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  1. Because the things you say are so insanely fucking stupid that most people's brains don't have the capacity to process that much stupidity at one time. Seriously, please just consider not posting here anymore. There are plenty of people who would actually prefer that, including myself. So he’s not allowed to voice his opinions, but you’re perfectly fine just mindlessly insulting him and telling him to not post here anymore? I don’t really pay too much attention here and don’t necessarily agree with everything that he says, but insulting someone and encouraging them to leave just rubs me the wrong way.
  2. 1) I am going to do everything in my power to convince my family to go to Kings Island sometime during our 4th of July Cincinnati trip. 2) I’m starved, and none of the parks in my area (DC/VA) are even close to opening. 3) If I’m putting someone else at risk for any reason, I would probably hold off on the trip. This pandemic case at the worst time for me, as I had just had my “awakening” to coasters and had all sorts of fun stuff planned for the spring and summer. I know I’ll have plenty of time to ride coasters once this is over, but the wait is torturous.
  3. I didn’t realize there was gonna be a cobra roll on this thing! Imagine going through that while spinning. This thing is gonna be crazy!
  4. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. So it shouldn’t be a problem at Magic Kingdom, but it does make me wonder how they’re going to do it at Disneyland.
  5. Isn’t the stretching room some sort of elevator? I could be wrong but I remember hearing that somewhere.
  6. I wonder if we could figure out if it’s actually a JDC clone based on the track pieces we see. If it’s possible, I’m not the person to do it LOL
  7. Looks - and sounds! - especially smooth. Glad to see Vekoma is still redefining itself! Maybe we could get one of these in the U.S. once parks have money again?
  8. That's a bit of an understatement. That thing sounds like it'll have noise complaints coming in from 2 states over!
  9. I actually just remembered! I rode the SBF spinner at Fun Land of Fredericksburg in early January. Yeah, I would have picked something better if I knew that all this would have happened.
  10. After thinking about it pretty hard, all I could come up with was “something at KD.” It’s kinda scary that I don’t remember! As for cancelled trip that hit me hardest, probably my band trip to Dollywood. I was looking forward so much to riding LRod, and being with my friends would have made it so much cooler. But, like anything else planned from March to August if this year, didn’t happen.
  11. While I’m obviously taking this with a pretty substantial grain of salt, it does feel great to know that this whole problem might start to solved in about a month. I, like most of you, can hardly wait for this to be over and to enjoy my hobby again! Wishing all parks best of luck, and I’m for sure supporting all my local parks as soon as I can leave the house!
  12. Yeah the only reason I can think of to go here is Quim- oh wait...
  13. Sort of changing the subject here, but do you guys think Pantheon will open with the park now?
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