has officially made my not be able to bend my all the way to the left because of the helix at the end, so that would be the worst steel for me. Wooden it would be either the beast (never ridden son of beast) or hurler at carowinds. Vortex made me scared of coasters for sixteen years not because of the roughness but because of how compact it is. Intimidator at carowinds broke me of the scaredyness.

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Steel- Gotham City Gauntlet at SFNE. This thing was so painful, I am never going on it again. I hate it so much when it abruptly stops like 10 times during the course of the ride. For those of you going to Bizzaro Bash, good luck with the ERT!


Wood- Wildcat at Lake Compounce. I rode this thing in the back, middle, and front. The result was the same each time... a lot of pain.

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This may change after my upcoming trip, but for now (excluding kiddie coasters, and 1 is the worst):


Worst Wood Coasters:


1. Woodstock Express

2. Mean Streak

3. Hurler


Worst Steel Coasters:


1. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

2. Disaster Transport

3. Pony Express


None of these are rides I would never ride again, but if I'm visiting the park by myself they have no wait or I won't ride. I'm happy to ride with someone else who wants to ride provided the wait isn't excessive.

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the worst coasters I've ridden are as follows:


Hypersonic XLC @ Kings Dominion - super super rough, banged the crap out of me and left me seriously in pain.


Mind Eraser @ Six Flags America - My head was banged up pretty bad on this (i'm 5'8 / 5'9, so maybe it's my height). It's left a bad taste in my mouth for anything vekoma made.

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Mine is Canyon Blaster at The Great Escape. While rough rides can be pretty painful, at least they leave an impression on me. Canyon Blaster is the most pointless ride I've ever ridden. I kept on waiting for the ride to do something interesting. Then just as I started to enjoy the last helix, the ENTIRE ride is over. I'd take an SLC and even SFGAdv's Runaway Mine Train over this anyday.

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