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Worst Coaster Ever?

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I'm just going to put it out there. Skyrush..............


It looks phenomenal and it has such intensity. This makes it such a tease for me. BUT THOSE GOD DAMNED RESTRAINTS!!! One of our rides was good, but we had to be on our guard the entire ride. The next ride was fun mixed with discomfort. And the last ride. In the front. On a wing. Fffk that ride!!! It hurt.


Yet, I'll probably give it try after try, because it looks so good and the non painful ride I did get it of it was GREAT! It's like the domestic violence cycle of abuse.

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After years of Green Lantern (SFMM) holding this dubious "honor" among operating coasters, and Great American Scream Machine owning it forever among now-defunct coasters, last Fall brought a new "Champion" for this distinction.


Wilde Beast at Canada's Wonderland! Never in my life have I endured such a nightmarish, "I want to get off this right now!" experience on a roller coaster! It was beyond awful, and I was counting down the seconds until it was over and I could get off, hoping I'd survive. Now, maybe part of my awful experience was where I was sitting (not in the front, and potentially over a wheel seat), and maybe part of it was my older age, and all the aches and pains that come with that. But none of my three kids (aged 11-15) who rode it with me liked it either, and in fact, they all thought it was one of the worst coasters they'd ever ridden as well.


So yeah, the sooner RMC can have at that disaster, the better!

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Coaster Express.


Anyone who knows me knows I have an extremely high tolerance for rough rides. I felt like I had ridden a jackhammer down a hill and been beaten by a baseball bat after riding that dumpster fire of a ride. It was one supersized, rough helix after another in 100+ degree heat.

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Green Lantern at SFMM has held that honor for almost three years now.


Talking about currently operating coasters, I'd have to go with Mind Eraser at Elitch Gardens which I rode this last July, absolutely horrible. Pain in my head, back, legs, and chest.

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Mind Eraser at Six Flags America.


Last time I rode it was sometime in '18.


Firebird is tolerable as long as I'm in the last row AND I keep my head forward.


Batwing is also a pain because lying on my back for most of the ride isn't really flying. Plus for the last two seasons it's hardly been running!

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